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Arkansas State Penitentiary 1880 Index of Prisoners (A - J)

NOTE: This set of records for Arkansas State Penitentiary provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Arkansas Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Age, Prisoners Place of Birth

Samuel Abington 30 Tennessee
Thopson Agnew 23 North Carolina
Berry Aikin 33 Alabama
C. M. Allen 30 Iowa
Michail Allen 31 Louisiana
Terry Allen 20 Tennessee
William J. Allen 28 Georgia
Ephraem Ammons 67 Virginia
Daniel Amos 2 Louisiana
Lorey Amos 26 Mississippi
D. C. Anderson 23 Alabama
James Anderson 22 Arkansas
James Anderson 25 Tennessee
John Anderson 28 Maryland
Joseph Anderson 25 Kentucky
Oliver Anderson 37 Virginia
L. C. Annett 28 Illinois
David Apperson 19 Arkansas
Milton Armstrong 34 Kentucky
Milton Armstrong 25 Missouri
J. S. Arnold 26 Tennessee
W. F. Ashley 27 Missouri
George Avant 22 Mississippi
William Avant 34 Mississippi
Allen Babb 23 Arkansas
Andy Bagsby 21 Texas
Lenox Bailey 53 Tennessee
June Baily 40 Georgia
Nick Baird 22 Arkansas
Quarles Baker 67 Kentucky
Reuben Banks 36 Georgia
Sylvester Barkman 18 Arkansas
Daniel G. Barnes 45 Kentucky
Henry Barnes 25 Mississippi
Henry Barney 24 Louisiana
Doc Barrier 31 Georgia
Fred Battle 32 Texas
Champ Beavers 25 Alabama
John W. Bell 35 Arkansas
Eli Belt 27 Arkansas
S. W. Bennett 46 Germany
John Benton 36 Missouri
Daniel Berry 36 Missouri
James H. Bevans 34 Missouri
Hamp Binsant 26 Alabama
Nat Black 33 Arkansas
Ed Blood 24 Mississippi
Charles Bobo 30 Kentucky
Doc Booker 26 Arkansas
Alfred Bosley 23 Arkansas
Joseph Boston 27 Kentucky
Charles Bounett 18 Arkansas
John Bowles 24 South Carolina
David Bowlin 19 Illinois
Paul Boyd 17 Arkansas
W. G. Boyett 31 Alabama
Abe Bradley 21 Arkansas
London Bradley 18 Mississippi
Aaron Brown 55 Virginia
Alexander Brown 21 Tennessee
C. L. Brown 27 Tennessee
Cyrus Brown 53 Mississippi
Frank Brown 18 Arkansas
H. B. Brown 33 Louisiana
R. Eli Brown 25 Canada
Wash Brown 27 Missouri
William Brown 24 Arkansas
William Brown 32 Virginia
William Brown 25 Chickasaw Nation
Benj F. Bunch 31 Tennessee
William H. Burrow 39 Tennessee
Ephraim Butler 24 Arkansas
Henry Butler 27 Georgia
John Callahan 30 Nebraska
Samuel Calvin 19 Mississippi
Canamora 25 Alabama
Jesse Cannon 34 Arkansas
James Carey 14 Arkansas
Jordan Carter 23 South Carolina
G. W. Cato 48 Alabama
William Chastain 22 Arkansas
P. O. Cheaney 24 Kentucky
Franklin Chinoworth 30 Mexico
Clements Claiborne 38 Arkansas
Alexander Clark 42 Scotland
Jos Cockburn 26 Georgia
William Colbert 32 Georgia
George Colebaugh 60 Pennsylvania
Charles Coleman 21 Alabama
Edward Collins 26 New York
Mitchelle Collins 20 Creek Na
John Comar 32 Virginia
Pleasant Conner 68 North Carolina
Charles Conners 39 South Carolina
Henry Cooper 21 Arkansas
William Coran 22 Mississippi
William Cosby 22 Virginia
William Coughlin 36 Massachusetts
Riley Covington 27 Georgia
George Craddock 20 Texas
Reuben Crawford 23 Georgia
John C. Crawley 52 Arkansas
Andrew Creath 21 Missouri
Peter Crenshaw 27 Tennessee
Charles Crockett 27 Virginia
Doney Crook 20 Arkansas
Louis Cunningham 39 Missouri
John A. Curlin 33 Kentucky
Pleasant Curry 27 Alabama
Robert Curry 24 Alabama
Rufus Curtis 20 Arkansas
Tobe Custer 34 Arkansas
Charles Daniels 22 Arkansas
Alfred Davis 22 Arkansas
Brew Davis 25 Arkansas
Ezra Davis 20 Florida
Isaac N. Davis 31 Tennessee
J. A. Davis 33 Tennessee
James Davis 51 Tennessee
John Davis 27 Missouri
Richard Davis 22 Arkansas
Thomas Davis 23 Arkansas
Thomas H. Davis 25 Missouri
Toney Davis 31 Arkansas
William Davis 53 Alabama
George Day 41 Pennsylvania
Maartin Dees 26 Arkansas
James Devany 30 Ire
John Devany 26 Illinois
Willie Dixon 19 Louisiana
Samuel C. Dockery 27 Arkansas
Francis C. Dodd 47 Maryland
Sam Donelsen 19 Mississippi
William Dorch 31 Mississippi
W. H. Dorsey 24 Kentucky
Jack Douglas 21 Virginia
John Douglas 22 Virginia
James Douglass 26 Arkansas
Levi Duckett 33 Arkansas
John Dunn 42 Scotland

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners from Arkansas State Penitentiary extracted from 1880 census Pulaski County Arkansas
Jackson Duvall 22 Louisiana
William East 24 Arkansas
Henry Easter 18 Arkansas
John Ebos 26 Tennessee
Dick Edmuson 27 Arkansas
Nat Edwards 21 Arkansas
Robert Ellis 23 Arkansas
Littleton Elsey 28 Georgia
Napoleon Epps 28 Tennessee
Moses Faulkner 30 Arkansas
James Field 36 Arkansas
Nathan Field 26 Mississippi
Lewis Finley 26 Tennessee
Alex Fitzpatrick 25 Tennessee
John Floyd 29 Arkansas
John Flunoy 39 Alabama
Richmond Franklin 23 Arkansas
Peter Freeman 23 Germany
Silas Freeman 44 Tennessee
Robert Fryer 20 Arkansas
Benjamin Furlow 48 Georgia
Henry Gaines 30 Kentucky
William Galloway 21 Ohio
J. H. Gardner 26 Indiana
William Garland 30 Choctaw N.
James Gary 44 Illinois
James Gatchell 19 Ohio
Buster Gates 17 Mississippi
Esquire Gatewood 77 D.C.
J B. Gee 23 Tennessee
Lewis Gibbony 30 Missouri
Aaron Gibson 22 Arkansas
James Gibson 30 Kentucky
Allen Gill 23 S.C.
Hugh Gill 25 Tennessee
James Gillam 28 Arkansas
John Glenn 21 Missouri
Oliver Glenn 22 Mississippi
Thomas Goforth 19 Arkansas
James Goodman 28 Arkansas
Lewis Gordon 33 Arkansas
D. E. Graham 30 Tennessee
Silas Grandy 27 Arkansas
James Grant 35 South Carolina
Susan Grant 23 Arkansas Fe
Ephraim Graves 24 Arkansas
Miles Graves 35 Tennessee
Albert Green 27 Arkansas
Frank Green 40 Ire
Walker Green 21 ----
Soloman Greene 16 Arkansas
Beverly Gregory 39 Virginia
Ed Gregory 25 Arkansas
Joseph Grew 36 D. C.
Jefferson Grey 19 Arkansas
John Grey 33 Arkansas
Thomas Grey 21 Arkansas
William Grey 26 Tennessee
James L. Hall 26 Alabama
Oliver Hall 38 Illinois
David Hamelton 20 New York
Wiley Hamilton 18 Kentucky
John Haney 20 Arkansas
John Hannovan 40 Ire
Frank Harris 25 Ky Or Nc
James Harris 35 D. C.
John Harris 38 Illinois
John Harris 30 Tennessee
Samuel Harris 30 North Carolina
William Harris 19 Arkansas
Aaron Harrison 17 Texas
Thomas Harvey 44 Missouri
Albert Hawkins 21 Arkansas
Fayette Hawkins 22 Tennessee
Luke Hawkins 29 Virginia
John Haws 28 Indiana
Isom Hayes 25 Alabama
R. H. L. Hayes 36 Georgia
Charles Hearle 26 Missouri
Harrison Henderson 23 Kentucky
William Henderson 24 Mississippi
Charles Hendrick 35 South Carolina
Jesse Henshaw 31 Tennessee
Julius Henshaw 39 France
William Hensley 19 Arkansas
Robert Herold 28 Arkansas
William Higgins 26 Kentucky
Hardy Hightown 35 Arkansas
Harry Hill 21 California
John W. Hill 23 South Carolina
Hugh Hodges 43 Missouri
Arthur Holmes 32 Illinois
John Holmes 22 Mississippi
Judge Holt 26 Georgia
John Hoskin 27 Georgia
Andrew Howard 50 Alabama
George Howard 18 Tennessee
Nelson Howard 56 North Carolina
Wash Howard 23 Georgia
Elsey Hudson 58 Tennessee Fe
Will Hudson 23 Tennessee
John Hughes 35 Kentucky
James Hume 41 Kentucky
Lewis Hunter 22 Alabama
Nathan Husband 27 Alabama
Ed Inman 29 Missouri
Alfred Irvin 24 North Carolina
General Irvin 26 Arkansas
Henry Ivory 19 Mississippi
Isaac Jackman 18 Arkansas
Alex Jackson 49 South Carolina
Charles Jackson 47 Georgia
E. J. Jackson 31 Georgia
John Jackson 32 Virginia
W. B. Jaco 27 Alabama
Andy Jarret 24 Virginia
Charles Jefferson 24 Arkansas
Charles F. Jenkins 20 Illinois
Thomas Jenkins 25 Alabama
Gillam Jeter 24 South Carolina
Andy Johnson 26 Arkansas
Burrell Johnson 22 Texas
Dan Johnson 26 South Carolina
Henry Johnson 28 Arkansas
Henry Johnson 25 Virginia
Henry Johnson 22 Arkansas
J. G. Johnson 50 Kentucky
Jacob Johnson 33 Virginia
John Johnson 41 Arkansas
Stephen Johnson 24 Arkansas
Steve Johnson 37 Tennessee
W. C. Johnson 24 Louisiana
W. P. Johnson 25 New York
Wesley Johnson 36 Tennessee
William Johnson 27 Tennessee
Willis Johnson 31 Ohio
Amos Jones 29 Mississippi
David Jones 43 Kentucky
Famie Jones 20 Arkansas
Henry Jones 25 Alabama

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