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Portland Convict Prison, 1901 Index of Prisoners, Surnames L - Z

NOTE: This set of records for Portland Convict Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Maurice Lacey 1866 London
Charles Lamb 1861 Sutton, Yorkshire
George Lane 1870 London
George Lane 1879 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Richard Langlands 1868 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Frederick Lawrence 1871 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Lawrence 1864 London
James Layton 1877 Rochdale, Lancashire
William Lazell 1850 Acton, Essex
Amos Lear 1879 Audley, Staffordshire
James Lee 1868 London
John Lee 1865 Abbots Kerswell, Devon
Joseph Lester 1851 London
Henry Lett 1848 BKS, Emberton
William Lewis 1878 Birkenhead, Cheshire
Henry Lightfield 1877 Treforsk, Glamorgan, Wales
Walter List 1868 Tipton, Staffordshire
James Lloyd 1878 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
William Lloyd 1877 Mere Green, Staffordshire
Alfred Lock 1878 Horne, Surrey
John Scott Loney 1865 At Sea
Patrick Loughlin 1877 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Love 1865 Chatham, Kent
William Lovell 1852 Liverpool, Lancashire
Harry Lowe 1879 London
John Lowery 1866 Blackburn, Lancashire
John Lowry 1834 Salisbury, Wiltshire
Joseph Lowther 1867 Cockermouth, Cumberland
William Mack 1870 London
James Maguire 1863 Ireland
Michael Mahon 1875 Ireland
Patrick Thomas Mahoney 1864 Ireland
Francis Le Maistre 1836 C Islands, Jersey, Channel Islands
William Mallin 1881 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Thomas Maple 1865 London
Antonio Marin 1872 Foreigner, Spain
James Marshall 1866 London
George Martin 1879 Aldershot, Hampshire
Henry Martin 1862 London
George Maskell 1866 London
Arthur Mason 1872 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Charles Mason 1869 London
Frederick Mason 1871 London
William Mason 1870 Brighton, Sussex
Thomas James Matthews 1877 Kinscott, Devon
Walter Matthews 1863 London
Dennis McAllister 1872 Leeds, Yorkshire
Michael McCafferay 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Anthony McCarthy 1873 London
Jeremiah McCarthy 1866 London
Michael McCarthy 1874 Ireland
James McCauliffe 1865 London
James McCormack 1876 Bradford, Yorkshire
James McCormick 1877 Rotherham, Yorkshire
Thomas McDaniels 1867 Middlesborough, Yorkshire
Peter McDonald 1862 Ireland
James McHale 1874 Leeds, Lancashire
John James McLaughlan 1878 Sunderland, Durham
Alexander McLean 1850 Scotland
Archie McLean 1870 London
Alfred McLennan 1870 Scotland
Edward McManus 1865 Liverpool, Lancashire
John McMillan 1876 Liverpool, Lancashire
William McNabb 1876 Blackburn, Lancashire
John McStay 1872 Carlisle, Cumberland
John Meaon 1879 Ireland
Daniel Melia 1874 Stockport, Cheshire
Patrick Melvin 1873 Ireland
John Metcalfe 1857 Longmarton, Westmorland
Patrick Meyher 1874 Ireland
Henry Middlesbrough 1862 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Ernest Thomas Miles 1883 Nuneaton, Warwickshire
James Miles 1870 London
Walter Miles 1861 Dagworth, Suffolk
Alfred Millard 1848 London
John Miller 1870 Blackburn, Lancashire
John Milligan 1869 Greenwich, Kent
Henry John Milsted 1859 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Charles James Minett 1869 Droitwich, Worcestershire
Benjamin Mintridge 1858 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Charles Montague 1864 London
David Morgan 1852 Sittingbourne, Kent
Percy John Morgan 1877 Lewisham, Kent
Samuel Morgan 1868 Middlesborough, Yorkshire
John Morley 1863 Leeds, Yorkshire
Arthur Morris 1877 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Harry William Morris 1860 Northamptonshire
Samuel Morris 1869 Bolton, Lancashire
William Morris 1852 Preston, Lancashire
Joseph Morrisey 1872 London
Henry Morton 1880 Plaistow, Essex
Frank Mouzer 1879 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Moyle 1871 Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, Wales
Charles Munro 1875 Scotland
Frank Murphy 1879 Ireland
Dominick Myott 1867 Ireland
Henry Nelson 1846 Hull, Yorkshire
Thomas Newbody 1859 London
George Newton 1882 Heacham, Norfolk
John Newton 1881 Oldham, Lancashire
Joseph Nicholin 1856 Hull, Yorkshire
John Nicholls 1858 Faringdon, Berkshire
Richard Nicklinson 1858 Overseal, Leicestershire
John Noble 1869 Girton, Nottinghamshire
Joseph Nolan 1871 London
William Henry Nortth 1876 Bootle, Lancashire
Patrick Obrien 1875 Ireland
Thomas Obyrne 1870 Ireland
Patrick Ocallaghan 1851 Ireland
Patrick Oconnell 1872 London
Daniel Oconnor 1877 Liverpool, Lancashire
George Oneill 1880 Liverpool, Lancashire
Edmund Osborne 1837 London
Richard Oscroft 1860 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
William Owen 1852 Coalport, Shropshire
Tom Packham 1867 Brighton, Sussex
Joseph Parkinson 1877 Wigan, Lancashire
William Parsons 1848 Bridgwater, Somerset
Thomas Partingttonn 1876 Manchester, Lancashire
William Payne 1879 London
Walter Peachey 1870 Pampisford, Cambridgeshire
Thomas Pearce 1857 Bristol, Gloucestershire
William Pearce 1881 Bristol, Gloucestershire
James Peat 1881 Scotland
George Pemberton 1871 Liverpool, Lancashire
Edwin Phillips 1861 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
Arthur Pickles 1868 Greengates, Yorkshire
Thomas Pilkington 1859 Blackpool, Lancashire
Henry Platten 1862 London
Ellis Pook 1856 London
William Portley 1865 London
Roger Potter 1842 Hearsley, Lancashire
George Poulton 1878 London
John Preston 1874 London
Charles Henry Price 1877 Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas Price 1863 Chatton, Shropshire
Thomas Prime 1875 Chesterfield, Derbyshire
George William Prince 1875 Abbotts Bromley, Leicestershire
George Pugh 1857 Westbury, Wiltshire
William Jones Pugh 1877 Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales
James Quinn 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire
Fred Radcliffe 1862 Ovenden, Yorkshire
James Ramsey 1853 Nacton, Suffolk
Robert Rawlings 1844 Sleaford, Lincolnshire
Thomas Reading 1881 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Thomas Reed 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Reedy 1878 Bury, Lancashire
Thomas Rees 1876 Llandebie, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Robert Reeves 1867 Croydon, Surrey
Benjamin Reid 1870 London
James Reynolds 1876 Manchester, Lancashire
John Reynolds 1861 Manchester, Lancashire
Frank Richards 1877 Bideford, Devon
William Richards 1868 Plumstead, Kent
George Henry Richardson 1868 Penrith, Cumberland
John Richardson 1859 Hinckley, Leicestershire
Joseph Richardson 1877 Scotland
Thomas Henry Ridley 1871 Brighouse, Yorkshire
William Rigby 1869 Wigan, Lancashire
James Riley 1867 Leeds, Yorkshire
Thomas Robbs 1845 Ireland
Francis Roberts 1862 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Harry Roberts 1874 Greenwich, Kent
James Roberts 1864 Ireland
Thomas Roberts 1847 Liverpool, Lancashire
James Robertson 1883 Scotland
John Robinson 1881 London
William James Robson 1850 Leeds, Yorkshire
Edward Roche 1881 London
James Rock 1863 Ireland
Patrick Ronan 1855 Bradford, Yorkshire
Herbert Rooke 1868 Dartford, Kent
William Rowbottom 1867 Ludworth, Derbyshire

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Portland Convict Prison extracted from 1901 census Portland Township, Dorset County England
Clarence Rowland 1874 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Henry Royles 1860 Rawtenstall, Lancashire
Frederick Ruffle 1859 Newport I O W, Hampshire
Arthur Russell 1875 Shrewsbury, Shropshire
John Rynch 1868 London
Arthur Sadler 1868 London
George Schmerfeldt 1867 German Foreigner, Germany
Percy Scotcher 1879 Abingdon, Cambridgeshire
William Scott 1850 Scotland
William Scott 1863 Ireland
Antonio Scotti 1868 Italian Foreigner, Italy
Albert Selby 1880 Lumbley, Nottinghamshire
John Seymour 1863 London
Robert Sharman 1877 Stourbridge, Worcestershire
William Sharpe 1880 Beeston, Nottinghamshire
John Shea 1868 London
Jon Shea 1852 London
Alfred Shearman 1861 London
Edward Sheehan 1872 Deptford, Kent
Caleb Sheppard 1863 Croxley Green, Hertfordshire
Joseph Shiel 1864 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Shields 1872 Salford, Lancashire
William Shinn 1868 London
James Simpson 1862 Keighley, Yorkshire
John William Simpson 1879 Bradford, Yorkshire
Willis Simpson 1867 Seaton, Yorkshire
Alexander Sinclair 1872 Scotland
Oskar Sjoback 1878 Swede Foreigner, Sweden
William Slack 1860 Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Richard Slater 1847 Billington, Lancashire
William Slater 1881 Hyde Lea, Staffordshire
Joseph Slatter 1854 Abingdon, Berkshire
John Smallbones 1867 Stakes, Hampshire
Alfred Smart 1841 Bridgford, Nottinghamshire
Hubert James Smart 1856 Harborne, Staffordshire
Anthony Smith 1870 Ireland
Benjamin Smith 1861 London
Charles Smith 1857 Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
George Smith 1855 London
Henry Smith 1871 London
Joe Smith 1875 Halifax, Yorkshire
John Smith 1863 Ireland
John Smith 1874 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Smith 1880 Heacham, Norfolk
Thomas Smith 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Walter Smith 1859 Tring, Hertfordshire
Walter Smith 1880 London
Joseph Smithson 1862 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
William Snape 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Elijah Snelling 1852 Tivetshall, Norfolk
James Southall 1845 Stourbridge, Worcestershire
Charles Sowden 1860 London
Harry Stanley 1880 London
Peter Stanton 1858 London
Frederick Starkey 1859 Widnes, Lancashire
Hans Stavelow 1856 Heligoland, Germany
John Montague Steele 1851 Bamborough, Northumberland
David Steer 1869 Brighton, Sussex
Frank Stephens 1861 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Richard Sterck 1841 London
Joseph Stevens 1870 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Stevenson 1862 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Walter Stockwell 1877 London
John Stolberg 1841 German Foreigner, Germany
Samuel Stonehouse 1845 Scarborough, Yorkshire
George Stoner 1865 Hull, Yorkshire
William Scott Stormonth 1863 Scotland
Thomas Straffen 1858 Seaham Harbourr, Durham
Michael Sullivan 1878 Epsom, Surrey
Patrick Sullivan 1854 Ireland
William Sullivan 1855 Warrington, Lancashire
William Sunderland 1868 Liverpool, Lancashire
Frederick Swinton 1867 Billinghay, Lincolnshire
William Sydney 1860 London
Joseph Symons 1858 Uckinton, Cheshire
Karl Tavs 1873 Foreigner German, Germany
Alexander Taylor 1876 Sedghill, Northumberland
Christopher Taylor 1856 Ashton, Lancashire
Henry Taylor 1864 London
James Taylor 1880 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Job Taylor 1861 Shoreham, Sussex
John Taylor 1857 London
John Taylor 1881 Weymouth, Dorset
William Taylor 1868 London
William Taylor 1872 Manchester, Lancashire
Frederick Teasdale 1872 York, Yorkshire
Ezra Thomas 1869 Burnley, Lancashire
Frank Thomas 1882 London
James Thomas 1860 Norwich, Norfolk
James Thomas 1879 Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Thomas David Thomas 1868 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Thomas Thompsett 1864 Brighton, Sussex
Frederick Thompson 1864 London
George Thompson 1863 Manchester, Lancashire
Robert Thompson 1869 Greenwich, Kent
Frank Thorogood 1872 Braintree, Essex
Albert Edward Thorpe 1876 Brighton, Sussex
William Thorpe 1869 Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Henry Timms 1865 Birmingham, Warwickshire
William Tollitt 1873 London
Frederick Tomlinson 1865 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Edwin Townsend 1879 Tysoe, Warwickshire
William Townsend 1877 London
William Trace 1861 Plymouth, Devon
John Trafford 1864 Lancaster, Lancashire
Rene Victor Trouve 1878 Foreigner, France
James Tully 1875 London
John Turner 1848 Belgium
Mark Turner 1858 Mosboro, Lancashire
John William Turvin 1861 Manchester, Lancashire
James Unwin 1869 Ripon, Yorkshire
John Upcott 1863 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Frank Usher 1876 London
Thomas Vaughan 1865 Salford, Lancashire
James Vickers 1878 Wellington, Shropshire
Thomas Vidmore 1860 Footrill, Gloucestershire
Frederick Voice 1859 Brighton, Sussex
Frank Voilett 1870 Austria
Joshua Waldron 1855 Madeley, Staffordshire
Adam Walker 1850 Little Lever, Lancashire
Edward Waller 1868 London
Thomas Walsh 1860 Warrington, Lancashire
George Walters 1862 Weymouth, Dorset
Edward Robert Ward 1860 New Zealand
James Ward 1864 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
John Ward 1867 London
Joseph Ward 1864 London
James Warren 1862 Southampton, Hampshire
Benjamin Watts 1876 Dudley, Worcestershire
John William Watts 1877 Norwich, Norfolk
Charles Webber 1860 London
Charles Henry Wellings 1867 Ludlow, Shropshire
John Weston 1877 London
Thomas Wharton 1858 Brighton, Sussex
Edward Wheeler 1873 Brislington, Somerset
Mark Wheelock 1879 Chili
Edward White 1858 Darlaston, Staffordshire
Frederick White 1882 London
George White 1848 Northampton, Northamptonshire
John White 1864 London
Joseph White 1876 Leeds, Yorkshire
Thomas White 1877 London
William Henry White 1867 Chudleigh, Devon
Albert Whitehead 1881 Oldham, Lancashire
Frederick Whiting 1881 Heacham, Norfolk
Alfred Whitworth 1864 Oldham, Lancashire
Frank Wickings 1869 London
John Wiggins 1876 Wigan, Lancashire
Edward Wilde 1870 Salford, Lancashire
Alfred Wilkins 1880 Ireland
David Williams 1880 Southport, Lancashire
Edward Williams 1878 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Frederick Williams 1851 London
George Williams 1862 Abercorn, Monmouthshire, Wales
Henry Williams 1877 Merthyr Fydvil, Glamorgan, Wales
James Williams 1843 Burnley, Lancashire
John Williams 1866 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Richard Henry Williams 1873 Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas Williams 1876 Great Barford, Bedfordshire
Thomas George Williams 1870 Dudley, Worcestershire
Walter Williams 1866 West Bromwich, Staffordshire
George Adair Wilmington 1860 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Charles Wilson 1868 Liverpool, Lancashire
Frederick Wilson 1874 London
Snowdon Henry Wilson 1860 Halifax, Yorkshire
William Wilson 1873 London
William Wilson 1877 Hatfield, Hertfordshire
Richard Winch 1859 London
Henry Wood 1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Richard Wood 1865 Hanley, Staffordshire
Tom Wood 1861 Manchester, Lancashire
William Woods 1880 London
John Wright 1853 London
Arthur Young 1876 London

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