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Chatham County Farm Convict Camp # 1, 1900 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Chatham County Farm Convict Camp provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Georgia Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Olando Adams 1881 Georgia
William Adams 1860 Indiana
Lottie Allen 1876 Georgia
Josh Alston 1878 South Carolina
Jessie Anderson 1880 Georgia
William Anderson 1882 Georgia
Robert Arline 1879 Georgia
Samual Arnold 1840 Georgia
Julia Ballard 1885 Georgia
Sam Bates 1873 South Carolina
Joseph Beasley 1877 Georgia
William Bell 1882 Georgia
Nelson Bennett 1885 Georgia
Robert Blue 1880 Georgia
George Bradley 1883 South Carolina
William Brennan 1881 Georgia
Viola Brisson 1876 Georgia
Edward Brown 1884 Georgia
Elie Brown 1888 Georgia
Garfield Brown 1880 South Carolina
Joseph Brown 1880 Georgia
Wellington Brown 1883 West Indies
William Butler 1884 Georgia
John Buzzard 1847 South Carolina
Paris Byrnes 1886 Georgia
James Carroll 1875 Georgia
Charles Carter 1884 Georgia
Jessie Carter 1887 Georgia
John Carter 1879 South Carolina
Joseph Cerney 1886 Georgia
William Chisholm 1877 South Carolina
William Clay 1875 South Carolina
Elvira Cook 1878 South Carolina
Zackade Cook 1879 Georgia
Preston Danial 1887 Georgia
Katie Danials 1886 Georgia
Edward Davidson 1885 South Carolina
Edward Davis 1886 South Carolina
William Davis 1865 South Carolina
John Demeri 1877 Georgia
Maggie Devoe 1880 Georgia
Robt O Dickinson 1874 Virginia
Mary Fanninas 1881 Louisiana
Robert Farmer 1883 Georgia
Gracy Fields 1884 Georgia
Stephen Fomson 1874 Georgia
Rosa Ford 1877 North Carolina
Eastern Fuller 1875 Georgia
Richard Fuller 1881 South Carolina
James Gadson 1870 Georgia
Hockles Gibbons 1875 Georgia
John Gracey 1880 Georgia
Isaac Graham 1887 South Carolina
Sandy Grant 1883 Georgia
Walter Grant 1883 Michigan
Charles Green 1859 Tennessee
John Green 1854 South Carolina
Joseph Green 1881 Georgia
Louis Green 1879 Georgia
Renty Green 1862 South Carolina
Samual Green 1884 Georgia
Claud Hagen 1882 Georgia
Samual Hamilton 1887 Georgia
George Harris 1875 North Carolina
James Harris 1879 South Carolina
John Harris 1875 Ohio
David Harrison 1870 Georgia
William Harrison 1887 Georgia
Leeroy Hatcherson 1889 Georgia
Willie Hayes 1882 Georgia
Danial Hayward 1867 South Carolina
Harry Haywary 1882 Georgia
Joe Higgins 1887 Cuba
Allen High 1885 Florida
William Hodges 1884 Georgia
Addie Holmes 1879 South Carolina
David Holmes 1879 Georgia
Joe Holmes 1884 Georgia
Emma Howard 1885 Georgia
John H Howard 1869 Georgia
Sam Howard 1882 South Carolina
Walter Howard 1876 Florida
Lizzie Howkins 1887 Georgia
James Jackson 1878 Georgia
John Jackson 1881 Georgia
Lewis Jackson 1877 Washington; District of Columbia
Viola Jackson 1886 Georgia
Sam Jenkens 1875 Georgia
Grant Jenkins 1880 Georgia
Nellie Jenross 1880 Georgia
Emma Johnson 1876 South Carolina
James Johnson 1870 Georgia
Arthur Jones 1887 Georgia

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Chatham County Farm Convict Camp # 1 extracted from 1900 census Militia District 6, Chatham County Georgia
Morgan Jones 1852 South Carolina
Richard Jones 1864 Georgia
Rosa L Jones 1881 South Carolina
Eugene King 1889 Georgia
Adolphus Kirkland 1881 South Carolina
David Lewis 1870 Georgia
Isaac Lewis 1879 Georgia
James Lewis 1871 Georgia
John Lewis 1887 Georgia
Sarah Lewis 1879 Georgia
Elizabeth Lloyd 1886 Georgia
Margarete Lloyd 1857 Georgia
Isrial Lockwood 1864 South Carolina
John Luis 1886 Georgia
George Marshall 1882 South Carolina
John Marshall 1881 Virginia
James Maxwell 1879 Georgia
Crawford Mayor 1868 South Carolina
Cesar Mcdonald 1878 Georgia
William Mcdowall 1873 Florida
Charles Mcgrath 1880 Georgia
Nathanial Miller 1887 Georgia
William Millidge 1875 Georgia
Alice Mills 1885 South Carolina
Andrew Mills 1841 Georgia
Stephen Milton 1882 South Carolina
Arthur Mitchell 1888 Georgia
George Montgomery 1883 Georgia
William H Moody 1886 South Carolina
Ben Mulkey 1878 Georgia
Daisy Myers 1883 South Carolina
Rufus Neles 1859 Alabama
Eliga Nelson 1884 Georgia
George Nelson 1854 Georgia
Clarance L Newall 1886 Georgia
Isaac Newson 1882 Georgia
William Night 1884 Georgia
Robert Paris 1890 Georgia
William Paterson 1873 Georgia
Caroline Pine 1848 Georgia
Ben Pinkney 1872 Georgia
Henry Poland 1861 South Carolina
May Quarterman 1884 Georgia
Charles Ready 1880 South Carolina
William Rice 1884 Georgia
William Richardson 1881 South Carolina
Thomas Rivers 1882 Indiana
Willie Robinson 1872 Georgia
Thomas C Royal 1838 Alabama
Kid Salsbury 1878 Georgia
Carry Scott 1880 Georgia
Clara Scott 1876 South Carolina
Thomas Scott 1878 Georgia
Simon Seabrook 1878 South Carolina
Chester Sexton 1851 Georgia
Frank Show 1878 Georgia
Annie Simmons 1879 South Carolina
Henry Simmons 1884 Georgia
Lucy Simmons 1879 South Carolina
Charles Singleton 1883 Georgia
Minnie Slater 1886 Georgia
John S Small 1881 Georgia
William Small 1891 Georgia
Willie Small 1890 Georgia
Julia Smalls 1875 Georgia
Gustave Smith 1879 Georgia
Robert Smith 1882 Georgia
Rosa Smith 1879 South Carolina
William Smith 1887 Georgia
Scharlott Spalding 1867 Georgia
Edward Stephens 1885 Georgia
Sam Steward 1883 Georgia
Sam Street 1882 Georgia
Paul Stykes 1878 Georgia
Jack Taylor 1877 Alabama
John Tolbert 1888 Georgia
Clara Tomas 1876 Georgia
Jerry E Tomas 1860 Georgia
Willie Tompson 1887 South Carolina
James Washington 1879 Georgia
Abe Williams 1869 Florida
Edward Williams 1877 Iowa
James Williams 1867 South Carolina
Janie Williams 1882 Georgia
John Williams 1882 South Carolina
Johnson Williams 1832 South Carolina
Moses Williams 1877 South Carolina
Violet Williams 1850 South Carolina
Harry Willis 1875 Louisiana
Joseph Winn 1875 Georgia
Andrew Wright 1876 Georgia
John Wright 1878 Louisiana
William Wright 1880 South Carolina

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