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Delaware State Hospital for the Insane, Surnames A-J, 1930 Index of Inmates

NOTE: This set of records for Delaware State Hospital for the Insane provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Martin ?? 1869 Poland
Jacob ?? 1859 Delaware
Carrie ?? 1877 Delaware
Ella ?? 1864 Delaware
Rosalie Abbott 1892 Delaware
Caroline Abercrombie 1893 Pennsylvania
Thomas Akins 1911 Delaware
Katie Albers 1845 Germany
James Alexander 1847 Pennsylvania
Anna Alexander 1901 Delaware
Edna Alleger 1889 USA
Delman Allen 1914 Pennsylvania
Ward Ammerman 1890 Pennsylvania
Helena Andiewe 1908 Delaware
Wanetta Ardire 1912 Delaware
Clinton Argo 1882 Delaware
Enna Armstrong 1875 Delaware
Lizzie Armstrong 1859 Delaware
Ida Askins 1897 Maryland
Gove Atkinson 1870 Delaware
Smiley Baczkowski 1856 Poland
Sherman Bailey 1880 Maryland
Davis Baird 1862 Ireland
Rhoda Baker 1867 Delaware
May Balowski 1892 Poland
Mary Balson 1900 Delaware
Mary Bambary 1891 Ohio
Susan Banner 1878 Delaware
Elizabeth Barker 1850 Delaware
Medora Barney 1878 Delaware
Susie Barr 1888 Pennsylvania
Alexander Basker 1848 Pennsylvania
Katherine Battin 1897 Delaware
Emma Bayard 1910 Delaware
Ella Bayne 1893 Delaware
Francis Beckett 1902 Delaware
Willine Behringer 1878 Delaware
Robert Bell ?? North Carolina
Jennie Bender 1867 Pennsylvania
Randolph Bennett 1873 Maryland
Madeleine Betts 1905 Delaware
Mary Biard 1879 Delaware
Jennie Bird 1864 Maryland
Albertine Bischoff 1889 Austria
Jules Bishop 1892 Delaware
Mary Black 1884 Delaware
Margaret Black 1882 Ireland
Horace Blanchfield 1891 Delaware
Harry Blest 1893 Delaware
Samuel Blockson 1870 Delaware
Leva Blonde 1892 Delaware
Hellen Boelke 1880 Delaware
Sabina Boulanger 1876 Alabama
Annie Bowers 1867 Delaware
Martha Boyan 1904 Delaware
Anne Boynton 1868 England
Authur Bradley 1878 Delaware
Fannie Bramble 1856 Delaware
Harry Brand 1906 Canada
Jahn Brannon 1873 New York
Elizabeth Bratton 1893 New Jersey
George Brewington 1891 Delaware
Alice Brewington 1874 Delaware
Levi Briggs 1868 Delaware
Sank Mariah Brinks 1877 Maryland
Sadie Brittenham 1885 Delaware
William Brown 1885 Maryland
Cornelius Brown 1879 Delaware
Edwin Brown 1888 Maryland
Thomas Brown 1867 Delaware
Annie Brown 1898 Delaware
Sarah Brown 1869 Delaware
Theresa Buccola 1884 Italy
Clarence Buck 1884 Delaware
Sadie Buck 1864 Maryland
Albert Buehler 1903 Delaware
William Bundy 1866 Delaware
Thomas Burnham 1839 Delaware
Adeline Burris 1900 Delaware
James Buske 1875 New Jersey
Harry Cabough 1886 Pennsylvania
Thomas Cale 1894 Ireland
Corrie Callahan 1889 Pennsylvania
Marine Callaway 1882 Delaware
Mary Callaway 1858 Delaware
Alverna Callins 1906 Delaware
Amand Calloway 1862 Maryland
Mary Canner 1892 Ireland
Irvin Cannon 1872 Delaware
Salvatore Cantera 1894 Italy
Anthony Cantonis 1905 Delaware
Antonio Cardillo 1861 Italy
Helen Carey 1881 Delaware
Benjamin Carpenter 1868 Delaware
Milse Cavallo 1861 Italy
Mary Cease 1888 Pennsylvania
Edith Chase 1872 Maryland
Antone Chicadell 1884 Italy
John Cholowski 1884 Poland
Mamie Claassen 1871 New Jersey
Robert Clark 1875 Delaware
Phonnie Clements 1849 Maryland
Mary Cline 1837 New York
Sadie Cloud 1888 Delaware
Mildred Clugston 1900 Delaware
Hallie Cockran 1885 Maryland
Helen Coghlan 1889 Maryland
Willian Cole 1884 Delaware
William Coleman 1859 Delaware
James Collins 1863 Delaware
James Concill 1888 Delaware
Frank Conly 1860 Delaware
Frank Connelly 1886 Delaware
Alice Cooper 1885 Delaware
Elizbeth Cooper 1883 West Virginia
Joseph Coulbourn 1867 Delaware
Virginia Coulbourn 1884 Delaware
Juan Coulman 1897 Delaware
Chella Counce 1898 Delaware
Deborttla Courtade 1860 Delaware
Homer Coverdale 1870 Delaware
Freeman Cramer 1914 Delaware
Darina Crockett 1908 Delaware
Christine Crost 1893 Missouri
Fannie Cubbage 1875 Delaware
William Curtis 1907 Delaware
James Dailey 1850 Delaware
Alice Dailey 1869 Canada
Julian Dane 1847 Maryland
Josephine Danneker 1900 Delaware
Ertha Danz 1909 Delaware
John Davis 1854 Maryland
James Davis 1909 Maryland
Enna Daws 1889 Maryland
Willian Day 1853 Maryland
Acastus DeGantis 1910 Germany
Calltrolove Degregoria 1895 Italy
David Deigan 1850 Maryland
Mary Delisser 1869 Germany
Miller Dempsey 1898 Pennsylvania
Annie Dempsey 1882 Delaware
Irene Denis 1861 Delaware
Jennie Denofrio 1900 Delaware
Catharine Destro 1909 Delaware
Peter Devin ?? Italy
Herman Dickeson 1880 Delaware

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of inmates, Surnames A-J, in Delaware State Hospital for the Insane extracted from 1930 census District 10 Township, New Castle County Delaware
Paul DiFelice 1880 Italy
Paul Dillon 1897 Delaware
Catherine Dipietro 1864 Italy
Lizzie Dison 1894 Delaware
May Donaway 1856 Delaware
Anthony Dorsey 1884 Delaware
Elizebeth Dorykrey 1861 Delaware
Wilmer Dougherty 1880 Delaware
James Dougherty 1882 Delaware
Frank Dougherty 1900 Delaware
Charles Doughten 1898 Delaware
William Downs 1889 Maryland
Miles Dudack 1872 Poland
James Dugan 1878 Delaware
Edward Dukes 1872 Delaware
Faislabeb Dulce 1893 Missouri
William Durham 1890 Delaware
Betha Dutilly 1881 Canada
Edward Emory 1907 Delaware
Inptillor Erricksoro 1857 Sweden
Rebecca Ettengoff 1887 Russia
Mary Evans 1851 Maryland
Mary Evans 1859 Maryland
Margarett Everett 1875 Maryland
Charles Faehaffe 1874 Pennsylvania
Virgil Farrow 1886 Delaware
Della Fassett 1888 Maryland
Mary Fell 1872 Pennsylvania
Clara Fendrick 1882 Russia
Amelia Ficholls 1897 Italy
Thomas Fields 1863 Virginia
Albert Fields 1890 Maryland
Martha Firth 1864 England
Mallie Fisher 1896 Delaware
Geneve Fisher 1903 Delaware
Margrete Flood 1902 Ireland
Emilio Fontano 1895 Italy
Myrtle Foote 1900 Pennsylvania
Pauline Forbes 1885 Delaware
George Ford 1848 Delaware
Andrew Ford 1890 Delaware
Merridith Ford 1884 Delaware
Annie Ford 1858 Delaware
William Foster 1862 Delaware
Jennie Foulkrod 1896 Pennsylvania
Robert Fowler 1895 Pennsylvania
Mary Fox 1859 Delaware
Mary Fox 1884 Delaware
Marion Franklin 1883 Maryland
David Friedle 1856 Delaware
Mary Fritts 1848 Delaware
Frank Fuller 1894 Virginia
Ruth Furner 1873 Delaware
Frank Galt 1897 New Jersey
Mary Galt 1856 Maryland
Arthur Gamwell 1887 Delaware
Wallie Gargan 1875 Delaware
Eva Garney 1888 Poland
Flora Gibbs 1893 Delaware
Cersalella Giordarla 1884 Italy
Ethel Gisser 1896 Delaware
Martha Glassen 1866 Delaware
Armitage Gleed 1850 Virginia
Bertha Gliniecki 1869 Germany
Ezekel Gold 1896 Delaware
Andrew Golden 1839 Ireland
John Golden 1893 Delaware
Andrew Goomcewski 1882 Poland
William Gootee 1895 Delaware
James Gordon 1886 Delaware
Emma Gordon 1864 Delaware
Ave Gouras 1892 South Carolina
Pelagia Gradowski 1890 Poland
Ludwik Granke 1887 Poland
Senora Gray 1882 Delaware
Mary Greece 1853 Delaware
Martha Green 1877 Delaware
Anne Green 1906 Pennsylvania
George Grissom 1880 Delaware
Dora Grubb 1868 Delaware
Mary Gunkel 1867 Pennsylvania
Charles Hall 1904 Maryland
Clara Hall 1883 Delaware
Elsie Hamilton 1898 Delaware
Sarah Hand 1864 Delaware
Dier Hannon 1885 Delaware
John Harali 1886 Russia
Alvester Harding ?? USA
Wintage Harman 1909 Delaware
Belle Harmon 1885 Delaware
Jone Harmon 1875 Maryland
Louisa Harrigan 1855 Maine
Charles Harris 1892 Maryland
Hollice Harris 1871 Delaware
Annie Harris 1878 Delaware
Annie Harris 1879 Delaware
Garlan Harrison 1897 Maryland
Ella Harshman 1864 Maryland
Paulina Hashman 1884 Austria
Amelia Haslett 1854 Delaware
Elizabeth Hasper 1895 Pennsylvania
Mary Hass 1891 Poland
James Hawkins 1861 Delaware
May Hawkins 1893 Delaware
James Haws 1897 Delaware
Eugen Heidorn 1874 New York
Alice Henry 1895 Delaware
Francis Henson 1888 Delaware
Katie Herk 1866 Baden
Ellie Higgins 1892 Delaware
Margeret Higndet 1877 Maryland
George Hill 1894 Delaware
John Hill 1875 North Carolina
Ella Hill 1868 Delaware
Norman Hind 1888 New York
Joseph Hirst 1890 Pennsylvania
Lilliam Hirzel 1891 Delaware
Edith Hollie 1867 Delaware
Clarence Hollingworth 1871 Mississippi
Teodors Hopkins 1862 Delaware
Catherine Hopkins 1863 Delaware
George Hopkins 1889 Maryland
Robert Houston 1903 Delaware
Flora Hudson 1901 Delaware
Ruth Hudson 1894 Delaware
Irene Hurndon 1850 Washington
Margaret Husbands 1868 Delaware
Huck Arnie Huske 1908 Delaware
?? Hutchins 1888 Delaware
Rebecca Hutchinson 1869 Delaware
Alsie Hutt 1898 Delaware
Moses Jackins 1892 Maryland
Walter Jackson 1894 Delaware
Bertha Jackson 1875 Delaware
Ella Jackson 1866 Delaware
Mary Jaffin 1884 Delaware
Amand James 1881 Delaware
Elmer James 1883 Delaware
Edward Jaroslowski 1887 Poland
Lillian Jeaconapt 1879 Delaware
Frank Jeondell 1899 Delaware
Ruth Jernstrom 1893 Sweden
Seoward Johnson 1873 Delaware
Fred Johnson 1890 Italy
Corrie Johnson 1891 Delaware
Martha Johnson 1898 Maryland

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