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Dartmoor Convict Prison, 1871 Index of Prisoners, Surnames A - K

NOTE: This set of records for Dartmoor Convict Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

John Abbott 1839 Blackburn, Lancashire,
Thos J Adams 1817 Thurnap, Kent,
Robt Adamson 1842 Wetherall, Northumberland,
Edmd Adcroft 1810 Hastington, Lancashire,
Geo Adey 1835 Coventry, Warwickshire,
Thos Allen 1821 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Geo Allgrove 1845 Wd Pimy, Surrey,
John Amchiss 1836 Bridgewater, Somerset,
Geo Amos 1814 Scotland
James Anderson 1840 B'ham, Warwickshire,
T Arden 1829 Arondweler, Gloucestershire,
R Armstrong 1824 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Rich Armstrong 1834 Newark, Nottinghamshire,
Henry P D Arthey 1837 Tunbridge Wells, Kent,
Henry Asborne 1841 Middlesex, London,
Bertrand Ashley 1836 Russia
Thos Askey 1827 Not Known, Warwickshire,
John Atherton 1817 Aldingham, Cheshire,
John Atkins 1846 Northanls, Northamptonshire,
Wm Auckland 1842 France
Emile Autonie 1835 France
Jas Bacon 1829 Great Ilford, Essex,
Wm S Badley 1825 Hackney, Middlesex,
Josh Baian 1848 Ireland
Edwd Bailes 1839 Lambeth, Surrey,
James Bailey 1833 Manchester, Lancashire,
Jas Bailey 1851 Ledgley, Staffordshire,
Robt Bainbridge 1825 St Giles, Middlesex,
Thos Bairstow 1835 Selby, Yorkshire,
James Baldwin 1851 St Pancras, Middlesex,
Thos Baldwin 1838 Oldbeck, Yorkshire,
Alfd Bales 1844 Bloomsbury, Middlesex,
James Bancroft 1849 Ireland
Thos Barnes 1851 Ireland
Saml Barnsley 1828 Cradley Heath, Worcestershire,
Lewis Barrett 1830 Kempston, Bedfordshire,
Thos Barrott 1836 Lock, Norwich
James Barry 1851 St Giles, Middlesex,
Geo Bayard 1836 France
Henry F Becker 1833 St Pancras, Middlesex,
James Beckett 1831 Brixton, Surrey,
Edwd Beech 1823 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Patk Belan 1841 Ireland
Wm Beldwin 1837 Gravesend, Kent,
Blin T Bell 1842 Castle Eden, Durham,
Josh Bell 1833 Not Known, Cumberland,
Richd Beman 1841 Stafford, Staffordshire,
Thos Berridge 1850 St Mary, Lincolnshire,
Wm Berridge 1837 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,
Chas Biggs 1821 Taviest Dean, Gloucestershire,
Ingram Bilbrough 1815 Poppleton, Yorkshire,
Michael Bird 1826 Ireland
Wm Blackmore 1837 Liverton, Devon,
August Blane 1843 France
Wm Bliss 1832 Lamington, Warwickshire,
Josh Bloor 1812 Macclesfield, Cheshire,
Carl Blumberg 1827 Preußen
Thos Bolton 1846 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
Chas Bone 1833 Liss Petersfield, Hampshire,
J Boor 1832 Wisbech, Cambridgeshire,
Subly Boots 1832 St Benedicts, Norfolk,
Ebenezer Bossosll 1841 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Nelson Boutoft 1839 Louth, Lincolnshire,
John Bowden 1838 Bristol, Somerset,
Geo Boyce 1825 Welford, Gloucestershire,
Wm Boyer 1819 Crowland, Lincolnshire,
John Boyle 1817 Ireland
Matt Brannan 1836 Ireland
Richd Breeman 1800 Ireland
Thomas Breen 1844 Islington, Middlesex,
Thos Brenton 1852 Illogan, Cornwall,
Fredk Brickner 1832 France
Wm Bridgeman 1842 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,
Patk B Brien 1821 Southwark, Surrey,
Josh E Briley 1834 Lichfield, Staffordshire,
William Brislin 1841 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Henry Brooke 1831 Shutford, Norfolk,
Thos Brothers 1822 Scotland
Abraham Brown 1812 Bombag
Edwd Brown 1844 St Luke, Middlesex,
Geo Brown 1850 Scotland
Henry Brown 1819 Cleckson, Essex,
James Brown 1846 Ireland
John Brown 1815 Ireland
John Brown 1831 France
John Brown 1832 Warrington, Lancashire,
John Brown 1844 Ireland
John Brown 1849 N
Josh Brown 1816 Ireland
Josh Brown 1848 Ireland
Wm Brown 1820 Scarborough, Yorkshire,
Wm Bruton 1840 Coventry, Warwickshire,
John Bryant 1850 Whitechapel, Middlesex,
Robt Bryant 1846 Westminster, Middlesex,
P Buckley 1829 Ireland
Wm Bull 1832 Sedgley, Staffordshire,
Patrick Burk 1841 Leeds, Yorkshire,
John Burke 1852 Scotland
Patk Burke 1820 Ireland
P Burn 1829 Ireland
Saml Burrows 1828 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,
Alexr Bust 1843 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Fred H Cairre 1845 Scotland
James Calder 1839 Scotland
Edis B Callow 1825 Westminster, Middlesex,
Jeremiah Calnan 1853 Whitechapel, Middlesex,
Chas Cameron 1845 Scotland
Thos Cameron 1829 Scotland
James Campbell 1824 Scotland
Julius W Cane 1840 Maidstone, Kent,
Michl Carell 1833 Ireland
Charles W Caridge 1826 St Pancras, Middlesex,
John Carius 1845 Scotland
Jno Carmichael 1832 Scotland
John Carr 1840 New Brunswick, N America
James Carroll 1824 Ireland
H Carton 1837 Lambourn, Berkshire,
James Cartwright 1811 Windle St ??, Lancashire,
John Case 1847 Ireland
Edw Casey 1846 Marylebone, Middlesex,
Jas Casey 1851 Spitalfields, Middlesex,
Francis Cates 1844 St Pancras, Middlesex,
John Cates 1839 Stepney, Surrey,
John Caton 1840 Bishopsgate, Middlesex,
Hy Chambers 1850 Southwick, Surrey,
Thos Chambers 1840 Ireland
John Chassion 1839 Ireland
Wm Cheveak 1826 Oxfordshire,
Fredk Chiles 1842 Mendlesham, Suffolk,
Thos Christian 1810 Empingham, Rutland,
Geo Christiens 1847 Belgium
John Clancey 1844 Westminster, Middlesex,
Geo Clark 1838 St James, Middlesex,
Josh Clark 1843 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Wm Clark 1811 Mals, Somerset,
Geo Clayton 1833 Chelmsford, Essex,
Alf Clements 1837 St James, Middlesex,
Geo Cohen 1832 N, Portugal
Saml Cohen 1817 Poland
John Colligan 1845 St Luke, Middlesex,
Andrew Collins 1854 Manchester, Lancashire,
Danl Collins 1870 Newcastle, Northumberland,
Henry Collins 1846 Sherbourne, Gloucestershire,
Jas Collins 1824 Ware, Hertfordshire,
John Collins 1846 Hackney, Middlesex,
Mich Collins 1840 Ireland
Patk Comery 1831 Ireland
Thos Compton 1848 Northampton, Northamptonshire
John Connor 1851 Much Wolton, Lancashire,
James Connors 1818 Ireland
Geo Cooper 1849 Southwark, Surrey,
James Corbett 1827 Wellington, Shropshire,
Thomas Corcoran 1845 Ireland
Charles Cordery 1842 Littlemore, Oxfordshire,
Wm Corrigan 1819 Ireland
Henry Cower 1844 Northampton, Hampshire,
Edwin Cox 1836 N
James Crawley 1826 Bicksewood, Herefordshire,
John Criddle 1842 Randgall, Kent,
Wm Crookett 1848 Newchurch, Monmouthshire, Wales
Charles Crowdy 1841 Romford, Essex,
Thos Crowther 1846 Armondburg, Yorkshire,
Wm Cuffling 1827 St Margarets, Leicestershire,
James Currie 1816 Scotland
John Cusick 1848 Ireland
Wm Cutler 1821 Garston, Lancashire,
Jennth Dacey 1850 Ireland
Abram Daniels 1842 Middlesex, London,
Geo Daniels 1840 Shoreditch, Middlesex,
E Danks 1830 Dudley, Worcestershire,
John Dann 1846 St George in the East, Middlesex,
Jas Davenpool 1834 Prestwich, Lancashire,
Willm Davies 1829 Not Known, Radnorshire, Wales
Charles Davis 1827 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Geo Davis 1849 B'ham, Warwickshire,
George Davis 1836 Lambeth, Surrey,
John Davis 1847 Shoreditch, Middlesex,
Webb Davis 1835 Wilton, Wiltshire,
Wm Davis 1844 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
Robt Davison 1817 Belfrag St Michaels, Yorkshire,
Thos Daws 1847 Spitalfields, Middlesex,
John Dawson 1837 Wirksworth, Derbyshire,
John Day 1844 Walworth, Surrey,
Josh Dennison 1845 Dibden, Essex,
James Dentis 1841 Manchester, Lancashire,
Josiah Denton 1849 Northamptonshire,
James Deremiah 1847 Rochdale, Lancashire,
Thos Desmond 1848 Whitechapel, Middlesex,
James Devine 1837 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Wm Dewhurst 1838 Puxton, Lancashire,
John Dibbs 1810 Dewsbury, Yorkshire,
Wm Dicken 1837 Matlock, Derbyshire,
Alexr Dingwall 1822 Scotland
John Dobbins 1850 Ireland
John Dobson 1848 St George in the East, Middlesex,
Alfred Dodd 1844 B'ham, Warwickshire,
William Don 1852 St Luke, Middlesex,
Geo Donelly 1842 Southwark, Surrey,
John Donovan 1837 Bermondsey, Surrey,
Michl Donovan 1841 At Sea
John Donsdan 1845 St Giles, Middlesex,
Richd Doody 1832 St Pancras, Middlesex,
Thos Doushoe 1823 Ireland
James Doyle 1836 Ireland
Thos Drew 1847 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Saml Drover 1847 Beaulieu, Hampshire,
Matt Duff 1848 Leeds, Yorkshire,
James Duffey 1851 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Jas Duffy 1842 Ireland
Patk Duffy 1834 Liverpool, Sussex,
Willm Dunn 1842 Leeds, Yorkshire,
John Durkin 1838 St Giles, Middlesex,
John Early 1844 Scotland
Thos Edmond 1816 Bath, Somerset,
Geo Edney 1830 Greenwich, Kent,
Saml Edward 1851 Manchester, Lancashire,
Gabriel Edwards 1824 Rathven, Denbighshire, Wales
Israel Edwards 1844 Woking, Surrey,
Wm Edwards 1848 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Richd Eggs 1841 Westminster, Middlesex,

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Dartmoor Convict Prison extracted from 1871 census Lidford Township, Devon County England
Alfd Eidmans 1843 St Giles, Middlesex,
Edwd Eigley 1838 Stepney, Middlesex,
George Ellis 1839 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Paul Emanuel 1823 Italy
Albert D Este 1829 Sunderland, Durham,
Josh Evans 1834 Manchester, Lancashire,
Richd Evans 1840 Bathwick, Shropshire,
Thos Evans 1804 Bilston, Staffordshire,
Wm Evans 1846 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
Chas Fairfield 1842 Ireland
Wm Fallon 1832 Ireland
Geo H Farmer 1836 Dudley, Staffordshire,
Jas Farrant 1847 Oxfordshire,
Isaiah Faulkner 1833 Dudley, Staffordshire,
James Fay 1842 Ireland
Chas Felton 1832 B'ham, Warwickshire,
John Fennel 1847 Halifax, Yorkshire,
Geo Fernsick 1852 St George in the East, Middlesex,
James Fida 1840 Corsham, Wiltshire,
James Finn 1846 St Mary Bolton, Lancashire,
T Finnerty 1834 Manchester, St George, Lancashire,
John Fisher 1842 New Ratford, Nottinghamshire,
Thos Fitzsimons 1843 Durham,
Dennis Flanagan 1849 Southwark, Surrey,
Malcolm Flanigan 1817 Ireland
Timothy Flannigan 1836 Leeke, Staffordshire,
Wm Fletcher 1812 Stanlasey, Shropshire,
Thos Forbes 1846 Shoreditch, Middlesex,
Alf Foster 1851 Lambeth, Surrey,
Edwin Foster 1847 Whitchurch, Dorset,
Jas Foster 1821 Whitechurch, Dorset,
Chas Francis 1841 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Edwin Frink 1839 Modbury, Devon,
Rd Furnival 1839 N, A Foundling
Edw Gaffney 1849 Wigan, Lancashire,
Thos Gallagher 1825 Ireland
Robt Garbott 1840 Ireland
Robt Gardner 1836 Whitton, Lancashire,
Wm H Gardner 1821 St Holliers, Jersey, Channel Islands
Patrick Garmon 1846 Newcastle, Staffordshire,
Robert Gavin 1849 Kendal, Westmorland,
Henry Gaymer 1837 St Georges, Middlesex,
Thos Givens 1835 Scotland
Thos Gizzard 1840 St Georges, Surrey,
Wm Glenn 1828 Scawley, Lincolnshire,
Chas Goddard 1853 Buttermere, Wiltshire,
Rich Good 1840 Ireland
John Goode 1809 Coventry, Warwickshire,
John Gore 1846 St Saviowns, Middlesex,
Geo Gorton 1836 Crawshazbrootle, Lancashire,
W Gorton 1829 Westbromwich, Staffordshire,
Geo Gottingwood 1845 Lambeth, Surrey,
Jost Gould 1803 Hungary
Mich Goulding 1835 St Luke, Middlesex,
Peter Gourdain 1839 France
Alxr Graham 1838 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Francis P Grant 1843 Hcastle, Northamptonshire,
James Grant 1839 Ireland
James Greaves 1831 Rasenswroth, Durham,
Francis Green 1851 Scotland
Geo Green 1846 Ashton, Lancashire,
J Green 1820 St Philip Bristol, Gloucestershire,
James Green 1846 Ireland
John Green 1845 Ireland
Wiliam Green 1843 Gateshead, Durham,
Walter Greenwall 1819 Frankfort on the Mine
Wm Gregory 1823 Sapcutt, Leicestershire,
Benjn Grey 1807 Surneford, Staffordshire,
Peter Griffin 1829 Ireland
Hiram Griffiths 1837 Not Known, Wales
Jose Griffiths 1830 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Wm Grimwood 1818 Ipswich, Suffolk,
James Grundy 1824 West Horton, Lancashire,
William Gull 1853 Bermondsey, Surrey,
Wm Haddock 1851 Bury, Lancashire,
James Hages 1840 Maryland
John Hague 1845 Bradfield, Yorkshire,
Jon Hales 1840 Arthestone, Northamptonshire,
G Hall 1842 St George, Warwickshire,
Geo Thos Hall 1849 Oldham, Lancashire,
John Hall 1808 Galey, Staffordshire,
John Hall 1832 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
Henry Hamilton 1841 Marylebone, Middlesex,
Henry Handley 1846 Manchester, Lancashire,
Henry Hariles 1837 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk,
John Harmstrong 1844 Allamouth, Northamptonshire,
Amos Harpin 1804 Fainley, Yorkshire,
Fredk Harries 1812 Scotland
Thos Harris 1840 Bishopsgate, Middlesex,
Thos Harris 1844 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Wm Harris 1817 Beading, Berkshire,
Wm Harris 1840 St Giles, Middlesex,
Thos Harrison 1809 Heglin Trammer, Cheshire,
Thos Harrison 1846 Chorley, Lancashire,
Wm Harrison 1827 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
Charles Hart 1847
P Hart 1839 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Chas Hartley 1850 Manchester, Lancashire,
Richd Hartley 1825 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Harwood 1843 Not Known, Middlesex,
Archd Haswell 1844 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
Chas Hatton 1806 Sandon, Staffordshire,
Chas Haworth 1839 Warley, Lancashire,
Hugh Hawthorn 1851 Scotland
Park Hayden 1802 Willingdon, Cambridgeshire,
John Hayes 1849 Holborn, Middlesex,
William Hayes 1809 Ireland
Josh Hayward 1843 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire,
Adam Headerson 1832 Scotland
Chas Heenan 1847 Ireland
John Hember 1842 Westbury, Gloucestershire,
Fredk Henrignes 1846 Middlesex, London,
John Henson 1843 St Pancras, Middlesex,
F W Hewitt 1837 Harpenbery, Lancashire,
Harry Hewitt 1833 Not Known, Gloucestershire,
John Heywood 1851 Ireland
Josh Hickey 1834 Bristol, Somerset,
Edw Hiddle 1826 Scotland
John Higginos 1849 Ireland
Wm Higginson 1845 B'ham, Warwickshire,
J Hill 1837 Ireland
James W Hinds 1819 Bedfordshire,
Geo Hirst 1833 Gibrattar, Spain
Wm Hoban 1836 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Josh Hodges 1820 Not Known, Worcestershire,
Maurice Hogan 1849 St Giles, Middlesex,
Coms Holdpur 1842 Montgomery; Welshpool
Saml Holt 1849 Bollingford, Cheshire,
Henry Hood 1847 Derby, Derbyshire,
J Hooper 1848 Perranzabuloe, Cornwall,
Fredk Hortzel 1818 Stepney, Middlesex,
John Hosea 1838 Scotland
Thos Houghton 1826 Latton, Lancashire,
Thos Howard 1809 Ireland
Stephen Howarth 1827 Manchester, Lancashire,
Alfd W Howlett 1847 St Nicholas, Kent,
W A Howson 1849 Oxford, Oxfordshire,
Caleb Hughes 1833 Stepton, Staffordshire,
James Hughes 1848 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Hughes 1826 Not Known, Wales
John Hughes 1833 Manchester, Lancashire,
Thos Humphrey 1825 Wendover, Buckinghamshire,
Willm Hunt 1837 Not Known, Nottinghamshire,
Fredk Huskstopp 1845 St Giles, Middlesex,
Josh Hutchinson 1813 Bradford, Wiltshire,
Wm Hutton 1843 Scotland
Michl Igo 1818 Ireland
James Ingram 1808 Scotland
Robt Ireland 1813 Deptford, Kent,
Thos Ireland 1845 Cromh Common, Kent,
James Irishman 1850 Bishopsgate, Middlesex,
James Ivers 1847 St Giles, Middlesex,
Jas Jackson 1840 Bradford, Yorkshire,
John Jackson 1815 Wigan, Lancashire,
Edw Jacobs 1818 St Luke, Middlesex,
Wm Jacobs 1811 Great Livermere, Suffolk,
E Jaggard 1812 Holm, Norfolk,
Robt Jagger 1839 Oldham, Lancashire,
John James 1838 Stockport, Lancashire,
Stephen T James 1843 St Hillary, Cornwall,
James Jardine 1814 Scotland
Walter Jarman 1840 Boxted, Essex,
Charles Jarr 1844 Holland
J Jerrett 1845 Lapford, Devon,
John Johnson 1802 Moorfields, Middlesex,
John Johnson 1832 Whitechapel, Middlesex,
Richd Johnson 1817 Scotland
Thos Johnson 1847 Marylebone, Middlesex,
David Jones 1812 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Geo Jones 1822 Plymouth, Devon,
Henry E Jones 1839 Chester, Cheshire,
John Jones 1835 Lambeth, Switzerland
John Jones 1838 Ireland
John Jones 1840 Ireland
John Jones 1843 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Jones 1849 Ireland
John Jones 1853 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
Rowland Jones 1844 St Asaph, Wales
Thomas Jones 1842 St. Anne, Middlesex,
Thos H Jones 1838 Chosleton, Lancashire,
Willim Jones 1846 St Giles, Middlesex,
Wm Jones 1839 Holywell, Flintshire, Wales
Wm Jones 1839 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Wm Jones 1850 Walsall, Staffordshire,
Wm D Jones 1829 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Michl Joyce 1830 Ireland
Edw Kane 1833 Scotland
Edwd Kane 1822 Ireland
Geo Keating 1841 Ireland
James Keating 1847 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Dennis Keefe 1848 Lambeth, Surrey,
James Keefe 1814 St Martins, Middlesex,
John Keefe 1850 Whitechapel, Middlesex,
Martin Keefe 1816 Ireland
Bernard Kelly 1849 Manchester, Lancashire,
Edw Kelly 1822 Bamsleg, Yorkshire,
Francis Kelly 1845 Leeds, Yorkshire,
John Kelly 1813 Ireland
John Kelly 1835 Ireland
John Kelly 1844 Ireland
Patrick Kelly 1850 Bermondsey, Middlesex,
Samuel Kemp 1822 St Mary Brouspton, Kent,
John Kenney 1837 Ireland
John H Kenny 1839 Manchester, Lancashire,
Mich Kent 1818 Ireland
James Kenwright 1853 Ireland
John Kersham 1839 Manchester, Lancashire,
Jas Ketcher 1829 Chesterfield, Derbyshire,
Edwd King 1818 Louth, Lincolnshire,
Geo King 1832 Bermondsey, Surrey,
John King 1826 All Saints, Northamptonshire,
John King 1840 Siderstand, Norfolk,
Thos King 1847 B'ham, Warwickshire,
William King 1804 Cuxham, Oxfordshire,
William King 1827 Lydenham, Kent,
John Kinsworthy 1818 Croden, Derbyshire,
Wm Kirk 1835 Notts, Nottinghamshire,
Alfd L Kittell 1846 Stratford, Essex,
Chas Knowles 1846 Leeds, Yorkshire,
James Knowles 1845 Bradford, Yorkshire,

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