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Arkansas State Convict Farm #3, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Arkansas State Convict Farm #3 provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Arkansas Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Robert Abrams 1885 Indiana
Joe Adams 1911 Arkansas
Rudolph Albert 1910 Arkansas
James Abington 1900 Tennessee
George Allbritton 1886 Mississippi
Will Anderson 1890 Arkansas
Floyd Avery 1897 Arkansas
Robert Bailey 1910 Oklahoma
Laurence Baker 1912 Arkansas
John Baker 1908 Arkansas
Ashley Barlow 1907 Arkansas
William Bohannon 1898 Arkansas
Plez Brentz 1907 Arkansas
Edgar Broach 1907 Arkansas
Willie Brock 1911 Missouri
John Bomer 1884 Arkansas
George Bryant 1897 Missouri
William Carnahan 1907 Missouri
William Chriswell 1904 Arkansas
Thomas Craig 1885 Indiana
John Collatt 1900 Arkansas
John Crandall 1893 Kansas
Emmett Crane 1893 Texas
George Crawford 1899 Arkansas
Lonnie Clark 1895 Arkansas
William Crow 1888 Tennessee
John Davis 1897 Arkansas
Anderson Daugherty 1898 Oklahoma
Alexander Doran 1903 New York
Roy Edwards 1907 Oklahoma
Melvin Elliott 1907 Arkansas
Elvin Elrod 1890 Nebraska
George Emery 1909 Arkansas
Ernest Emory 1907 Arkansas
Walter Epps 1887 Arkansas
Mark Fields 1895 Mississippi
Edward Fowler 1886 Arkansas
Wallace Fulton 1896 Arkansas
Ebb Gammill 1900 Arkansas
Arthur Gann 1905 Alabama
George Gillett 1903 Texas
Walter Gooch 1893 Arkansas
Luster Grier 1896 Arkansas
Claude Griffin 1894 New York
Claude Hamby 1906 Arkansas
Van Haney 1896 Arkansas
Walter Harrison 1903 Arkansas
Lendell Head 1908 Arkansas
Henry Hedrick 1898 Arkansas
Charley Hill 1898 Arkansas
Jesse Hodges 1870 Mississippi
Cleo Holland 1910 Arkansas
Houston Hom 1901 Arkansas
Albert Hornsby 1890 Tennessee
Frank Howard 1901 Arkansas
Jack Howard 1896 Arkansas
John Huffsttler 1897 Arkansas
Charles Ingles 1895 Arkansas
Lester Jackson 1892 Oklahoma
William Johnson 1889 New York
John Jones 1904 Arkansas
William Jones 1910 Arkansas
Charles Kelly 1870 Illinois
Jesse Kelley 1891 Missouri
Stanley Kidd 1910 Minnesota
Lewis Kirby 1911 Illinois
Charles Knight 1881 Illinois
Frank Kriener 1894 Missouri
Charles Kresch 1888 Arkansas
Roy Lalley 1903 Texas
Roy Lanahan 1896 Indiana

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Arkansas State Convict Farm #3 extracted from 1930 census Bolivar Township, Jefferson County Arkansas
Fred Land 1902 Texas
Lester Lawhorn 1881 Arkansas
James Lawson 1876 Kentucky
Stanley Lee 1890 Mississippi
Harold Litton 1903 Arkansas
Carl Long 1864 Indiana
John Lovell 1878 Arkansas
Orville Loveday 1901 Tennessee
Albert Lutz 1905 Missouri
Thomas Marcum 1905 Arkansas
Laurence Martin 1907 Arkansas
Lee Milligan 1896 Tennessee
John Mitchell 1909 Michigan
Charles Mitchell 1887 Arkansas
William Moore 1881 Ohio
John Marton 1900 Iowa
Ernest Moser 1902 Oklahoma
Herman Mouser 1910 Texas
Clarence Mccullum 1901 Mississippi
Peter Mcgowan 1885 Texas
Arthur Mcmunn 1902 Missouri
Luther Mcmunn 1897 Missouri
Charles Neal 1906 Mississippi
Frank Parker 1889 Arkansas
Peter Parks 1897 Texas
Thomas Patman 1882 Texas
Reuben Pierce 1897 Arkansas
Clyde Potts 1911 Arkansas
Arthur Richardson 1878 Missouri
Joe Ritchie 1906 Tennessee
John Ritz 1872 Indiana
Willliam Rodden 1890 Arkansas
Earl Schrop 1900 Maryland
John Shald 1887 Oklahoma
John Shara 1890 Tennessee
Louis Shay 1905 Illinois
Elder Sheiss 1860 Maryland
Reece Shelby 1889 Illinois
Harve Shart 1891 Arkansas
Lee Sitton 1900 Arkansas
Dewey Smith 1898 Nebraska
Sam Smith 1884 Arkansas
Willie Stephens 1909 Louisiana
Archie Stone 1909 Arkansas
Mitchel Swinnea 1891 Tennessee
George Terry 1906 New York
John Taylor 1897 Oklahoma
Willis Thompson 1885 Missouri
Robert Threadgill 1899 Arkansas
Allen Treece 1900 Arkansas
Lawrence Trigg 1904 Arkansas
George Underwood 1901 Spain
William Voss 1884 Arkansas
Jack Wander 1894 Texas
Carl Warner 1899 Kentucky
William Warner 1875 Tennessee
Rufus Warnock 1898 Arkansas
Lawrence Watson 1896 Arkansas
William Weaver 1873 Alabama
Roy Welsh 1909 Arkansas
Clarence Wheeler 1908 Arkansas
Charles White 1879 Illinois
Fred Wilder 1892 North Dakota
John Wilkerson 1900 Arkansas
Henry Williamson 1903 Arkansas
John Wilson 1902 Arkansas
Robert Wilson 1900 Nebraska
Bernice Winchester 1909 Missouri
Luke Winters 1889 Arkansas
William Wise 1886 Georgia
John Word 1890 Arkansas
Thomas Yearnigan 1906 Tennessee

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