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Portland Convict Prison, 1891 Index of Prisoners, Surnames L - Z

NOTE: This set of records for Portland Convict Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Lackman, James 1859 Bermondsey, London
Lambert, Henry 1863 Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire
Lardley, William 1855 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Lasage, Joseph 1870 Conot State, London
Lauson, Robert 1854 Middlesborough, Yorkshire
Lavin, John 1840 St Helens, Lanarkshire (Glasgow), Scotland
Lawler, James 1864 Woolwich, Kent
Lawler, William 1833 Queen, Ireland
Lawrence, Daniel 1862 Liverpool, London
Lawrence, John 1858 Garmouth, Norfolk
Laws, William 1865 Bristol, London
Lawson, George 1848 Harmer, Yorkshire
Lawton, William Thomas 1869 Leeds, Yorkshire
Ledford, Peter 1868 Liverpool, Lancashire
Lee, George 1839 Shoreditch, London
Lee, George 1843 Bermondsey, Surrey
Leese, Daniel 1858 Batley, Yorkshire
Leveeney, Peter 1867 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Levey, Thomas 1851 Waterloo, Lancashire
Littlehales, Thomas 1855 Standbach, Shropshire
Lockett, Thomas 1834 Lalop, Wiltshire
Loncker, John 1866 Carnet States
Long, Joseph Matthew 1859 Southwark, London
Lowry, John 1847 Glasgow, Scotland
Lowry, Thomas 1859 Manchester, Lancashire
Lucker, Peter 1848 West Indies, Negio, Bermuda
Lucy, George Chrystom 1852 Liverpool, Lancashire
Luddon, John 1870 Newport, Shropshire
Lutton, William Henry 1865 Briningham, Warwickshire
Maddox, Thomas 1833 Briningham, Warwickshire
Madgan, John Joseph 1868 Manchester, Lancashire
Maggs, Abraham 1848 Watton, Somerset
Mahoney, James 1857 Manche, Lancashire
Mahoney, John 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire
Maitland, George 1827 Liverpool, London
Malone, Christopher 1854 Leeds, Yorkshire
Mammon, John Patrick 1861 Carlow, Ireland
Mapps, George James 1847 Llandaff, Wales
Marco, Claude 1862 B S, Italy
Markham, Arthur 1850 London
Marks, James 1862 Dalry, London
Marris, John 1835 Manchester, London
Marshall, John 1842 Eversham, Leicestershire
Marshall, William 1837 Greeuside, Durham
Marshall, William 1860 Exton, Middlesex
Martin, Elijah 1854 Liverpool, Lancashire
Martin, Henry 1857 Chew Magna, London
Martin, Henry 1859 Manchester, London
Martin, John 1868 Belfast, Ireland
Martin, William 1837 Conot State, London
Martin Scully, William 1858 London
Mathews, George Edward 1865 Birmingham, Warwickshire
May, Henry 1847 Beckenham, Kent
May, James 1861 Glasgow, Scotland
McCann, James 1865 Manchester, Lancashire
McCanne, Martin 1843 Bradford, Yorkshire
McCarthy, Jeremiah 1862 Manche, London
McClean, Charles 1848 Isle of Mall, Scotland
McClow, William 1848 Sleaford, Lincolnshire
McComb, John 1869 Armagh, Ireland
McCormick, Michael 1862 Scottow, Leicestershire
McCue, Michael 1858 Halifax, Yorkshire
McCulloch, John 1865 Liverpool, Lancashire
McCurdy, Charles 1854 Manchester, Lancashire
McDonald, Hugh 1869 Dublin, Ireland
McDonald, John 1856 Marylebone, London
McEveley, John 1859 Sheffield, Yorkshire
McGinness, Joseph 1868 Jarrow, Scotland
McGuire, William 1846 Glasgow, Scotland
McGurty, John 1867 Manchester, Lancashire
McManus, Charles 1868 Pontefract, Yorkshire
McMenemy, William 1872 Quelec, Canada
McNally, William 1851 Dushaw, Hartlepool
McNeil, John 1849 B S, New Zealand
Meecock, Joseph 1840 Lanark, London
Melia, Walter 1859 Preston, Lancashire
Melvin, Martin 1857 Oldham, Yorkshire
Mercer, Ernest Edwin 1868 Exton, Kent
Meredith, Leptor 1836 Dullin, London
Metcalfe, Walter 1845 Batley, Yorkshire
Milburn, Thomas 1858 Dushaw, Stanhope
Millard, William George 1859 Bristol, Somerset
Miller, David 1838 Down, Ireland
Mills, Aaron 1858 Preston, Lancashire
Mills, James Miles 1856 Belfast, Essex
Mitchell, Thomas 1849 Sinloford, Surrey
Moakes, William 1860 Camberwell, London
Mole, Edward 1849 Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Monnox, Frederick 1840 Brimingham, Warwickshire
Mooney, Frances 1826 Liverpool, Lancashire
Moore, John 1854 Southampton, Gloucestershire
More, Patrick 1852 Maross, Ireland
Moreley, Martin 1864 Bury, Lancashire
Morgan, George 1865 Liverpool, Lancashire
Moriarty, Henry 1865 St Giles, London
Morris, John 1862 Manchester, Lancashire
Morris, John Thomas 1851 Bury, Lancashire
Morris, Philip 1827 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Morris, Thomas 1850 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Moss, Henry 1859 Boro, London
Moss, James 1866 Kinghtsbridge, London
Moulden, Edward 1862 London
Muddiman, John 1854 Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Mullins, Bernard 1854 Manchester, Lancashire
Mullins, Joseph 1855 Northerant, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Mullins, Robert 1869 London
Mulloy, James 1856 Glasgow, Scotland
Mundy, William Henry 1849 Henbury, Gloucestershire
Murphy, Thomas 1850 New York, America B S
Murray, Martin 1851 Liverpool, Lancashire
Murray, Thomas 1859 Manchester, Lancashire
Musty, Albert 1871 Batterson, London
Myatt, Simon 1871 Paynesley, Staffordshire
Narry, John 1867 Howick, Scotland
Naters, William 1851 Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales
Neale, Thomas 1864 Lakinheath, Suffolk
Newman, Charles 1862 Enfield, Middlesex
Newman, Daniel 1864 Aldgate, London
Newson, William 1841 Yarmouth, Norfolk
Nicholls, William 1865 Peasenhall, Suffolk
Nicholson, Thomas 1860 Bermondey, Scotland
Nilson, William 1864 Hull, Yorkshire
Noad, Joseph 1853 Leeds, Yorkshire
Norbury, William 1831 Coventry, Warwickshire
Oborne, Mark 1869 Leeds, Wiltshire
Obrian, Edward 1863 Stroud, Gloucestershire
Obrien, Dennis 1859 Preston, Lancashire
Obrien, Michael 1862 Guernsey, Channel Islands
Obrien, Peter 1865 Oldham, Lancashire
Oconnor, Thomas 1855 Hull, London
Ohara, Peter 1845 Pttey, Yorkshire
Oneil, Daniel 1854 Liverpool, Lancashire
Oneil, Richard 1871 Liverpool, Lancashire
Onslow, Edward 1857 Duddleston, Shropshire
Owen, George 1858 Keele, Staffordshire
Owen, Thomas 1858 Salisbury, Staffordshire
Pacey, Samuel 1858 Wijtoft, Lincolnshire
Paddock, James 1830 Wroxeter, Shropshire
Parker, Walter 1869 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Parker, William 1848 Shrewsbury
Parkinson, Richard 1840 Horsley, Lancashire
Parson, William 1845 Bridgewater, Somerset
Parton, Charles 1871 Liverpool, Lancashire
Partridge, Charles 1866 Walsall, Staffordshire
Patterson, James 1847 Glasgow, Scotland
Pavitt, Walter 1870 Moreton, Essex
Pearson, William 1839 Manchester, Lancashire
Penfold, John 1858 Brighton, Sussex
Penfold, Phillip 1864 Brighton, Sussex
Pennington, John 1856 Salford, Lancashire
Penry, John 1851 Tongland, Herefordshire
Perks, Edward 1848 No??ck, Birmingham
Perks, Noah 1865 Manchester, Lancashire
Perossi, Achille 1841 Constantinple, Turkey
Perry, John 1831 Polesworth, Warwickshire
Phillips, Benjamin 1826 Southwick, London
Pickett, Henry 1860 London
Pickett, Joseph 1842 Stoke, Buckinghamshire
Pieplow, Neville 1863 Doddington, Cambridgeshire
Pilmore, Davil 1863 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Pledge, John 1846 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Plowden, John 1859 Exton, Kent
Pollitt, Alexander 1849 East Indies, B S
Porter, Melward James 1865 Wanoras, Gloucestershire
Powell, Henry 1870 Clive, Shropshire
Prescott, John 1847 Manitsta, Canada
Price, George 1856 Chew Magna, Somerset
Price, Henry 1834 Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Procter, James 1834 Hnaresborough, Yorkshire
Pronin, Thomas 1871 Carlisle, London
Quarl, Henry 1864 Marylebone, London
Rackham, Henry Mence 1855 Chelford, Cheshire
Ramsden, Richard 1853 Liverpool, Lancashire
Randall, Watson 1855 St Driffield, Yorkshire
Ratcliffe, Thomas 1856 Rochdale, Yorkshire
Raven, Albert Edward 1858 N Shields, Durham
Rawcliffe, John 1849 Preston, Lancashire
Rawlings, Thomas 1841 Silverstone, Northamptonshire
Reed, Joseph 1868 Mill End, Hertfordshire
Reese, Michael 1856 Colbrookadale, Shropshire
Regan, Patrick 1850 Roscommon, Ireland
Reilly, James 1847 Longford, Ireland
Reynolds, William 1854 Rotherham, Yorkshire
Richards, John 1851 St Ives, Cornwall
Richardson, John 1855 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Richardson, John 1859 Bermingham, Warwickshire
Richardson, William 1852 Leeds, Yorkshire
Riely, Edward 1829 Wigan, Lancashire
Rigby, William 1851 Wigan, Lancashire
Riley, James 1864 Leeds, Yorkshire
Ripley, Frederick 1862 Launton, Somerset
Rivieve, Leonard 1866 Brimingham, Warwickshire
Roach, Michael 1859 Ballynastoke, Ireland
Roberts, George 1831 Nottinghamshire
Roberts, John 1864 Lanps, Manchester
Robertson, James 1852 Perthshire, Scotland
Robey, Alfred 1869 Didcot, Berkshire
Robinson, John 1835 New York, America
Robinson, Percy Vanshaw Spencer 1830 Wendron, Berkshire
Robinson, Thomas 1852 Wexham, Denbighshire, Wales
Robinson, William Edward 1850 Bacup, Lancashire
Robson, David 1851 North Dakota, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Rodney, Henry Lewis 1865 Watford, Hertfordshire
Rodney, James 1870 Liverpool, Lancashire
Rolfe, Earnest North 1851 Lydney, Australia
Rollason, John 1825 Oldbury, Worcestershire

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Portland Convict Prison extracted from 1891 census Portland Township, Dorset County England
Rooney, George 1865 Conot State, London
Ross, John 1857 Leeds, Yorkshire
Rovenhill, John 1851 Wombourne, Staffordshire
Rowell, Thomas Foster 1860 Burnley, Lancashire
Rowley, Charles 1851 Warwickshire
Rumpston, William Henry 1853 Bermondey, London
Runcieman, William 1858 Pontefract, London
Rundle, James 1847 St Eive, Cornwall
Ruskin, William 1869 Newton, Norfolk
Rutterford, James 1843 Holywell, Suffolk
Ryan, John 1847 Bradford, Yorkshire
Sacco, Michael 1856 Italy
Sandell, Charles 1843 March, London
Sands, George 1862 Manchester, Lancashire
Sarrett, George 1862 Bridgewater, Somerset
Sasson, George 1857 Eastbourne, Sussex
Saunders, Thomas 1864 Exton, Middlesex
Scheele, Gottlieb 1830 Berlin, Germany
Scholes, Thomas 1839 Manchester, Lancashire
Scott, William 1863 Co Down, Down, Ireland
Scowen, Albert John 1863 Dorchester, Dorset
Shackelton, Albert 1865 Bradford, Yorkshire
Shadbolt, David 1854 Enion, Hertfordshire
Sharpe, Henry James 1849 Cambshire, Enfield
Shaw, George 1846 Nottingham
Shaw, George 1849 Hanley, Staffordshire
Shea, Cornelius 1865 Liverpool, Ireland
Sheriff, Levi 1859 Stanton, Derbyshire
Shillingsworth, Henry 1863 Lambeth, London
Shingler, Joseph 1867 Draycott, Staffordshire
Shufflebstham, Charles 1828 Chesterton, Staffordshire
Sibley, Arthur 1867 Hayes, Middlesex
Simmonds, Robert 1833 Maidstone, Kent
Simpkins, Jonathan 1859 Bellinge, Lancashire
Sims, Charles 1836 Manchester, Lancashire
Skillan, Thomas 1863 Cumbria, Whitcharce
Smallbones, John 1867 Stoke, Hampshire
Smith, Charles 1865 Camberwell, London
Smith, Edward 1850 Taddington, London
Smith, Frederick 1865 Lambeth, London
Smith, Henry 1859 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Smith, James 1864 Chapel en le Frith, Derbyshire
Smith, James 1868 Belfast, Ireland
Smith, John 1850 Clearwell, Gloucestershire
Smith, John 1853 Salford, Lancashire
Smith, John 1857 Bradford, Lancashire
Smith, John 1860 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Smith, John 1862 Rise, Yorkshire
Smith, John 1862 Manche, Lancashire
Smith, John 1863 London
Smith, John 1863 Belfast, Ireland
Smith, John 1863 Duthil, Ireland
Smith, John 1864 Calcutta B S, London
Smith, John 1866 Rutland
Smith, Joseph 1835 Middrioge, Durham
Smith, Thomas 1825 Roscommon, Ireland
Smith, Thomas 1856 Bermondsey, Surrey
Smith, William 1841 St Luke, Lincolnshire
Smith, William 1869 Brandon, Norfolk
Snook, George 1832 Maiden Braddley, Wiltshire
Spriet, William 1860 Faringdon, Berkshire
Spriggs, Frederick 1846 Hitchin, Hertfordshire
Spurr, George 1850 Hardstaff, Derbyshire
Stainsby, Robert 1866 Dasham, Billingham
Standring, John 1829 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Stanley, William Wade 1840 Newick, Norfolk
Starkey, Henry 1848 Altrincham, Cheshire
Steer, Frederick 1871 Tonbridge, Kent
Stephens, John 1862 Brimingham, Warwickshire
Stephenson, William 1870 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Stevens, George 1824 City, London
Stevenson, William 1869 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Stewart, Charles 1847 Glarsgow, Scotland
Stocker, William 1832 Bermondsey, London
Stone, Tom 1871 Farewell, Cornwall
Stonham, James 1871 Hastings, Sussex
Storrs, William 1854 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Street, Walter 1847 Worsley Manchester, Lancashire
Sullivan, John 1856 Marylebone, London
Sullivan, John 1868 Leeds, London
Sullivan, Patrick 1853 Dullin, Ireland
Summers, Mark 1858 Charley, Lancashire
Sunning, Edward 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire
Sutcliffe, James 1835 Halifax, Yorkshire
Swainson, John 1849 Leeds, Yorkshire
Sweeney, John 1845 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Swettenham, Joseph 1839 Stone, Staffordshire
Tannton, William Penny 1852 Guildford, Surrey
Tapsell, Frank Harry 1867 Bristol, London
Taylor, Aaron 1849 Hollinwood, Lancashire
Taylor, Albert 1865 Liverpool, Staffordshire
Taylor, Arthur Graham 1858 Beford, Kingham
Taylor, Charles 1838 Poplar, London
Taylor, Charles 1854 Manchester, Lancashire
Taylor, Frank 1850 Brocks, Waddesdon
Taylor, George 1846 Halifax, Yorkshire
Taylor, Henry 1862 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Taylor, Henry 1863 Manchester, London
Taylor, James 1871 Liverpool, London
Taylor, John 1849 Leicestershire
Taylor, John Lewis 1856 Leicester, Leicestershire
Taylor, John Thomas 1850 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Taylor, Thomas 1820 Hartlebury, Worcestershire
Team, Alfred 1851 Chartham, Kent
Theveot, Arthur 1864 Exton, Middlesex
Thomas, James 1862 Shoreditch, London
Thomas, William 1852 Hay, Breconshire, Wales
Thomas Holland, John 1860 Padiham, Lancashire
Thomley, John Thomas 1856 Preston, Lancashire
Thompson, George 1859 Brimingham, Warwickshire
Thompson, Henry 1848 Yorkshire
Thompson, Henry 1854 Brandon, Suffolk
Thompson, John 1844 Hull, Yorkshire
Thompson, John 1867 Houghton Dale, London
Thompson, Richard 1828 Kinsale, Ireland
Thompson, Richard 1835 Liverpool, Lancashire
Thompson, Samuel 1860 Moulton Leasand, Leicestershire
Thompson, Walter 1855 Liverpool, Yorkshire
Thorpe, Thomas 1870 Lancaster, Lancashire
Thwaites, Christopher 1846 Lummeshidge, Yorkshire
Tibbs, John 1861 Whitechapel, London
Turner, Adam 1852 Kearsley, Warwickshire
Turner, James 1835 London
Turpin, Joseph 1854 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Tuxford, William 1848 Rotherfield, Sussex
Tweedale, Thomas 1832 Rochdale, Lancashire
Twissell, Henry 1854 Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Utting, Arthur 1858 Norwich, Norfolk
Vaughan, Samuel 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire
Vickery, Ernest Albert 1865 Islington, London
Wade, George 1845 Uppingham, Rutland
Walker, John 1849 Glooston, Lancashire
Walker, Thomas 1868 Liverpool, Lancashire
Walsh, Michael 1866 Southwark, London
Walter, William Henry 1851 Peasmore, Berkshire
Walton, George 1851 Manchester, Staffordshire
Walton, Joseph 1861 London
Ward, Joseph 1865 Leytonstone, London
Ware, Alfred 1853 Manchester, Lancashire
Warwick, George 1870 Camberwell, London
Waters, Alfred 1860 Manchester, London
Watkiss, William 1863 Cardington, Shropshire
Watts, John 1866 Southwark, London
Watts, William 1856 Barby, Norfolk
Waygood, John 1826 Chelsea, London
Webb, Charles 1831 Exeter, London
Webb, John 1832 Dullingham, Cambridgeshire
Webb, John 1852 Dublin, London
Welch, John 1850 Roscommon, London
Wells, William 1853 Manchester, Lancashire
Welsh, Patrick Edward 1859 Manchester, Lancashire
Welsh, Reuben 1849 Luton, Bedfordshire
West, Alexander 1828 St Georges, London
West, Charles 1863 Manchs, London
West, William 1865 Islington, London
West, William 1867 Franerico B S, American Samoa
Wetherwick, William 1852 Hull, Yorkshire
Wheeler, John 1864 Leeds, London
White, Edward James 1865 Bristol, Gloucestershire
White, John 1845 Brimingham, Warwickshire
White, Richard 1857 Birmingham, Warwickshire
White, William 1837 Northallerton, Yorkshire
Whitehead, Albert George 1860 Cork, Ireland
Whitehead, James 1846 Northamptonshire
Whittlestone, William 1824 Newmillerdam, Yorkshire
Whitton, George 1834 Bedale, Yorkshire
Wickens, George 1856 Rotherfield, Sussex
Wilkins, James 1827 London City, Middlesex
Wilkins, Thomas 1866 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Wilkinson, George 1863 Woolwich, Kent
Wilkinson, James 1838 Kidsgrose, Staffordshire
Wilkinson, John 1847 Church, Lancashire
Wilkinson, Robert 1867 Bristol, Ireland
Wilkinson, Thomas 1851 Lewkerbury, Middrioge
William, Charles 1858 Exeter, Devon
Williams, George 1829 Liverpool, Lancashire
Williams, Harry 1863 Kinghtsbridge, London
Williams, James 1830 Manchester, Lancashire
Williams, John 1828 Castlebar, Ireland
Williams, John 1847 Deptford, London
Williams, John 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire
Williams, John 1850 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Williams, John 1852 Manchester, Lancashire
Williams, John 1855 Manchester, Lancashire
Wilson, Edward 1853 Manche, Lancashire
Wilson, Edward Alfred 1857 Plaistow, Essex
Wilson, George 1855 Lanark, Scotland
Wilson, Henry 1840 Cumberland
Wilson, Henry 1851 St Wheatley, Oxfordshire
Wilson, Henry 1858 Halifax, Yorkshire
Wilson, Henry Hammond 1861 Yarmouth, Norfolk
Wilson, James 1847 Leeds, Yorkshire
Wilson, James 1867 Belfast, Ireland
Wilson, Robert Edmund 1865 Moulton Leasand, Rutland
Wilson, Thomas 1867 Warrington, Lancashire
Wilton, Henry 1858 Johnstone, London
Wiltshire, George 1865 Manchs, London
Woodstock, James William 1840 March, Cambridgeshire
Wright, Arthur 1865 Silverstone, London
Wright, James 1847 St Luke, London
Wright, James 1865 Johnstone, Scotland
Wright, Joseph 1865 Ormskirk, Lancashire
Wright, Thomas 1866 Croston, Lancashire
Wright, William 1864 Norwich, Brimingham
Young, George 1855 Dublin, Ireland
Young, James 1856 Liverpool, Lancashire

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