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Parkhurst Prison, 1901 Index of Prisoners, Surnames L - Z

NOTE: This set of records for Parkhurst Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

John Langan 1862 Manchester, Lancashire,
William Langley 1854 West Drayton, Middlesex,
James Lappin 1879 Scotland
Thomas Lauder 1850 Scotland
Charles Lave 1880 N
Ernest Albert Lawrenson 1866 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Henry Layfield 1858 United States
Arthur Leatherdale 1873 Salcott, Essex,
William Leaver 1879 Yeovil, Somerset,
Edward Lee 1862 Blackford, Somerset,
John Lee 1849 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
John Lees 1883 London,
Henry Jas Legge 1838 Fakenham, Norfolk,
Marius Leon 1842 Germany
Charles Lester 1854 Leicestershire,
Marl Levy 1878 Spitalfields, London,
Perry Levy 1869 Germany
Bernad Lewis 1857 Poland
John Lewis 1876 Haggerstone, London,
Joseph Lewis 1867 St George, London,
Samuel Lewis 1834 Preston, Lancashire,
Alfd Lilly 1875 Woolwich, Kent,
Maurice Lilver 1872 Russia
Charles Ernest Linders 1848 St Pancras, London,
James Linford 1842 Wigan, Lancashire,
Thomas Henry Lissenden 1877 Canterbury, Kent,
Henry Livingstone 1861 Preston, Lancashire,
Ethelbert Mayshole Logg 1882 Kippas; Leeds, Yorkshire,
Geroge Lovell 1860 Leicestershire,
John Lowe 1862 Lowton, Cheshire,
Thomas Lowey 1854 Manchester, Lancashire,
William Lownds 1852 Willenhall, Staffordshire,
William Gifford Lumley 1872 Wymouth, Dorset,
William Lupton 1845 Burnley, Lancashire,
William Lyall 1860 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Joseph Lynn 1876 Whitechapel, London,
Alfred Lyster 1849 London,
George Lyster 1871 Lambeth, London,
Jas Hodge Macdonald 1837 Scotland
Thomas Mack 1850 London,
John Mallow 1856 Ireland
Benjn Jno Manning 1879 Bath, Somerset,
Arthur Manzal 1875 Germany
Isaac Marcovitch 1868 Romania
William Marsden 1881 London,
Albert Martin 1837 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire,
Oscar Mattson 1875 Russia
Joseph Marie Maudint 1865 France
Dominick McCaffery 1874 London,
Danl McCarthy 1872 Bermondsey, London,
John McCarthy 1867 Whitechapel, London,
Francis McGhann 1853 Washington, United States
John McGuire 1858 Bristol, Somerset,
Denis McQuin 1856 St Giles, London,
Henry Thos Menham 1842 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland,
Thomas Mercer 1861 Earlestown, Cheshire,
Frank Miles 1868 Southampton, Hampshire,
John Miller 1855 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Fredk Millray 1877 Staveley, Westmorland,
John Milton 1860 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Thomas Mitchell 1842 Deptford, Kent,
Alfred John Monson 1862 Bedale, Yorkshire,
Henry Montagne 1862 Fulham, London,
Thomas Moore 1840 Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire,
William Moore 1848 Camberwell, London,
Arthur Sefton Moorhouse 1830 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Thomas Moran 1833 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Edward Morgan 1859 Dyffryn, Merionethshire, Wales
John Morgan 1860 Poplar, London,
Thomas Morgan 1850 Merthyr Cynog, Devon,
Richard Morris 1860 Hemingstone, Dorset,
Fredk John Mors 1875 Southwick, Durham,
John Mould 1873 Sussex,
Arthur Mounteney 1882 London,
George Murray 1832 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Charles Murrells 1824 Colchester, Essex,
Henry Musgrave Creque 1864 Russia
Francis Nash 1847 Bristol, Gloucestershire,
William Nash 1855 London,
William Neate 1848 Somerset,
William Nelson 1858 Durham,
William Beauchamp Nevill 1861 Bramham, Yorkshire,
Reginald Wm Neville 1854 Scotland
William Newlove 1871 Great Malvern, Worcestershire,
William Henry Newman 1874 Acton, Middlesex,
Alfred Newton 1854 Croydon, Surrey,
John Neylands 1865 Washington, Durham,
George Nicholls 1853 Ireland
Richd Nicholls 1864 Bath, Somerset,
Joseph Nichols 1846 Horsforth, Yorkshire,
Fred Nicholson 1880 Sunderland, Durham,
Geo Henry Nicolls 1876 Rock Ferry, Cheshire,
William Buffton Norris 1866 St Pancras, London,
Edward Joseph Nugent 1846 Rotherhithe, Surrey,
Thomas Nutting 1837 Leicestershire,
John Obrien 1852 Ireland
Thomas Obryant 1820 Ireland
Daniel Oconnor 1840 Ireland
John Oneil 1873 Liverpool, Lancashire,
William Orden 1866 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Stephen Oxborough 1854 Beccles, Suffolk,
George Hy Padmore 1865 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire,
John Jabez Page 1846 Derbyshire,
Thomas Frederick Lionel Palmer 1850 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire,
Isaac Pangbourne 1849 Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire,
Henry Parker 1863 London,
Edward William Parkes 1850 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire,
William Parsons 1842 Dorchester, Dorset,
John Patchett 1860 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Harry Patrick 1862 London,
Albin Ludgwig Patterson 1878 Sweden
Thomas Paul 1881 Stepney, London,
William Pearson 1837 Gainsborough; Epworth, Lincolnshire,
William Pearson 1871 Dewsbury, Yorkshire,
Charles Perry 1835 Lys Waste, Worcestershire,
David Thomas Phillips 1861 Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales
Philip Phillips 1876 Russia
Thomas Phillips 1857 Deptford, London,
Henry William Pickersgill 1855 Chelsea, London,
James Pinkston 1863 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Walter Arthur Pleydell 1864 Manchester, Lancashire,
Thomas Polglase 1839 Helston, Cornwall,
Arthur Potter 1851 Buxted, Sussex,
Stephen Powers 1834 London,
James Prier 1877 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Henry Pyott 1866 Debenham, Suffolk,
James Quinn 1867 Whitechapel, London,
Alfred Rafferty 1831 Islington, London,
Thomas Rann 1845 Stourbridge, Worcestershire,
William Raspin 1864 Dewsbury, Yorkshire,
Ernest Rayne 1872 Greenwich, Kent,
Fredk Rayton 1876 Barrow, Lincolnshire,
George Reach 1849 Barnsley, Yorkshire,
Thomas Reddish 1880 Stockport, Cheshire,
John Redmond 1874 Dublin, Ireland
James Regan 1860 London,
James Reilly 1847 Scotland
Rolla Richards 1861 Clapham, London,
William Richards 1868 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
William Richards 1868 Aston, Warwickshire,
Fredk Richardson 1850 Shoreham, Sussex,
James Richardson 1869 Sunderland, Durham,
George Richmond 1877 London,
William Rigg 1862 Sunderland, Durham,
Thomas Riley 1842 London,
James Robbins 1877 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Albert Roberts 1874 Hackney, London,
Charles Roberts 1879 Gloucestershire,

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Parkhurst Prison extracted from 1901 census Carisbrooke Township, Hampshire County England
George Francis Robertson 1872 Southampton, Hampshire,
Charles Roby 1872 Reading, Berkshire,
Thomas Rochford 1839 London,
Joseph Rodrigeux 1879 South America
Francis Rogers 1855 Ireland
Joseph Rose 1875 United States
Thomas Rotherham 1875 Clerkenwell, London,
Charles Rowley 1850 Warwickshire,
Harry Edwd Russell 1882 Woburn Green, Buckinghamshire,
James Ryan 1863 Manchester, Lancashire,
Patrick Ryan 1868 Warrington, Lancashire,
Alfred Fountain Satchfield 1835 Cambridgeshire,
Robert Schofield 1844 Saddleworth, Yorkshire,
Henry Scott 1851 Chatham, Kent,
Robert Scott 1858 Chelsea, London,
Walter Selwyn 1847 India
James Shallcross 1851 Glossop, Derbyshire,
Booth Shaw 1858 Keighley, Yorkshire,
William Shaw 1869 Ireland
William Shaw 1879 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Michl Shea 1861 Camberwell, Surrey,
William Shearman 1828 Brighton, Yorkshire,
Cornelius Sheehan 1864 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Jacob Shekel 1867 Poland
James Sheppard 1858 Kingston, Dorset,
Walter Sherwood 1869 Broughton Hackett, Worcestershire,
James Shields 1863 Preston, Lancashire,
George Shuttleworth 1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Richard Siddall 1857 Staveley, Derbyshire,
Isaac Slater 1827 Guilsborough, Northamptonshire,
Edgar Smith 1870 Bradfield, Essex,
Francis Smith 1841 London,
Geo Jno Smith 1828 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Geoge Smith 1850 Douglas, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Harry Smith 1874 Brighton, Sussex,
Henry Smith 1871 Old Chesterton, Cambridgeshire,
James Smith 1840 Devonport, Devon,
James Smith 1861 Leeds, Yorkshire,
James Smith 1868 Whitechapel, London,
John Smith 1837 Germany
Josiah Edwd Smith 1860 Notting Hill, London,
Oswald Smith 1846 South Shields, Durham,
Thomas Smith 1865 Dover, Kent,
William Smith 1835 Kennington, London,
William Smith Gofton 1868 Yorkshire,
Alick Spiers 1870 Elmore, Gloucestershire,
John Spraggett 1853 Warwickshire,
John Stack 1870 Peckham, London,
John Stackhouse 1850 Great Bridge, Staffordshire,
Walter Thomas Staden 1862 London,
Edward Howard Stanley 1827 Lincolnshire,
Jas Edwd Lanefield Staples 1840 Bath, Somerset,
Eugene Starmer 1836 Austria
John Stevens 1850 Manchester, Lancashire,
Arthur Sugden 1869 Rotherham, Yorkshire,
James Sullivan 1849 Whitehaven, Cumberland,
William Sullivan 1872 Bloomsbury, London,
Joseph Edwd Sunner 1876 Hyde, Switzerland
George Sweeney 1870 Connington, London,
Treleaven Edwd Sweeting 1867 Ilminster, Somerset,
Frederick Sylvester 1860 Portsmouth, Hampshire,
Thomas Tarrant 1840 Andover, Hampshire,
William Tarrant 1873 Bethnal Green, London,
Charles Taylor 1838 Poplar, London,
John Taylor 1872 Manchester, Lancashire,
William Taylor 1843 Macclesfield, Cheshire,
Charles Thomas 1878 St Pancras, London,
George Thomas 1849 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
John Thomas 1828 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
George Thompson 1835 Matlock, Derbyshire,
George Thompson 1873 Wandsworth, Surrey,
Henry Thompson 1840 Ireland
John Thompson 1841 Ireland
Thomas Thompson 1848 Bearley, Northumberland,
Thomas Thompson 1854 West Indies
William Thompson 1853 London,
Arthur Thomson 1866 Scotland
John Thomson 1867 Manchester, Lancashire,
Squire Thorpe 1840 Sowerby, Yorkshire,
George Thurston 1851 Hammersmith, London,
Martin Tighe 1845 Ireland
Leoni Tomasse 1860 London,
Albt Peel Tomlinson 1866 Newton Heath, Lancashire,
Ezra Tomlinson 1868 Nottinghamshire,
John Toner 1836 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Edward Townson 1844 Woolwich, Kent,
George Walter Triggs 1869 London,
William James Trigwell 1877 Brighton, Sussex,
Charles Trill 1873 Brighton, Sussex,
George Trist 1835 France
Soloman Troubman 1855 Russia
John Geo Turner 1869 Old Leak, Lincolnshire,
Thomas Ulyatt 1859 Crowland, Lincolnshire,
James William Valantine 1856 North Wales
John Vaughan 1838 Aspull, Lancashire,
Walter Vavauagh 1877 St Luke, London,
William Viney 1827 Kilmington, Somerset,
Fredk Sydney Waddington 1859 Islington, London,
William Walker 1848 Shoreditch, London,
William Walker 1877 Ireland
John Wallers 1868 M le Com, London,
Joseph Walters 1839 Pentrich, Derbyshire,
Thomas Ward 1876 Binton on Trent, Staffordshire,
Wm Patk Ward 1867 Hull, Yorkshire,
Charles Warren 1878 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Wilfred Waterman 1876 N
Charles Watkins 1836 Hereford
Ben Watts 1840 St Luke, London,
Charles Webb 1831 Bristol, Gloucestershire,
William Webb 1872 Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire,
Edward Welsh 1875 Notting Hill, London,
George West 1877 United States
John West 1843 London,
John Westall 1869 Clitheroe, Lancashire,
John Whelan 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Arthur White 1873 Forest Row, Sussex,
George White 1841 Islington, London,
Jno Lloyd Whitmarsh 1841 Devizes, Wiltshire,
John Wildman 1864 Ellingshall, Staffordshire,
Joseph Wilkinson 1838 Halton, Lancashire,
Cecil Grosvenor Williams 1875 Chartham, Kent,
Geo Rowland Williams 1863 Lurgan, Ireland
John Williams 1831 Sweden
John Williams 1861 London,
Benjn Williamson 1854 Great Wakering, Essex,
Albert Wm Wilson 1852 Germany
Charles Wilson 1879 Bermondsey, London,
Fredt Wilson 1878 Clerkenwell, London,
George Thomas Wilson 1854 Manchester, Lancashire,
Harry Wilson 1840 London,
James Wilson 1849 Ripley, Yorkshire,
James Wilson 1870 Uxbridge, Middlesex,
John Wilson 1852 Islington, London,
John Wilson 1872 Ulverston, Lancashire,
John Wiltshire 1876 Winchcombe, Gloucestershire,
Charles Windward 1878 Whitechapel, London,
Ambrose Winterton 1863 Kensington, London,
Robt Ales Wolfenden 1857 London,
George Wollard 1834 Maidstone, Kent,
James Wood 1852 Godstone, Surrey,
John Wood 1876 Shipley, Yorkshire,
William Wood 1854 Barnsley, Yorkshire,
James Woodstock 1841 Westminster, London,
Henry Maurice Woolf 1861 Switzerland
John Wrench 1836 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Albert Wright 1872 Prinsted Emsworth, Hampshire,
George Wright 1876 Sutton cum Lowne, Nottinghamshire,
Henry Granville Wright 1843 London,
Charles Wrightson 1852 Ireland
Joseph Hollis Yates 1861 Gloucestershire,

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