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Millbank Prison, 1881 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Millbank Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

John Alexander 1830 Clapham, Surrey
William Anderson 1857 Scotland
James Anderton 1861 Manchester, Lancashire
George Andrews 1836 Plymouth, Devon
Robert Arnuld 1855 Scotland
Robert Bailey 1832 Dawley, Shropshire
Charles Bale 1847 St Pancras, Middlesex
James Barr 1837 Scotland
George Barrett 1837 Ely, Cambridgeshire
Patrick Barry 1861 Ireland
David Bell 1845 Scotland
William Bergen 1856 Ireland
Thomas Blackburn 1834 Winsford, Cheshire
John Blackman 1848 Harting, Sussex
William Boddy 1851 Lambeth, Surrey
John Borrill 1854 Hull, Yorkshire
Edward Botting 1854 Lambeth, Surrey
Andrew Boyd 1831 Scotland
Isaac Bragg 1853 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Brankin 1852 Ireland
Edward Brannon 1848 Lancaster, Lancashire
John Brewster 1844 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Patrick Brien 1857 Ireland
Thomas Brookes 1859 Battley, Staffordshire
Charles Brown 1857 Scotland
George Brown 1822 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
John Brown 1843 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Patrick Brown 1853 Ireland
John Bryan 1862 London Boro Of , Surrey
John Burke 1852 London, Middlesex
James Burns 1823 Ireland
James Burns 1835 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Burns 1860 Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas Burns 1844 Bolton, Lancashire
William Burns 1813 Ireland
Thomas Byron 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Frederick Campbell 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire
James Campbell 1831 Manchester, Lancashire
John Campbell 1843 Ireland
James Carroll 1819 Ireland
Hugh Casey 1861 Scotland
James Casey 1863 Scotland
James Cassidy 1831 Ireland
Frank Thomas Cavanagh 1844 Ireland
Thomas Cawley 1833 Ireland
Christopher Cheevers 1856 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Cohen 1862 Yorkshire, Yorkshire
George John Collins 1826 Devonport, Devon
James Collis 1855 Newcastle, Northumberland
Thomas Conway 1859 London, Middlesex
James Costigan 1858 Liverpool, Lancashire
Jeremiah Cowan 1845 Preston, Lancashire
James Cragan 1860 Jersey, Channel Islands
James Crawley 1840 Stratford, Essex
Leonard F. Crippen 1846 Horsleydown, Surrey
Martin Cullen 1856 Ireland
George Cullum 1851 Norwich, Norfolk
John Cunningham 1851 Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland
Isaac Davenport 1854 Ireland
Henry Davies 1856 Bristol, Gloucestershire
John Davis 1837 Woolwich, Kent
Joseph Davis 1834 Chester, Cheshire
Philip Dean 1828 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Daniel Devlin 1860 Scotland
Richard Dewhurst 1855 Blackburn, Lancashire
Edward Donaghy 1860 Ireland
Thomas Donnelly 1858 Liverpool, Lancashire
Felix Donnolly 1836 Ireland
Richard Donovan 1861 London, Middlesex
James Dooley 1848 Westminster, Middlesex
George Doughty 1856 London, Middlesex
Timothy Duggan 1855 London, Middlesex
John Edwards 1848 New Zealand
Thomas Egerton 1861 Liverpool, Lancashire
Michael Fallon 1850 Ireland
Thomas Farragher 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Owen Farrell 1860 London, Middlesex
Tom Fat 1858 California (B)
James Faulkner 1854 Manchester, Lancashire
Edward Fitzpatrick 1854 Ireland
Dominic Flannagan 1852 Yorkshire, Yorkshire
John Flannery 1856 Bradford, Yorkshire
Frederick Ford 1853 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
William Fox 1855 Old Malton, Yorkshire
William Gannon 1856 Manchester, Lancashire
William Garritty 1852 Ireland
John Golding 1860 Bedwelty, Monmouth, Wales
John Gordon 1844 Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Grace 1858 Widnes, Lancashire
Stephen Thomas Greaves 1837 Finmere, Oxfordshire
John William Gubbins 1851 Ireland
Henry Oswald Gudgeon 1851 Blackheath, Kent
Reuben Gunby 1858 Brentley, Leicestershire
Michael Gunning 1849 Scotland
Thomas Haley 1852 Bermondsey, Surrey
Walter Hamilton 1841 London, Middlesex
Thomas Hardman 1856 Middleton, Lancashire
James Harnett 1860 London, Middlesex
William Harper 1820 Norwich, Norfolk
Patrick Harrington 1861 Ireland
John Harris 1845 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Hartley 1843 Manchester, Lancashire
Edward Hawkins 1861 Hull, Yorkshire
Daniel Hayes 1860 N K, Wales
Edward Hayes 1861 Manchester, Lancashire
John Hayes 1855 London, Middlesex
William Haynes 1846 Bristol, Somerset
Alfred Head 1848 Albury, Surrey
Edward Healey 1849 Manchester, Lancashire
William Henderson 1857 Liverpool, Lancashire
George Hennessey 1853 London, Middlesex
William Hesketh 1819 Wigan, Lancashire
William Heysed 1850 Devonport, Devon
Joseph Higgins 1861 Ireland
Charles Holden 1848 Waltham Abbey, Essex
George Holland 1834 Marylebone, Middlesex
John Hope 1849 Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Houston 1854 Staffordshire
John Howard 1828 Manchester, Lancashire
Martin Howard 1837 Breconshire, Wales
Richard Howarth 1851 Gloucestershire
Joseph Hurley 1857 Gravesend, Kent
John Thomas Hutchinson 1861 Blackburn, Lancashire
Thomas William Iddison 1842 Kirkley, Yorkshire
George Ingham 1851 Manchester, Lancashire
Peter Ireland 1859 Ashton U Lyne, Lancashire
George Johnson 1858 Brighton, Sussex
John Lord Johnson 1842 Oldham, Lancashire
William Johnson 1855 Ireland

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Millbank Prison extracted from 1881 census Millbank, St John the Evangelist Township, London County England
William Johnson 1858 (British Subject), France
Walter Jones 1854 Scotland
William Jones 1844 Ireland
Michael Keating 1855 Ireland
Peter Keenan 1855 Scotland
Anthony Kelly 1860 Leeds, Yorkshire
John Kelly 1812 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Kelly 1845 Ireland
John Kelly 1856 Manchester, Lancashire
John Kenny 1846 Ireland
Henry King 1848 London, Middlesex
William King 1851 Woolwich, Kent
Louis Lamphfer 1853 Canada
Frederick Langdon 1843 Pontypool, Monmouth, Wales
Thomas Larrigan 1863 Leeds, Yorkshire
James Bernard Little 1839 Buckinghamshire
Samuel Lloyd 1843 Woolhope, Hereford
James Lynas 1856 Scotland
John Lyons 1813 Ireland
George Mac Donnell 1846 (Naturalized BS), America
Hugh Mac Lachlan 1833 Scotland
Francis Maley 1852 Ireland
Michael Malone 1850 Ireland
William Markham 1856 Leicestershire
Henry Marsden 1848 Leeds, Yorkshire
James Martin 1860 Sheffield, Yorkshire
William Martin 1824 Ireland
Frederick Maxwell 1854 ??
Hugh Mc Call 1856 Scotland
John Mc Cann 1861 Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas Mc Cartney 1856 Ireland
Thomas Mc Cole 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Michael Mc Cormac 1853 Pimlico, Middlesex
Charles Mc Garey 1846 Ireland
James Mc Geogh 1855 Scotland
James Mc Gowan 1830 Ireland
John Mc Gowan 1860 Ireland
John Mc Grath 1855 Ireland
Charles Mc Intyre 1835 Ireland
Robert Mc Kenna 1848 Liverpool, Lancashire
Joseph Metcalfe 1855 Yorkshire, Yorkshire
James Middleton 1851 St James, Middlesex
Sarah Monti 1847 West Indies
James Moran 1846 Bradford, Yorkshire
John Moran 1858 Nova Scotia, Canada
Michael Moran 1852 Ireland Owen Moran 1838 Manchester, Lancashire, Thomas Mulhearn 1858 Liverpool, Lancashire, John Mullen 1855 N K, Northumberland, Peter Mullen 1857 Ireland
William Murphy 1813 Ireland
Daniel Murray 1849 Scotland
William Murton 1834 Norwich, Norfolk
Conrad Myers 1856 Scotland
David Neale 1849 N K, America
Daniel Dyson Noble 1838 Halifax, Yorkshire
John O Brien 1856 N K, Middlesex
Thomas O Brien 1842 Scarboro, Yorkshire
William O Bryan 1841 Ireland
John O Neill 1842 Ireland
Philip Parlett 1846 Marhan, Norfolk
Alfred Parsons 1861 Pulboro, Sussex
Thomas Paton 1856 Scotland
Edward Pittams 1849 Lavendon, Buckinghamshire
Harry Plume 1842 Lambeth, Surrey
Charles Presidge 1851 Morton Pinkenny, Northamptonshire
Thomas Pym 1836 Deptford, Kent
John Quick 1850 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Radford 1845 Devonport, Devon
Charles Edwd. Reynolds 1846 Ireland
William Pocklington Riggall 1805 Hoyshorpe, Lincoln
Thomas Roberts 1848 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Robinson 1830 London, Middlesex
James Rodgers 1857 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Rogers 1857 Manchester, Lancashire
Daniel Rourke 1851 Scotland
Thomas Ruddy 1852 Liverpool, Lancashire
Albert Rust 1841 Ireland
Thomas Ryan 1861 London, Middlesex
William Ryan 1836 Ireland
John William Samphler 1842 Nottinghamshire
Martin Scanlon 1846 Liverpool, Lancashire
Victor Seymour 1862 Devonport, Devon
William Sharp 1852 Pulboro, Sussex
Alfred Simpson 1857 London, Middlesex
Charles Sims 1836 Manchester, Lancashire
Frederick Smith 1849 Cheetham Hill, Lancashire
John Smith 1857 Ireland
John Charles Smith 1858 London, Middlesex
William Smith 1841 Leeds, Yorkshire
William Smith 1852 Tenterden, Kent
William Spears 1864 Liverpool, Lancashire
Joseph Spellman 1859 Manchester, Lancashire
William Stacey 1828 Tupton, Derbyshire
Alfred Staines 1814 Halstead, Essex
George Stephens 1847 Fladbury, Worcestershire
Arthur Thomas Stephenson 1831 Nottinghamshire
Joseph William Stonestreet 1820 Steamboat On Middx Shore, Middlesex
Edward Strath 1855 London, Middlesex
John Sullivan 1851 Ireland
John Sullivan 1860 London, Middlesex
William Sullivan 1855 London, Middlesex
Charles Swain 1860 Wakefield, Yorkshire
John Thompson 1852 Salford, Lancashire
John Thompson 1860 N K, America
Frederick Thorpe 1856 New Cross, Kent
Austin Toole 1862 Scotland
James Traynor 1855 Blackwood, Monmouth, Wales
William Trelour 1850 London, Middlesex
James Tullock 1828 Scotland
Thomas Virgus 1849 Staleybridge, Lancashire
John Walker 1827 Scotland
John Walker 1859 Leeds, Yorkshire
Frederick Wallace 1851 Sowerby Nr Thirsk, Yorkshire
William Ward 1860 Ireland
William Warda 1849 London Boro , Surrey
Thomas Welch 1855 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Anthony Welsh 1859 Ireland
John Welsh 1836 Ireland
Alfred Whitehead 1843 Delph Saddinworth, Yorkshire
William Wilcock 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Williams 1855 London, Middlesex Henry Williams 1856 London, Middlesex
Samuel Williams 1843 Salford, Lancashire
Thomas Williams 1853 N K, Devon
Thomas Williamson 1843 Manchester, Lancashire
John Wilson 1834 New Brunswick St Johns
Thomas Wilson 1847 Manchester, Lancashire
William Henry Wood 1849 Bayswater, Middlesex

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