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Pentonville Prison, 1881 Index of Prisoners, Surnames L - Z

NOTE: This set of records for Pentonville Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Henry Lambert 1862 London, Middlesex
Glenn Lane 1835 London, Middlesex
Edward Langthorn 1857 Bermondsey, Surrey
William Larthorpe 1844 Bradford, Yorkshire
Edward Lavery 1843 Manchester, Lancashire
Charles Lawrence 1850 Guildford, Surrey
Henry Lawrence 1858 Dover, Kent
James Lawrence 1858 Edmonton, Middlesex
Isaac Lealey 1859 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Thomas Lecombi 1843 Oldham, Lancashire
Robert Lee 1836 America
Samuel Lee 1827 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Lehiff 1856 Leeds, Yorkshire
David Lemon 1834 Elstead, Surrey
John Lewis 1850 Burslem, Staffordshire
William Lewis 1852 Hammersmith, Middlesex
George Lichfield 1852 Northamptonshire
Charles Light 1845 London, Middlesex
Samuel Lightburne 1834 Coventry, Warwickshire
James Lindsay 1825 Ireland
Charles Linham 1863 Street, Somerset
John Lloyd 1855 Coven, Staffordshire
Thomas Lloyd 1826 Bettws, Shropshire
Henry Lockwood 1859 Ipswich, Suffolk
John Lockyer 1846 Bournemouth, Hampshire
George Lovell 1861 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Samuel Low 1838 Sutton In Ashfield, Nottinghamshire
Thomas Loxley 1852 Newcastle, Northumberland
Alfred Lukins 1845 Frome, Somerset
Giovanni Luzatto 1853 (F), Italy
John Lyddiatt 1859 Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Lyle 1849 Southwark, Middlesex
Charles Macauley 1839 Scotland
Robert Mack 1855 London, Middlesex
Alexr. Macpherson 1862 Scotland
John Maine 1842 Ireland
Charles Malin 1842 Broadway, Worcestershire
Archibald Maloney 1860 Sheffield, Yorkshire
William Mancell 1850 Lilleshall, Shropshire
Stephen Manning 1834 Camberwell, Surrey
Richard Marks 1857 London, Middlesex
William Marney 1834 Brixton, Surrey
Henry Marriott 1851 London, Middlesex
John Marsden 1843 Over Darwen, Lancashire
Thomas Marsden 1855 Wigan, Lancashire
George Marshall 1847 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Henry Marshall 1852 London, Middlesex
James Marshall 1852 Deptford, Kent
George Martin 1855 Northamptonshire
Hervey Martin 1828 Lewes, Sussex
John Martin 1847 Bermondsey, Surrey
Joseph Martin 1858 Lpool, Lancashire
Walter Martin 1858 Shotesham, Norfolk
Arthur Mash 1836 London, Middlesex
Aaron Mason 1832 Preston, Lancashire
Henry Mason 1842 Winchester, Hampshire
John Mason 1854 Stockport, Lancashire
Joshua Mason 1851 Stockport, Lancashire
Edward Massey 1850 Birmingham, Warwickshire Isaac Mathers 1848 Bishops Wearmouth, Durham
Chas. Mc Bean 1860
John Mc Cafferty 1845 Scotland
James Mc Carthy 1851 London, Middlesex
Thomas Mc Cartney 1849 Sandfield, Devon
Richard Mc Clarty 1861 London, Middlesex
James Mc Corquodale 1858 London, Middlesex
Arthur Mc Donald 1846 London, Middlesex
Charles Mc Donald 1815 Scotland
James Mc Donald 1849 Lambeth, Surrey
James Mc Donald 1849 London, Middlesex
John Mc Donald 1863 Scotland
Thomas Mc Donald 1848 Spitalfields, Middlesex
William Mc Donald 1849 Scotland
Alexr. Mc Duff 1848 London, Middlesex
John Mc Gregor 1843 Scotland
Robert Mc Intosh 1843 Manchester, Lancashire
Andrew Mc Leod 1845 East Indies
Edward Mc Millon 1858 Glossop, Derbyshire
William Mc Naughton 1861 Scotland
Hector Mc Neil 1846 Scotland
Neil Mc Pherson 1859 Scotland
George Mc Qualter 1853 Scotland
Bernard Mc Queenie 1850 Scotland
James Mc Quiggan 1847 Newcastle, Northumberland
Timothy Mccarthy 1829 London, Middlesex
Peter Melling 1827 Preston, Lancashire
James Mellor 1839 Longtown, Staffordshire
William Menzies 1845 Scotland
John Meredith 1860 Stourbridge, Worcestershire
Francis Merrett 1857 Jersey, Channel Islands
Richd. Merrifield 1842 Plymouth, Devon
John Metcalf 1850 Leeds, Yorkshire
Fredk. Meyer 1856 (F), Germany
Robert Miller 1852 Scotland
Sinclair Miller 1858 Scotland
William Miller 1857 North Shields, Northumberland
William Miller 1857 Hutton Cranswick, Yorkshire
Henry Mills 1852 Ireland
James Mills 1852 Shirley, Surrey
John Mills 1852 London, Middlesex
John Mills 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Mitchell 1841 Whitechapel, Middlesex
John Mitchell 1846 London, Middlesex
Thomas Mitchell 1842 Shottisham, Norfolk
Matthew Moakes 1849 Alfreton, Derbyshire
John Mogford 1837 Wales
Joseph Mold 1833 Hertfordshire
Henry Montague 1841 Canterbury, Kent
Daniel Moore 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Thomas Moore 1847 Wendling, Norfolk
William Moore 1854 Camberwell, Surrey
Charles Moores 1855 Salford, Lancashire
Albert Moors 1859 Street, Somerset
Ernest Morley 1852 London, Middlesex
Frederick Morrell 1834 Chatham, Kent
Charles Mountstephens 1861 Pitminster, Somerset
Charles Muckford 1864 Wandsworth, Surrey
James Muirhead 1853 Scotland
William Munro 1820 Aberdeenshire, Scotland
David Murray 1851 At Sea
Charles Murrells 1824 Fordham, Essex
George Muskett 1863 Coventry, Warwickshire
John Musselwhite 1850 Chippenham, Wiltshire
Joseph Myatt 1841 Stone, Staffordshire
George Naylor 1853 Newark, Nottinghamshire
Absolom Neale 1831 Gloucestershire
John Needham 1855 Nardon, Yorkshire
John Neeve 1848 Brixton, Surrey
Charles Nelson 1850 Derbyshire
John Nelson 1853 Ireland
George Newman 1837 London, Middlesex
James Newman 1853 Gloucestershire
William Newson 1845 Yarmouth, Norfolk
Squire Newton 1854 Hyde, Cheshire
David Nicholl 1849 Ireland
George Nicholls 1859 Emberton, Buckinghamshire
Henry Nimmo 1859 Scotland
Alfred Nisbeck 1844 Fonthill, Wiltshire
William Nixon 1844 Wath, Yorkshire
James Noon 1832 Ilkeston, Derbyshire
James Noon 1859 Liverpool, Lancashire
George Norris 1842 Bradford, Wiltshire
George Nugent 1859 London, Middlesex
John O'hara 1856 Leeds, Yorkshire
Benjamin Oakes 1850 New Bewdley, Worcestershire
John Oakley 1842 West Bromwich, Staffordshire
Edward Ockenden 1852 Slough, Buckinghamshire
Ohlen S. Ohlsan 1847 Norway
Samuel Oldman 1842 Leeds, Yorkshire
George Oliver 1861 Coventry, Warwickshire
William Oliver 1839 Sunderland, Cumberland
James Orme 1841 Clapham, Surrey
Thomas Orton 1835 Stockton On Tees, Durham
Henry Owen 1852 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Owen 1819 Wales
Joseph Owen 1851 Harefield, Middlesex
George Owens 1862 Woolwich, Kent
William Paddon 1835 Sunderland, Durham
Stephen Page 1820 Chester, Cheshire
Thomas Page 1857 Ipswich, Suffolk
Robert Paice 1862 London, Middlesex
George Palmer 1860 Pennington, Hampshire
Edward Panther 1843 London, Middlesex
George Paradise 1846 Northamptonshire
Henry Parks 1852 Walsall, Staffordshire
William Parry 1837 Aston, Shropshire
John Patterson 1846 Westminster, Middlesex
Nicholas Patterson 1840 Brefferton, Durham
George Paxton 1815 Hogsthorpe, Lincoln
John Pearce 1836 Shrewsbury, Shropshire
John Pearce 1837 Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Henry Perry 1856 Ilford, Essex
George Phillips 1840 Taunton, Somerset
James Phillips 1841 Scotland
John Phillips 1850 Pembrokeshire, Wales
Phillip Phillips 1840 London, Middlesex
Henry Philpotts 1850 Egebaston, Warwickshire
William Pimblott 1864 Macclesfield, Cheshire
Thomas Pinder 1839 Malton, Yorkshire
Samuel Pollicott 1848 Nottinghamshire
Samuel Porter 1861 London, Middlesex
James Powell 1836 Henley, Oxfordshire
William Powell 1842 Bethnal Green, Middlesex
James Price 1837 Taunton, Somerset
John Price 1855 Oxfordshire
Thomas Price 1848 Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales
William Price 1854 Greybridge, Yorkshire
David Pright 1857 Wales
Benjamin Proctor 1849 Bradford, Yorkshire
Henry Pugh 1836 Wrockwardine, Shropshire
William Purnell 1857 London, Middlesex
John Pyle 1839 Whithay, Devon
John Quinn 1851 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Vincent Quinn 1858 Beswick, Lancashire
Robert Randell 1857 Clapham, Surrey
Edward Ransome 1836 Cambridgeshire
Francis Rawlings 1843 Silverston, Northamptonshire
John Rawlings 1849 London, Middlesex
Daniel Raynor 1859 Bermondsey, Surrey
William Read 1859 Bury, Lancashire
Richard Reader 1855 Luton, Bedfordshire
John Reardon 1833 Ireland
Alexander Reede 1829 Midlothian, Scotland
Patrick Regan 1851 Ireland
George Renton 1860 St Helens, Lancashire
George Retallick 1830 Falmouth, Cornwall
George Rice 1849 Shrewsbury, Shropshire
William Rice 1834 London, Middlesex
William Richards 1825 Merionethshire, Wales
Isaac Richardson 1856 Ashton, Essex
William Richardson 1848 Leeds, Yorkshire
Charles Ricketts 1849 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
James Ridgeway 1833 Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Ridgley 1834 London, Middlesex
Samuel Riley 1858 Leeds, Yorkshire
John Ritson 1844 Tunbridge Wells, Kent
John Roberts 1855 Leeds, Yorkshire
John Roberts 1858 Silsdon, Yorkshire
John Roberts 1860 Wales
Robert Roberts 1850 Carnovan, Wales
William Roberts 1848 Deptford, Kent
Alexander Robertson 1859 Scotland
William Robertson 1848 Pooley Bridge, Westmorland
James Robinson 1850 Manchester, Lancashire
James Robinson 1853 Canada
John Robinson 1852 Stamford, Lincoln
John Robinson 1862 Blackburn, Lancashire
Thomas Robinson 1821 Appleby, Westmorland
William Robinson 1855 Stamford, Lincoln
George Robson 1807 Osbaldwick, Yorkshire
William Rodbourne 1857 Swindon, Wiltshire
Alfred Rogers 1860 London, Middlesex
Edward Rogers 1845 Preston, Lancashire
James Rondean 1849 London, Middlesex
James Roper 1863 London, Middlesex
Henry Rose 1848 London, Middlesex
William Rose 1841 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Archibald Ross 1859 Scotland
James Ross 1833 London, Middlesex
James Rossiter 1839 Hoxton, Middlesex
John Round 1835 Staffordshire
William Rowe 1843 Salford, Lancashire
William Rowe 1851 Gosport, Hampshire
Francis Rowley 1847 Manchester, Lancashire
Thomas Rudge 1849 Norton, Worcestershire
George Russell 1856 London, Middlesex
William Russell 1820 Marden, Kent
John Ryder 1856 Gloucestershire
Henry Sadler 1838 Manchester, Lancashire
Charles Sage 1843 Whitechapel, Middlesex
George Salmon 1856 Stratford, Middlesex
John Salt 1847 Ripley, Derbyshire
Charles Samborne 1858 London, Middlesex
Henry Saunders 1844 Plymouth, Devon
Septimus Saunders 1861 Tadley, Hampshire
Thomas Saunders 1853 Spitalfields, Middlesex
William Saunders 1847 London, Middlesex
Daniel Savage 1849 Ireland
John Savoy 1851 Manchester, Lancashire
James Sayers 1824 London, Middlesex
William Scammell 1842 London, Middlesex
James Schofield 1854 Downham, Lancashire
Henry Scholes 1843 Chatterton, Lancashire
Arthur Scott 1852 Ratcliff, Lancashire
Fredk. Scott 1858 Brighton, Sussex
Samuel Scott 1841 Salford, Lancashire
William Seaman 1857 America
Edward Seymour 1834 Chester, Cheshire
Walter Seymour 1856 London, Middlesex

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Pentonville Prison extracted from 1881 census Islington Township, London County England
George Shaw 1858 London, Middlesex
William Sheen 1833 Golding, Leicestershire
William Sibley 1842 London, Middlesex
Samuel Silvey 1832 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Charles Simmington 1858 Rawcliffe, Yorkshire
Thomas Simmons 1863 Scotland
John Simons 1839 Chippenham, Wiltshire
James Simpson 1834 Birmingham, Warwickshire
William Sims 1855 Halifax, Yorkshire
Charles (William) Sith 1849 Bristol, Somerset
George Slagg 1849 Chelsea, Middlesex
James Slinger 1845 Lancaster, Lancashire
John Small 1845 Scotland
Richard Smethurst 1829 Manchester, Lancashire
William Smirthwaite 1844 Thornley, Durham
Alfred Smith 1853 Nottinghamshire
Alfred Smith 1859 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Charles Smith 1833 Clapham, Surrey
Charles Smith 1848 Ashby, Leicestershire
Dennis Smith 1854 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Smith 1803 West Ham, Essex
George Smith 1842 London, Middlesex
George Smith 1843 London, Middlesex
George Smith 1846 Norwich, Norfolk
George Smith 1847 Chelsea, Middlesex
George Smith 1851 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Smith 1856 Jersey, United States
James Smith 1848 Scotland
James Smith 1854 Knutsford, Cheshire
John Smith 1827 Frome, Somerset
John Smith 1855 Hull, Yorkshire
John Smith 1856 Scotland
Martin Smith 1860 Ipswich, Suffolk
Robert Smith 1835 (B S), France
Robert Smith 1860 Kingscliffe, Northamptonshire
Samuel Smith 1845 Belper, Derbyshire
Samuel Smith 1850 Northamptonshire
Thomas Smith 1850 London, Middlesex
Thomas Smith 1853 America
Thomas Smith 1853 London, Middlesex
Thomas Smith 1855 Islington, Middlesex
Thomas Smith 1856 London, Middlesex
Thomas Smith 1864 Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
William Smith 1841 Haddington, Yorkshire
William Smith 1843 Kendal, Westmorland
William Smith 1849 Stourbridge, Gloucestershire
William Smith 1858 Accrington, Lancashire
William Smith 1858 London, Middlesex
William Smith 1860 America
Willm. Smith 1843 Cambridgeshire
Henry Smythe 1833 United States
Emanuel Solomon 1842 London, Middlesex
Thomas Sowden 1860 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Wiliam Sparke 1857 Downham, Norfolk
Thomas Sparrow 1851 Sunderland, Durham
Joseph Spence 1856 Bradford, Yorkshire
John Spencer 1846 Preston, Lancashire
George Spottlebury 1840 Australia
George Stamford 1849 Hull, Yorkshire
Isaac Stamper 1850 Whitehaven, Cumberland
William Stanfield 1850 Langley Green, Worcestershire
William Stanley 1829 London, Middlesex
Joseph Stanyer 1815 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Robert Stark 1861 Scotland
Richard Starkey 1852 Waltham, Lincoln
Frederick Stelling 1860 London, Middlesex
Charles Stevens 1839 London, Middlesex
John Stevens 1832 Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Stevenson 1852 Scotland
Charles Stewart 1836 Scotland
Alfred Stimpson 1825 Taunton, Somerset
Alfred Stokes 1852 Devizes, Wiltshire
Arthur Stone 1850 London, Middlesex
Richard Straddon 1833 Bristol, Somerset
George Straight 1847 Norwich, Norfolk
John Sturt 1851 Southampton, Hampshire
Daniel Sullivan 1826 Chatham, Kent
John Sullivan 1850 London, Middlesex
Robert Sullivan 1844 Ireland
Charles Summers 1837 Cheshunt, Buckinghamshire
Thomas Sunderland 1854 Barnsley, Yorkshire
Harry Swan 1855 Leeds, Yorkshire
John Sweeney 1854 Ireland
Abel Sweetland 1845 Bristol, Somerset
Samuel Swinden 1849 Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Sykes 1830 Halifax, Yorkshire
John Tait 1853 Scotland
Henry Tamplin 1846 Coventry, Warwickshire
Joseph Tapsome 1841 London, Middlesex
Edward Taubman 1857 Isle of Man
Thomas Taverner 1856 London, Middlesex
George Taylor 1855 London, Middlesex
Hamilton Taylor 1859 Scotland
Henry Taylor 1847 Camberwell, Surrey
Henry Taylor 1858 Crawley, Sussex
John Taylor 1856 Nottinghamshire
Thomas Taylor 1838 Scotland Convict
John Tepper 1830 South Maldon, Devon
John Terrence 1848 Cockermouth, Cumberland
Thomas Testro 1859 Erith, Kent
John Thomas 1857 London, Middlesex
Joseph Thomas 1839 London, Middlesex
William Thomas 1856 London, Middlesex
Francis Thompson 1844 (B S), France
Henry Thompson 1851 Brandon, Suffolk
John Thompson 1842 Newcastle, Northumberlan
John Thompson 1855 Hull, Yorkshire
Thomas Thompson 1835 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
William Thompson 1837 Newcastle, Northumberland
William Thompson 1840 London, Middlesex
William Thompson 1851 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Thorburn 1860 Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thomas Thorne 1860 London, Middlesex
Bernard Thornton 1859 Manchester, Lancashire
George Thorpe 1850 Bolton, Lancashire
Benjamin Thurley 1820 Gt Hallingbury, Essex
John Thurlow 1849 Middleton, Yorkshire
Philip Tiller 1839 London, Middlesex
John Tipper 1828 Cirencester, Gloucestershire
William Toach 1860 Leicestershire
Joseph Tomlinson 1861 Crewe, Cheshire
George Aspinall Tongue 1824 Calderbank, Lancashire
William Tonkyn 1857 Keele, Staffordshire
John Tooner 1855 London, Middlesex
Henry Tovey 1860 Bristol, Somerset
Richard Townsend 1833 Haslingdean, Lancashire
Walter Townsend 1859 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Charles Traves 1841 Would Newton, Lincoln
James Treherne 1854 Hackney, Middlesex
Mark Tuer 1848 Bury, Lancashire
William Ture 1862 Farcotton, Northamptonshire
Samuel Turkington 1853 Leeds, Yorkshire
James Turner 1854 Beccles, Suffolk
William Turner 1835 Camberwell, Surrey
Joseph Tuttle 1848 London, Middlesex
Henry Underwood 1859 London, Middlesex
Elisha Varley 1844 Yorkshire, Yorkshire
George Vincent 1847 Duffield, Derbyshire
John Wade 1861 Sheffield, Yorkshire
George Wainwright 1853 Chester, Cheshire
John Walker 1832 London, Middlesex
John Walker 1844 Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas Walker 1857 Oldham, Lancashire
William Walker 1857 London, Middlesex
William Walker 1861 Shadwell, Middlesex
William Wall 1844 London, Middlesex
William Wall 1855 Clent, Worcestershire
Isaiah Wallett 1860 Staffordshire
William Walsh 1857 Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Walters 1857 Southwark, Surrey
Edward Walton 1847 Manchester, Lancashire
William Wannop 1852 Penrith, Cumberland
Thomas Ward 1853 Brighton, Sussex
Henry Wardsell 1843 Andover, Hampshire
Edward Ware 1850 Slough, Buckinghamshire
Joel Wareham 1847 Mt Joy, Cornwall
William Warner 1861 Tottenham, Middlesex
Harry Warnett 1856 Hadlow, Kent
George Warren 1857 Northamptonshire
Joseph Warren 1855 London, Middlesex
William Warren 1864 Bristol, Somerset
Charles Waterman 1844 London, Middlesex
Charles Watley 1861 London, Middlesex
George Watson 1846 Kilworth, Northumberland
John Watson 1846 Swinefleet, Yorkshire
Walter Watson 1863 Scotland
William Watson 1837 Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland
James Watts 1859 London, Middlesex
Alfred Webb 1846 Old Charlton, Kent
George Webb 1853 London, Middlesex
Thomas Webb 1829 Leicestershire
Isaac Wedlock 1850 Frome, Somerset
Reuben Welch 1852 Luton, Bedfordshire
George Well 1862 London, Middlesex
Charles Weller 1852 Maidstone, Kent
George Welsh 1859 London, Middlesex
James Welsh 1850 London, Middlesex
John Welsh 1856 Ireland
James Wentworth 1836 Stourbridge, Worcestershire
Edward West 1858 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Thomas West 1840 Liverpool, Lancashire
Henry Westerman 1851 Loudham, Nottinghamshire
William Westley 1854 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Daniel Weston 1856 Hoxton, Middlesex
James Whalley 1820 Staffordshire
Robert Wharmsby 1847 Conisbrough, Yorkshire
William Whelan 1855 Manchester, Lancashire
Charles White 1853 London, Middlesex
Frank White 1860 Frentsam, Surrey
Henry White 1855 London, Middlesex
John White 1825 Ireland
John White 1835 Bradford, Wiltshire
Richard White 1835 Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire
William White 1852 London, Middlesex
William White 1859 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Joseph Wickham 1835 London, Middlesex
Charles Wiggins 1858 London, Middlesex
James Wignall 1820 Aylwood, Lancashire
Thomas Wilds 1863 Witherley, Devon
James Wilkins 1841 London, Middlesex
Fergus Wilkinson 1843 Skipton, Yorkshire
Francis Wilkinson 1853 Scotland
Frederick Wilkinson 1861 Harlow, Essex
George Wilkinson 1864 Preston, Lancashire
Richard Wilkinson 1836 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Charles Williams 1860 Withersfield, Suffolk
Francis Williams 1846 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Williams 1829 Liverpool, Lancashire
George Williams 1843 Ross, Hereford
George Williams 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire
George Williams 1852 Lambeth, Surrey
George Williams 1857 Ireland
Herbert Williams 1860 Stoke Lacey, Hereford
John Williams 1828 Wales
John Williams 1845 Spitalfields, Middlesex
John Williams 1850 London, Middlesex
John Williams 1851 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Williams 1855 Manchester, Lancashire
Samuel Williams 1864 London, Middlesex
Thomas Williams 1857 Devonport, Devon
William Williams 1831 Sedgeley, Staffordshire
George Williamson 1848
James Williamson 1839 Hull, Yorkshire
William Williamson 1840 Lancashire, Lancashire
Edward Wills 1856 London, Middlesex
Charles Wilson 1842 Lewisham, Kent
Edward Wilson 1850 London, Middlesex
Frank Wilson 1853 Uxbridge, Middlesex
George Wilson 1842 Nottinghamshire
George Wilson 1848 Manchester, Lancashire
George Wilson 1851 Hoxton, Middlesex
Henry Wilson 1847 Folkestone, Kent
James Wilson 1854 London, Middlesex
James Wilson 1860 Manchester, Lancashire
John Wilson 1832 Wales
John Wilson 1838 Scotland
John Wilson 1840 Ashton U Lyne, Lancashire
Joseph Wilson 1857 Sandmoor, Lancashire
Norcliffe Wilson 1854 Gomershall, Yorkshire
Robert Wilson 1858 Scotland
William Wilson 1845 Winchester, Hampshire
William Wilson 1849 London, Middlesex
Charles Winterton 1841 Coptoak, Leicestershire
James Wise 1848 Henley On Thames, Oxfordshire
Thomas (John) Wlson 1839 Lancaster, Lancashire
Alfred Wood 1842 Manchester, Lancashire
Edward Wood 1855 London, Middlesex
Patrick Wood 1841 Scotland
Richard Wood 1861 London, Middlesex
William Wood 1841 Exeter, Devon
William Wood 1856 Huntslet, Yorkshire
William Wood 1857 Newent, Gloucestershire
Charles Woodford 1858 Wimborne, Dorset
Joseph Woodhouse 1857 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Woods 1849 Buckinghamshire
Benjamin Wooley 1839 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Benjamin Wren 1845 London, Middlesex
George Wright 1841 Shoreditch, Middlesex
George Wright 1852 London, Middlesex
James Wright 1810 Scotland
William Wright 1820 Warrington, Lancashire
William Wright 1851 (B S), Netherlands
William Wright 1857 Wimbush, Essex
George Wrightson 1825 Sherborne, Yorkshire
Joseph Wrightson 1838 Newcastle, Northumberland
Fredk. Wythe 1858 Eye, Suffolk
George Yea 1834 Plymouth, Devon
John (Henry) Yung 1819 Sheilds (Stoke), Durham

Surnames A - K

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