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Connecticut State Prison, 1930 Index of Prisoners (Surnames A - K)

NOTE: This set of records for Connecticut State Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Connecticut Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Howard Abbey 1904 Connecticut
George Abbott 1905 Connecticut
Tony Acre 1909 Connecticut
Charles Adams 1892 Connecticut
Olive Adams 1899 Massachusetts
Thomas Adams 1886 Florida
Frank Agnes 1884 Connecticut
Louis Albertelli 1897 Italy
Amadeo Alcarace 1903 Italy
Domenick Alfone 1904 Connecticut
Henry Allen 1892 Arkansas
John Allen 1900 Connecticut
Alfonse Amaro 1901 Connecticut
John Anderson 1896 Connecticut
Vincent Andrezewich 1886 Poland
Frank Antoniac 1904 Connecticut
Hagop Apelian 1891 Syrian Arab Republic
Louis Arena 1900 Italy
Pasquale Arpino 1905 Italy
Thomas Backer 1897 New York
Levi Baird 1883 New York
Malcolm Baker 1905 New Jersey
Cesare Barbara 1897 Italy
Joseph Barboza 1900 Portugal
Michael Barkesdy 1884 Hungary
Raymond Barrett 1908 Connecticut
Frank Bassett 1855 Connecticut
Joseph Battaglia 1875 Italy
Michael Battista 1906 Connecticut
William Baxter 1901 Connecticut
William Baxter 1905 Connecticut
Raymond Beardsley 1886 Connecticut
Thomas Bearns 1896 New York
Arthur Becker 1897 Connecticut
Luman Beckett 1899 Connecticut
Joseph Bednar 1865 Austria
Albert Beebe 1903 Connecticut
Isadore Belinski 1903 Russia
Albert Belleville 1894 Rhode Island
Joseph Benerazzoy 1902 Connecticut
Joseph Beoelagus 1885 Italy
Ernest Bercier 1897 Canada
Elmer Berg 1880 Norway
August Bermas 1883 Finland
Figler Bert 1901 Austria
William Bessler 1882 New York
George Bessner 1904 Connecticut
Adam Bien 1886 Poland
John Billadella 1909 Italy
Fred Billings 1866 Maine
Harry Bloom 1893 Austria
John Bogardus 1886 New York
Harry Bogeges 1891 Russia
Henry Bonewald 1867 Germany
Edward Bonini 1872 Italy
Burns Borgia 1896 Italy
Alexander Borowy 1907 Connecticut
Paul Boucher 1885 Massachusetts
Fred Boughton 1889 Connecticut
William Boyd 1903 District of Columbia
Edward Bramon 1874 New York
George Brecher 1902 Connecticut
William Brennan 1884 Connecticut
Ambrose Briggs 1911 New York
Randolph Brissette 1889 Massachusetts
Joseph Brock 1891 New York
Samuel Brogna 1897 Italy
Solomon Brooks 1880 Russia
Henry Brooks 1889 Virginia
John Brophy 1910 Connecticut
Sam Brown 1880 Pennsylvania
Thomas Brown 1893 North Carolina
Frank Brteau 1892 Italy
Pasquale Bruni 1896 Italy
Stanley Budnick 1909 Connecticut
Rocco Buonantuccis 1874 Italy
Edward Burke 1902 Massachusetts
Samuel Bushinger 1904 New York
Clinton Bussie 1888 Pennsylvania
James Butler 1905 Georgia
David Butter 1900 Virginia
Frank C??man 1884 Italy
Deratto Cabaudo 1875 Italy
Charles Campbell 1883 California
Giordano Candido 1892 Italy
James Canna 1898 New York
James Cannon 1874 Massachusetts
Louis Caplan 1905 Connecticut
Thomas Caporaso 1890 Italy
John Carboni 1888 Pennsylvania
Joseph Carciopola 1864 Italy
James Carsale 1895 Connecticut
Sebastiana Carta 1875 Italy
James Carte 1898 Italy
John Castagnetto 1851 New York
William Castlshaven 1873 Massachusetts
Gennard Cecorelb 1905 Italy
Vincenzo Ceravallo 1879 Italy
William Chapman 1885 Massachusetts
Henry Chapman 1903 New Jersey
Adam Chenault 1870 Austria
Peter Chilicki 1902 Connecticut
John Chinges 1891 Greece
Joseph Cianflone 1887 Italy
Frank Cincotti 1880 Italy
Michael Cinque 1908 Connecticut
Frank Cirillo 1906 Connecticut
Joseph Clancy 1903 Massachusetts
Thomas Clinton 1899 Massachusetts
Howard Clinton 1905 Connecticut
Vincenzo Codispoti 1893 Italy
Thomas Cody 1902 Connecticut
John Cody 1887 New York
Samuel Cohen 1901 Connecticut
Michael Collette 1899 Italy
Jackson Collins 1868 Illinois
Francesca Colorico 1877 Italy
George Columbo 1878 Italy
Giuseppe Commisso 1880 Italy
Antonio Comparenti 1895 Italy
Tony Condella 1893 Italy
James Conti 1899 Pennsylvania
Chester Cook 1900 New Jersey
Delbert Coonce 1905 Illinois
Gaetano Corradino 1884 Italy
Joseph Costa 1891 Italy
John Cotter 1879 Georgia
John Cozza 1908 New York
Jay Crawford 1882 Maryland
Arthur Cunningham 1901 New York
James Currie 1892 Ireland
William Curtiss 1904 Connecticut
George Curtiss 1901 Connecticut
David Dailey 1892 New York
John Dainty 1870 Massachusetts
Thomas Daniels 1906 Wisconsin
Charles Danserau 1868 Connecticut
William Dasey 1866 Massachusetts
Thomas Datello 1899 Connecticut
Howard Davelman 1910 New York
Pasquale Daversa 1868 Italy
Soloman David 1887 Syrian Arab Republic
John Dawes 1910 Massachusetts
Lorenza Dealvarez 1906 New Mexico
Edward Decker 1870 Connecticut
William Defreece 1905 New York
John Degeorgia 1893 Italy
John Degunto 1907 Italy
Raymond Delancy 1901 Connecticut
Dominick Dellarocco 1904 Italy
Thomas Delmonte 1903 Connecticut
Santa Deloretto 1879 Italy
Josephine Demaio 1904 Connecticut
Francesco Demaio 1868 Italy
Frank Demarco 1905 Illinois
Emilia Demartino 1881 Italy
Rocco Demasi 1895 Italy
Alexander Dembrowski 1875 Poland
Rocco Demello 1899 Italy
Joseph Demora 1902 New Jersey
Milford Dennis 1899 Maryland
James Derofis 1898 Italy
Willie Desaro 1860 Connecticut
Joseph Dest 1901 Connecticut
John Deveney 1894 Connecticut
Roland Devine 1901 New Hampshire
Boterlow Devojakowsky 1900 Connecticut

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Connecticut State Prison extracted from 1930 census Wethersfield Township, Hartford County Connecticut
Raffaele Dgennaro 1880 Italy
Fred Diamond 1883 Canada
Antonio Diodato 1878 Italy
George Dirgo 1907 California
Harry Dohna 1895 New York
Andrew Dombroski 1889 Poland
John Dondone 1899 Italy
Jack Donnelly 1896 Connecticut
Peter Doran 1893 Connecticut
Harry Dubin 1890 Russia
George Dudas 1904 Connecticut
Edward Durand 1858 New York
John Dverus 1893 Lithuania
Lester Dyckman 1902 New York
William Easley 1881 Virginia
Ernest Eich 1891 Germany
Wilson Evans 1885 Kentucky
Michael Fahasch 1901 New York
Frank Faller 1890 Italy
James Farrell 1897 New York
Ernest Fasocia 1895 Italy
Micheal Fattore 1879 Italy
Stanley Faulkner 1902 Connecticut
Charles Faust 1907 Virginia
Antonio Fedele 1889 Italy
Fortunato Fello 1871 Italy
Clarice Fenn 1898 Connecticut
Michael Fenton 1902 Connecticut
Harry Ferns 1885 Nevada
Louis Ferraro 1887 Italy
Frank Ferriss 1907 Massachusetts
Lawrence Ferrone 1888 Italy
Frank Ferucci 1902 Italy
John Fetyko 1892 Hungary
William Fillmore 1889 Canada; England
Frank Firlinsk 1897 Poland
William Fitzgerald 1871 Connecticut
David Flanagan 1861 Ireland
Peter Flotab 1903 France
Theodore Forcier 1904 Vermont
Edward Ford 1890 South Carolina
Emil Ford 1874 Connecticut
John Formisano 1901 Italy
Norman Frank 1899 New York
Clarence Franklin 1893 Florida
Ralph Freimann 1907 Italy
Fred Frennette 1902 Connecticut
Frank Fucci 1907 Italy
William Gabris 1907 Scotland
Charles Gaines 1890 Illinois
Adt Gallaway 1898 Indiana
Abraham Galperin 1886 Russia
Derry Gambardella 1900 Italy
William Gamble 1884 Connecticut
Harold Ganier 1904 Connecticut
Salvatore Gargan 1899 Italy
Leo Gargano 1900 Italy
Emma Garnett 1888 North Carolina
Leon Garvan 1895 Rhode Island
Wallace Gary 1904 Massachusetts
John Gaudreau 1884 Massachusetts
Herman Gerster 1880 Germany
Tony Giardini 1901 Italy
William Gibbs 1880 Oklahoma
Joseph Giglio 1905 New York
John Gigliotti 1886 Italy
Anthony Gigliotti 1880 Italy
Virgil Gill 1899 Connecticut
John Girard 1885 Massachusetts
Angelo Girardi 1888 Italy
Reuben Glazer 1904 Russia
Steve Golas 1901 Connecticut
Roger Goodwin 1906 Tennessee
Harvey Goodwin 1905 Massachusetts
Abraham Gordon 1892 Russia
William Gorman 1904 Pennsylvania
Edward Gouch 1905 Pennsylvania
Charles Grabowski 1902 Pennsylvania
William Grabowski 1905 Delaware
Charles Grady 1907 Massachusetts
Edward Graveline 1912 Connecticut
George Green 1882 New York
Joseph Green 1895 New York
Henry Gregory 1891 Massachusetts
James Grillo 1896 Italy
Frank Guildas 1891 Lithuania
Harold Guilfoyle 1885 Pennsylvania
Adam Gullette 1906 Connecticut
Stacey Gurley 1899 South Carolina
Byron Guthrie 1904 Connecticut
Fred Guyer 1863 North Carolina
Joseph Guzewick 1875 Poland
John Hall 1883 Connecticut
Jake Hankins 1882 Texas
Arthur Harding 1889 Maine
Clifton Hardy 1908 Texas
Harry Harmon 1897 Pennsylvania
Edward Harris 1882 Texas
Louis Harris 1893 New York
Stanley Hart 1895 New York
Ernest Hartland 1899 Connecticut
Edward Haskell 1897 Maine
James Haurichusk 1902 Russia
Harry Henn 1897 South Carolina
Joseph Herraiola 1882 Italy
Frank Hewey 1874 Maine
Norman Hicks 1878 New York
Alfred Higgins 1876 Connecticut
Raymond Hill 1895 Connecticut
Charles Hobart 1879 Vermont
Homer Hoffman 1901 Portugal
Charles Holley 1893 Massachusetts
Henry Holmberg 1893 Connecticut
Frank Holuz 1876 Hungary
Justin Horton 1901 New York
William Houghtaling 1889 New York
Charles Houser 1905 New York
Ralph Howard 1880 New Hampshire
William Howard 1877 Connecticut
William Howell 1903 Pennsylvania
Dimitri Hristos 1890 Greece
Fred Hubbard 1899 Connecticut
Clifford Hurd 1885 Connecticut
Stephen Huval 1902 Louisiana
Ralph Inorio 1897 Connecticut
Walter Jabtanski 1907 Poland
Jan Jackiewicz 1885 Poland
Paul Jackson 1901 Georgia
Raymond Jacobs 1905 Connecticut
John Janick 1910 Connecticut
Willard Jennings 1903 Connecticut
John Johnson 1905 Connecticut
Frank Johnson 1899 Connecticut
Edward Johnson 1880 Connecticut
Fred Johnson 1889 Massachusetts
Clara Jones 1898 Florida
James Jones 1901 Wyoming
Charles Kakye 1903 New York
William Kaminski 1907 Connecticut
Alex Kaminski 1910 Connecticut
Edgar Kane 1896 New York
William Kapela 1898 Illinois
Edward Kearns 1906 New York
Frank Keefe 1904 Connecticut
Andrew Keially 1892 Hungary
Henry Kelleher 1893 Massachusetts
James Kelly 1908 Connecticut
Robert Kelly 1908 Connecticut
Sedric Kennett 1907 Vermont
Harry Keough 1900 Connecticut
Stephen Kicineski 1907 Connecticut
William King 1894 New Jersey
Charles King 1884 Connecticut
Elizabeth King 1873 Massachusetts
Leon King 1893 Connecticut
Fred King 1897 New Jersey
William Kirschenbaum 1875 Austria
Ernest Knapp 1893 Connecticut
Walter Knowles 1876 Massachusetts
Porter Knowlton 1891 Connecticut
William Knowlton 1901 Connecticut
John Kolakowski 1905 Connecticut
Louis Koloski 1885 Russia
Peter Komorowsky 1881 Russia
Michael Kostek 1907 Connecticut
Frank Kovall 1905 Connecticut
Frank Kozaryn 1905 New York
Charles Krawezalis 1904 Connecticut

Surnames K - Z ------>

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