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Delaware State Hospital for the Insane, Surnames J-Z, 1930 Index of Inmates

NOTE: This set of records for Delaware State Hospital for the Insane provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Mary Johnson 1856 Delaware
Mary Johnson 1890 Delaware
Evelyn Jolly 1889 Maryland
Jahn Jones 1884 Maryland
James Jones 1867 Delaware
?? Jones 1884 Maryland
May Jones 1881 Delaware
Annie Jones 1894 Maryland
Evylin Jones 1894 Maryland
Nancy Jones 1876 Delaware
Christina Kapala 1895 Austria
Mary Karbowski 1894 Poland
David Kee 1859 Pennsylvania
John Keenen 1908 Delaware
Lizzie Keese 1888 Maryland
Emma Keidel 1893 Germany
Catherine Kellar 1889 Galicia
John Kelleher 1903 Delaware
Willim Kelley 1853 Pennsylvania
Harry Kelley 1888 Delaware
William Kelley 1908 Delaware
Clarance Kelley 1877 Ireland
Ellen Kelley 1860 Pennsylvania
Martha Kelley 1882 Maryland
Cora Kemp 1881 Delaware
Peter Kempinski 1899 Poland
Frank Kempski 1877 Delaware
Laura Kendall 1881 Delaware
James Kennedy 1878 Pennsylvania
Washington Kenney 1880 Virginia
Andrei Keraluk 1901 Russia
Mary Kesting 1871 Pennsylvania
Rebecca Kimaney 1892 Delaware
John King 1879 Delaware
Kate Kinzer 1864 Virginia
William Klatt 1891 Maryland
Rosie Klein 1882 Hungary
Albert Knause 1869 Delaware
Edward Krause 1866 USA
Ida Lafferty 1894 Delaware
Harry Lang 1872 ??
Myrth Leathem 1892 Delaware
Mary Lee 1889 Delaware
Charles Leshern 1915 Delaware
Rebecca Liebowitz 1886 Russia
Alice Liesner 1874 Delaware
Sarah Lindsey 1844 Delaware
Bessie Lisowski 1896 Poland
Lewis Loan 1891 Delaware
Rodney Lunan 1895 Delaware
Joseph Lynck 1887 Delaware
Elsie Magnell 1900 Delaware
Elsie Majkut 1892 Poland
?? Margraves 1889 Virginia
Thomas Martin 1850 Russia
Mary Massow 1877 Delaware
Kate Mate 1855 Missouri
Howard Mcbay 1890 Pennsylvania
Samuel Mccoy 1875 Delaware
Frank Mccoy 1908 Delaware
David McCullin 1874 Delaware
George Mcfarlin 1889 Massachusetts
Olivia Mcgarr 1859 Delaware
Elizabeth Mcilvaine 1892 Delaware
Harry McKagney 1885 Ireland
Charles Mclaughlin 1892 North Carolina
Frank Mcmahon 1868 Delaware
Mary Mcmanus 1850 Pennsylvania
Allen Mcmullin 1884 Delaware
Hattie Mcmullin 1871 Delaware
Belle Mears 1879 Pennsylvania
Clara Melson 1873 Pennsylvania
Ada Metts 1868 Delaware
Joseph Michel 1898 Delaware
Anthony Mikowaz 1884 Poland
John Miles 1901 Pennsylvania
Jesse Milleman 1860 Delaware
Charles Miller 1896 Delaware
Mary Miller 1853 Delaware
Alice Mills 1893 Delaware
Jessie Minner 1897 Delaware
Mary Minner 1860 USA
Anna Minniman 1867 Pennsylvania
William Mooers 1899 Maryland
Lille Morgan 1904 Delaware
David Morris 1870 Delaware
Oliver Morris 1852 Delaware
William Morris 1856 Delaware
Benjamin Morris 1878 Delaware
Willie Morris 1873 Delaware
Gertrude Morris 1875 Pennsylvania
James Morrissey 1871 Delaware
Virginia Morrow 1861 Delaware
Nellie Morrow 1885 Delaware
Katherine Murphey 1873 Delaware
Charles Murray 1897 Delaware
Jame Neal 1909 Delaware
Frank Newmann 1900 Delaware
Sophie Niska 1898 Poland
Joseph Norton 1865 Delaware
Elizabeth Nowland 1902 Delaware
Earl Ohringer 1895 Pennsylvania
John Oleweski 1893 Poland
Clarance Olivet 1900 Delaware
Lizzie Osal 1885 Russia
Matilda Otwell 1882 Maryland
John Palk 1864 Delaware
Andrew Paller 1883 Delaware
Alfred Panzo 1881 Delaware
Edith Parden 1913 Delaware
Elmer Parris 1894 Delaware
Samuel Paskins 1880 Delaware
Peteriker Pedelenko 1874 Austria
Drylos Perkins 1870 West Virginia
Eliza Perry 1864 Delaware
Ervina Pettijohn 1874 Delaware
Otto Pettygrove 1897 Delaware
Wilson Philips 1906 Delaware
Anna Philips 1873 Delaware
Hally Phillips 1890 Maryland
Edith Phillips 1898 Pennsylvania
Margaret Phillips 1885 Hungary
Lydia Pierce 1898 Delaware
Elizabeth Pierce 1908 Delaware
Amelia Pierce 1894 Delaware
William Piskhaver 1876 Delaware
Mary Poster 1863 Delaware
Henrietta Pow ?? Delaware
Henry Powell 1872 Delaware
Jennie Powell 1870 Maryland
Nellie Pratt 1896 USA
Ruby Pratte 1896 Virginia
Alice Prescott 1904 Maryland
Alice Price 1908 Maryland
Charles Pritchett 1871 Delaware
Anna Pruchinska 1907 Delaware
William Pyle 1871 Delaware
Sarah Pyle 1885 Delaware
Anne Quade 1850 Pennsylvania
Samani Quish 1898 Delaware
Francis Rakoff 1884 Hungary
Konrad Rankins 1887 New York
Reba Ravalavles 1898 Delaware
Lee Ray 1897 Tennessee
Authur Redmond 1871 Delaware
Elizabeth Reed 1894 Pennsylvania
Georgia Reed 1873 Delaware

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of inmates, Surnames J-Z, in Delaware State Hospital for the Insane extracted from 1930 census District 10 Township, New Castle County Delaware
Maud Remley 1870 Pennsylvania
Hadie Renta 1871 Pennsylvania
Ella Reynolds 1885 Delaware
Margaret Reynolds 1848 Delaware
Bertha Richardson 1897 Maryland
Elizbeth Rick 1882 Pennsylvania
Ida Riley 1872 Delaware
Homer Ritchie 1894 Delaware
Elizabeth Roberts 1854 Ireland
James Robinson 1869 Maryland
Fred Robinson 1888 ??
Emma Robinson 1886 Delaware
Walter Rogerson 1891 Delaware
Elizabeth Roskin 1864 Germany
Mary Rossiter 1892 Delaware
Oliver Rothwell 1864 Delaware
Joseph Rowe 1889 Delaware
Annie Rowe 1886 Delaware
Lilley Rubinski 1889 Poland
Albert Ruffin 1872 North Carolina
Thomas Rushton 1874 Delaware
Corotine Russell 1893 Delaware
Margaret Ryan 1885 Delaware
Laura Ryan 1868 Delaware
Agnes Ryan 1865 South Carolina
Sarah Salfner 1898 Pennsylvania
Chester Salloway 1875 Delaware
Cretoin Samluk 1911 Delaware
Blaine Samons 1894 Delaware
Stanley Sapinski 1869 Poland
Ellen Schafhauser 1868 Pennsylvania
Wladislaw Schodowski 1876 Poland
Sarah Schwartz 1898 Russia
Laurance Scott 1879 Maryland
John Scott 1872 ??
James Scott 1912 Virginia
Mary Seager 1900 Delaware
Augusta See 1898 Pennsylvania
Louis Seidle 1888 Delaware
Helen Selkowitz 1902 Russia
Michael Senacherib 1905 Delaware
Alfred Sepatowski 1870 Canada
Mary Sharp 1892 Delaware
Clarence Sheffe 1880 Delaware
Laird Blonnie Shek 1881 New Jersey
Ella Shockey 1877 Delaware
Estella Shorkey 1886 Delaware
Mary Short 1875 Delaware
Clifton Shry 1871 Maryland
Hattie Singer 1897 Maryland
Guiseppe Singionnda 1878 Italy
Mary Singuno 1900 Delaware
Mary Sliney 1896 Maryland
Leonard Smith 1879 Delaware
Dessie Smith 1898 Virginia
Mary Smith 1875 Delaware
Gertrude Smith 1847 New Jersey
May Smith 1885 Delaware
Catherine Smith 1851 Maryland
Authur Solloway 1905 Maryland
Marie Sparphelione 1909 Delaware
Nellie Spees 1899 Delaware
Frank Spicer 1864 Delaware
Harry Stahl 1894 Delaware
Willian Stansbury 1873 Delaware
Wilber Starkey 1883 Maryland
Ella Stawacka 1887 Poland
Man Steben 1909 Maryland
Mary Steel 1866 Delaware
Charles Steele 1908 Pennsylvania
Annetta Stevens 1868 Delaware
Sarah Stevens 1859 Delaware
Lucy Stewart 1860 USA
May Stewart 1879 Delaware
Maud Stowell 1895 Delaware
Minie Strean 1869 Delaware
John Suhutterles 1864 Virginia
Mary Swallows 1891 New Jersey
Thersa Swartz 1882 Bohemia
Theodore Synck 1880 Delaware
Mark Synck 1892 Delaware
Paris Talley 1903 Delaware
Jennie Tatnall 1876 Pennsylvania
Eugene Taylor 1905 Delaware
Henry Taylor 1907 Delaware
Julia Taylor 1873 Virginia
Susie Taylor 1883 North Carolina
Davis Thatcher 1891 Pennsylvania
Fisher Thoma ?? USA
Harry Thomas 1857 Pennsylvania
Catherine Thomas 1843 Delaware
Bertha Thoren 1870 Maryland
Thomas Thurmon 1885 Delaware
Harvey Tiffee 1876 Delaware
William Tillghman 1863 Delaware
Robert Tolmine 1891 Delaware
Bertha Twigg 1905 Delaware
Benjamin Vanovan 1845 Delaware
Clara Verlson 1864 Delaware
William Voshell 1868 Delaware
Authur Wade 1896 Canada
Sattie Wagerman 1871 Germany
Danilo Waldmann 1911 South Africa
J Bailey Walker 1894 Delaware
Clifford Walkes 1870 Delaware
Annie Waller 1869 Maryland
Katherine Walsh 1892 Pennsylvania
Lewis Walstrom 1854 Sweden
Waller Walter 1895 Delaware
Irwin Waples 1900 Delaware
Martha Warburton 1859 England
Annie Ward 1887 Delaware
Lois Ward 1894 Delaware
Guy Warner 1869 Delaware
Joseph Warrington 1888 Delaware
Erlow Washburn 1840 Connecticut
John Waters 1895 Delaware
William Watson 1868 Delaware
Anthony Watson 1899 Delaware
Charles Watson 1901 Delaware
Annie Way 1887 Kansas
John Wayfield 1907 Georgia
Anna Webster 1881 Pennsylvania
Sarah Welch 1865 Delaware
Jane Welle 1867 Delaware
Bridget Welsh 1859 Ireland
Ida West 1862 Delaware
Goldia Wheeler 1871 Russia
James White 1886 Virginia
John White 1864 Maryland
Sarah White 1871 Georgia
?? Whitehead 1859 New Jersey
William Whittaker 1881 Delaware
Jean Williams 1863 Delaware
Jennie Williams 1862 Delaware
Sarah Williams 1888 Maryland
Carrie Williams 1891 Maryland
Bayard Wilmer 1889 Maryland
John Wilson 1877 Delaware
George Wilson 1905 Delaware
Elizabeth Wilson 1861 Pennsylvania
John Wiskcof 1881 Austria
Thea Wonderlin 1879 Pennsylvania
Belford Wood 1855 New Jersey
Mary Wood 1853 Delaware
Stella Wright 1885 Delaware
May Wright 1896 Delaware
Dena Zook 1901 North Dakota

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