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Portland Convict Prison, 1901 Index of Prisoners, Surnames A - K

NOTE: This set of records for Portland Convict Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Robert Ackrigg 1869 Winster, Westmorland
Thomas Adams 1854 Burcot, Shropshire
Robert Aikman 1864 Twickenham, Middlesex
Ernest Albert Ainsworth 1860 London
James Aldridge 1841 N
Henry Allcock 1857 Madley, Shropshire
Henry Allcroft 1852 London
David Allen 1869 Blackburn, Lancashire
John Allen 1837 Scotland
James Allright 1870 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Ames 1852 Dudley Port, Staffordshire
Arthur Anderson 1874 London
John Ankers 1862 Whitchurch, Shropshire
Richard Anstey 1879 London
Thomas Anstey 1863 London
James Armstrong 1849 Prestwich, Lancashire
William Ashworth 1871 Oldham, Lancashire
Peter Aspin 1867 Blackburn, Lancashire
Peter Atkinson 1861 Bishop Thornton, Yorkshire
William Atkinson 1846 Liverpool, Lancashire
Frederick Backhouse 1881 Warren, Yorkshire
Matthew Bailey 1882 London
Charles Baker 1860 London
Henry William Baker 1880 Wellington, Somerset
John Baker 1872 London
Charles Balch 1855 London
Henry William Banks 1866 London
James Barker 1851 Bradford, Yorkshire
Edward Rutter Barnes 1870 West Derby, Lancashire
Charles Barrett 1881 London
John Barrett 1874 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Thomas Barry 1880 London
Henry Bartle 1879 London
James Bate 1864 Warrington, Lancashire
John Edwin Baxter 1846 London
William Beaver 1868 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Adolph Beck 1844 Foreigner, Norway
Christopher Beckett 1858 London
Joseph Bell 1858 Great Broughton, Cumberland
Henry Bennett 1862 Upholland, Lancashire
Joseph Bennett 1865 London
William Berry 1843 London
Thomas Bickley 1838 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
William Bilefield 1875 Woolwich, Kent
Frederick Billinge 1875 Macclesfield, Cheshire
William Billington 1864 Market Weighton, Yorkshire
Francis Birch 1865 Gorton, Lancashire
John Bird 1867 Sedgeford, Norfolk
William Birks 1863 Hull, Yorkshire
George Henry Blackman 1868 Burnham, Buckinghamshire
John Thomas Blair 1878 Spennymoor, Durham
George Blakeman 1868 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Blandford 1883 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Blighton 1873 London
Albert Blundell 1871 Haselor, Warwickshire
Reginald Bodkin 1878 London
William Bourke 1864 London
Henry Bowles 1835 Easton, Norfolk
Patrick Boyne 1875 Leeds, Yorkshire
Charles Bradbury 1878 Halifax, Yorkshire
Joseph Bradford 1859 Atherstone, Warwickshire
Thomas Bradley 1873 Guisborough, Yorkshire
John Bradock 1840 London
Robert Brannan 1863 Ireland
George Brant 1867 Scotland
George Brant 1880 Sydenham, Kent
Joseph Breeze 1859 Congleton, Cheshire
Richard Brennand 1876 Bolton, Lancashire
Henry George Brett 1866 Trimley, Suffolk
Matthew Brien 1852 London
George Brooks 1879 London
William Brooks 1857 Ripon, Yorkshire
Ernest Brown 1880 Manchester, Lancashire
George Brown 1871 Exeter, Devon
George Brown 1877 London
Henry Brown 1872 Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Brown 1864 Canada
Richard Brown 1873 Woolwich, Kent
William Brown 1867 Gravesend, Kent
Nigel Bruce 1853 Manchester, Lancashire
Thomas Alfred Bryant 1874 Rolvenden, Kent
John Buckley 1848 Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Joseph Buckley 1856 Marchington, Staffordshire
Charles Bundle 1839 Carshalton, Surrey
John Burdett 1870 London
James Burns 1867 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Robert Burns 1877 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Burton 1875 Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire
Stephen Alfred Burton 1859 Bradford, Yorkshire
Francis Byrne 1880 Ireland
Michael Cagney 1873 Merthyr, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Caleb Calloway 1853 Gateshead, Durham
Mark Campana 1864 Birkenhead, Cheshire
Francis Campbell 1876 Liverpool, Lancashire
Charles Cardell 1875 Aldershot, Hampshire
Francis Carr 1877 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
John Harold Carr 1878 Huntingdon, Hampshire
William Carroll 1854 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Carroll 1868 London
George Carter 1877 London
Henry Arthur Carter 1844 Ireland
Robert Carter 1881 London
William Cartwright 1873 London
Samuel Catlow 1861 Burnley, Lancashire
Thomas Cavanagh 1878 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Cavanagh 1878 Liverpool, Lancashire
Harry Montague Chadwick 1869 London
George Chamberlain 1875 London
Henry Charles Chandler 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire
Henry Charley 1846 Coventry, Warwickshire
George Edward Cheesman 1863 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Christopher 1880 Organford, Dorset
John Christy 1857 London
Thomas Churchill 1877 St Helens, Lancashire
Charles Clare 1867 London
George Claridge 1882 London
George Clark 1871 London
John Clark 1873 London
Edward Clarke 1874 London
James Clarke 1860 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
John Clasby 1868 Warwick, Warwickshire
David Clay 1879 Ditton, Lancashire
Henry Clegg 1874 Boughton, Cheshire
Robert Cliburn 1875 London
Samuel Clifton 1868 Luton, Bedfordshire
William Henry Clout 1873 Horsmonden, Kent
James Cole 1871 Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire
James Coleman 1877 Leeds, Yorkshire
Thomas Coley 1870 Liverpool, Lancashire
Pierre Collette 1872 Foreigner Frenchman, Germany
James Colligan 1866 Manchester, Lancashire
Hugh Collins 1871 Liverpool, Lancashire
Charles Condon 1865 Scotland
Thomas Connell 1857 Ireland
John Connolly 1878 St Helens, Lancashire
Robert Connolly 1857 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Georgee Cook 1853 Halstead, Essex
John Cook 1878 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Richard Coombes 1875 Chiswick, Middlesex
Albert Corbett 1877 Plumstead, Kent
Arthur John Corfield 1866 Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire
Robert Corrick 1861 London
George Courtney 1847 Scotland
David Covington 1853 Litlington, Cambridgeshire
John Cowan 1880 Gateshead, Durham
William Craythorne 1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Walter Herbert Creswell 1860 St Briavels, Gloucestershire
William George Crick 1877 London
Charles Croney 1872 London
John Crowther 1877 London
James Henry Cruikshank 1852 India
John Cummings 1879 Cymmer, Glamorgan, Wales
Thomas Cummings 1839 London
Edward Currell 1870 East Harptree, Somerset
Thomas Cutler 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Patrick Dacey 1868 London
Charles James Daintrey 1855 Petworth, Sussex
Patrick Daley 1851 London
Timothy Damer 1874 London
John Daniel 1852 Oulton, Staffordshire
Arthur Daniels 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Richard Darrell 1870 London
Charles Davies 1871 London
David Davies 1879 Aberavon, Glamorgan, Wales
John Davies 1873 London
William Davies 1853 Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
Robert Davison 1845 Darlington, Durham
Thomas Dawes 1880 London
George Dawson 1840 London
Thomas Dawson 1859 Framwellgate Moor, Durham
Samuel Day 1854 London
Robert Deel 1875 Leeds, Yorkshire
Jose Delgado 1850 Foreigner Spanish, Spain
Edward Denham 1858 London
George Devereux 1870 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Devereux 1873 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Henry Dobson 1871 Hounslow, Middlesex
Herbert Dodd 1879 London
Theophile Dombrowski 1848 Foreigner, Poland
Edward Donegan 1868 Liverpool, Lancashire

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Portland Convict Prison extracted from 1901 census Portland Township, Dorset County England
James Donnelly 1873 Pinkston, Derbyshire
John Donnelly 1876 Liverpool, Lancashire
James Donovan 1867 Ireland
Patrick Donovan 1869 Ireland
Thomas Doolan 1877 London
Richard Dowthwaite 1853 Lancaster, Lancashire
Thomas Doyle 1851 Manchester, Lancashire
Thomas Doyle 1877 Ireland
William Doyle 1873 Bristol, Gloucestershire
William Doyle 1876 Manchester, Lancashire
William Duddy 1876 Manchester, Lancashire
George Duff 1857 Ireland
John Duffey 1875 London
John Duffin 1878 Hull, Yorkshire
Patrick Duggan 1873 Leeds, Yorkshire
Samuel Dunn 1855 London
James Dustin 1881 Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
John Dyman 1855 Scotland
John Eckhart 1853 Safrica
Henry Edwards 1877 London
Thomas Egan 1872 Bradford, Yorkshire
William John Elder 1879 Scotland
George Elliott 1865 Burgess Hill, Sussex
Harry Elliott 1875 Liverpool, Lancashire
Geroge Henry Ersser 1875 London
Thomas Eustase 1873 Ireland
Edward Evans 1839 Yockleton, Shropshire
George Evans 1865 Birmingham, Warwickshire
William Robert Evans 1869 Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas Fagan 1875 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Philip Farley 1864 Ireland
Herbert Robert Fautley 1862 London
John Fettigan 1874 Workington, Cumberland
James Flannigan 1873 London
Thomas Flavin 1852 Ireland
John Fleming 1872 Whitehaven, Cumberland
George Fletcher 1865 Dudley, Worcestershire
Oliver Fletcher 1858 London
John Clark Forrester 1862 Scotland
William Forster 1868 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Gustav France 1882 Foreigner, Germany
George Franklin 1878 Deanshanger, Northamptonshire
Chalres Frary 1879 Heacham, Norfolk
Frederick French 1863 Barcombe, Sussex
William Henry Fretwell 1872 Leeds, Yorkshire
William Furney 1863 London
George Gage 1875 London
Elijah Galley 1866 St Leights, Essex
William Gard 1861 Brighton, Sussex
Lewis Victor Gare 1877 Foreigner Frenchman, France
John Robert Garrod 1869 Ipswich, Suffolk
Francis Gaynor 1867 Wigan, Lancashire
Henry Gibbins 1847 Exeter, Devon
Hugh Gilgannon 1881 Burnley, Lancashire
Thomas Gill 1874 London
Michael Gilmore 1859 Ireland
William Glaves 1852 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Frederick Glencross 1856 Carlisle, Cumberland
Thomas Glossop 1866 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Edward Glynn 1847 Chatham, Kent
John Godden 1879 Southampton, Hampshire
James Godfrey 1864 Chiswick, Middlesex
William George Goldin 1875 Northampton, Northamptonshire
James Golding 1863 Smethwick, Staffordshire
Richard Goodhew 1858 East Malling, Kent
Geoffrey Goodier 1868 Manchester, Lancashire
Charles Gordon 1864 London
Richard Gordon 1877 London
John Gorman 1870 London
John Grainger 1872 Kidsgrove, Staffordshire
Charles Green 1868 Leicester, Leicestershire
Frederick Charles Green 1871 Cirencester, Gloucestershire
George Gridley 1868 Richmond, Surrey
George Griffiths 1856 Westbury, Wiltshire
Peter Griffiths 1869 Sutton, Surrey
William Grubb 1855 London
Smith Guest 1861 Bolton, Lancashire
Thomas Hackett 1879 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Herbert Hansell 1877 York, Yorkshire
James Harby 1867 Leicester, Leicestershire
George Henry Hardy 1873 Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Hardy 1864 Spennymoor, Durham
James Harper 1881 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Thomas Harper 1881 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Frederick Harris 1881 Ireland
John Harris 1858 London
John Harris 1880 London
William John Harris 1873 Africa
Cecil Harrison 1867 London
George Harrison 1872 London
James Harrop 1873 Hooley Hill, Lancashire
Edwin Hartley 1865 London
Thomas Harvey 1860 London
Joseph Haufmann 1861 London
George Hawkins 1872 London
Thomas Hayward 1859 Skeith, Suffolk
William Hazel 1864 London
Thomas Heelham 1860 Droylsden, Lancashire
Henry Hendry 1870 German Foreigner, Germany
Frederick Wm Herbert 1870 Leeds, Yorkshire
Benjamin Hibbert 1870 London
Robert Hickey 1877 Liverpool, Lancashire
John James Hill 1877 North Shields, Durham
Richard Hill 1861 Salford, Lancashire
John Hilton 1871 Liverpool, Lancashire
Christopher Hindle 1882 Accrington, Lancashire
John Hindson 1853 Bridlington, Yorkshire
William Hirons 1873 Northamptonshire
Harry Hodgson 1877 Leavening, Yorkshire
Michael Hogan 1876 Ireland
John Holden 1856 Preston, Lancashire
Michael Holland 1867 London
Alfred Holmer 1881 London
Edward Hopkins 1874 London
John Hopkins 1877 Canada
James Hopton 1877 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Charles Horrigan 1878 London
Arthur Howard 1874 British Subject, Brazil
John Howard 1864 London
Sidney Howard 1879 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Joseph Howell 1877 Tunstall, Staffordshire
Thomas Huggins 1849 Reading, Berkshire
Benjamin Hughes 1867 Bilston, Staffordshire
Franz Ludwig Hulstrom 1865 Sweden
James Hunt 1883 Deptford, Kent
John Thomas Hunter 1879 Dinenton, Yorkshire
Thomas Hunter 1882 Hull, Yorkshire
Edwin Husted 1876 New Brighton, Cheshire
Edward Hutchings 1839 London
Alfred Ingleton 1862 London
James Irott 1876 Cevon, Tiverton
Henry James 1842 Ipswich, Suffolk
Richard James 1872 London
Anders Janson 1841 Foreigner, Sweden
John Jenkins 1871 London
Ralph Jenkins 1861 Dudley, Worcestershire
Edward Jennings 1862 Manchester, Lancashire
Abram Jiggins 1875 Croydon, Surrey
Henry Johnson 1877 London
John Johnson 1865 Italian Foreigner, Italy
John Johnson 1876 Plymouth, Devon
William Johnson 1862 Manchester, Lancashire
William Johnson 1870 Aigburth, Lancashire
John Jolly 1851 London
Paul Joly 1869 Frenchman Foreigner, France
Andrew Jones 1870 Macsbury, Shropshire
Charles Jones 1860 London
Charles Jones 1875 London
Enoch Jones 1855 Runcorn, Cheshire
Ephraim Jones 1865 London
Fred Jones 1879 Ushaw Moor, Durham
Frederick Jones 1881 London
Henry Jones 1845 London
John Jones 1856 Bala, Merionethshire, Wales
Jonathan Jones 1880 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Richard Jones 1860 Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Robert Jones 1858 Liverpool, Lancashire
Walter Jones 1867 London
William Joyce 1876 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Frederick Kardczcowski 1859 Foreigner German, Germany
Samuel Kay 1852 Bury, Lancashire
Peter Keeling 1868 Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Keen 1875 London
Henry Keith 1858 Christchurch, Hampshire
John Kelly 1866 Manchester, Lancashire
John Kelly 1868 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Kelly 1870 Stockport, Cheshire
Thomas Kelly 1871 Leeds, Lancashire
William Kelly 1857 Liverpool, Lancashire
Francis Kernan 1881 Grimsby, Lincolnshire
William Ketton 1871 Malton, Yorkshire
Michael Charles King 1872 Salford, Lancashire
William King 1879 Bristol, Gloucestershire
William Fredk Kingston 1875 Woolaston, Gloucestershire
Alexander Kirk 1878 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Thomas Knight 1862 Manchester, Lancashire
Frank Knipe 1870 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
John Knox 1865 St Helens, Lancashire
Frederick Charles Kreckler 1879 Greenwich, Kent

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