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Canterbury Prison, 1901 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Canterbury Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

William Alexander 1868 Whitechapel, London
William Alexander 1879 Wield, Wiltshire
William Andrews 1873 Surrey
Archibald Grivin Armstrong 1879 Chorley, Lancashire
Lewis Arrowsmith 1871 Newport, Shropshire
Frederick George Austen 1873 St Lawrence; Ramsgate, Kent
James Bailey 1871 Westminster, London
Frank Baker 1827 Bishopstone, Wiltshire
Henry Baker 1870 Cardiff, Gloucestershire
Edward Barnett 1866 Lilbourne, Northamptonshire
John William Beeson 1879 Greetham, Rutland
John Bennett 1852 Canning Town, London
David Bird 1890 North Nibley, Gloucestershire
Henry Blackmore 1876 Greenwich, Kent
William Brecknock 1872 Hucknall, Nottinghamshire
John Bridgwater 1872 Chester, Cheshire
Henry Brown 1852 Frome, Somerset
Frank Bryan 1879 Oxford, Oxfordshire
William Burgoyne 1850 Blackforars, London
John Burke 1880 Spitalfields, London
Harry Burley 1851 Leeds, Yorkshire
Timothy Carey 1872 Spitalfields, London
William Challinor 1873 Macclesfield, Cheshire
Samuel Chapman 1873 Preston, London
Frederick Charlton 1876 Marylebone, London
William James Clark 1866 London
George Clarke 1873 Leeds, Yorkshire
Thomas Henry Clavering 1875 Sunderland, Durham
Edward Coles 1881 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
Charles William Collins 1860 Christian Malford, Wiltshire
Granville Hawley Egerton Cooke 1872 London
Michael Corcoran 1879 Salford, Lancashire
William Arthur Cornall 1877 Bristol, Gloucestershire
James Cullen 1872 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Daker 1872 London
Howell Price Davies 1858 Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, Wales
George Davis 1870 Ipswich, Suffolk
Edward Burton Davison 1864 United States
William Dexter 1866 Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire
William Dinsdale 1871 Austwick, Lancashire
Henry Dixon 1863 Grittenham, Wiltshire
Willis Edwards 1857 Huddersfield, Yorkshire
William Elton 1876 Ireland
Frederick Emery 1873 Bethnal Green, London
Robert King Farrant 1848 Ireland
Herbert George Frank Foulkner 1872 Aston, Warwickshire
Frederick Frost 1875 Bradfield St Clare, Suffolk
Edwin Arthur Gibson 1867 Kensington, London
George Gilbert 1856 London
William Glover 1882 Manchester, Lancashire
George Godsell 1852 Bromley by Bow, Middlesex
Herbert Goodall 1852 Somerby Bridge, Yorkshire
Edward Graham 1846 Hackney, Middlesex
Robert Graham 1831 Leeds, Yorkshire
William Graham 1867 Leeds, London
Frederick Charles Gray 1851 Doury Lane, London
James Gregory 1861 Whitechapel, London
Thomas Gregory 1846 Masbrough, Yorkshire
Charles Griffiths 1859 Islington, London
James Groves 1869 Worcester, Worcestershire
Frank Gunn 1875 Marylebone, London
John Hall 1871 London
Ernest Hardman 1875 Todmorden, Lancashire
Richard Harrison 1861 Chelsea, London
William Harrison 1829 United States
George Hawkins 1878 Cardiff, Gloucestershire
John William Hayhurst 1846 Preston, Lancashire
Gerald Arthur Hoffman 1863 Cheetham Hill, Lancashire
Alfred Hollis 1875 Spitalfields, London
Frederick Hooper 1872 Battersea, London
Robert Shaw Hudson 1866 Lancaster, Lancashire
John Hughes 1866 Manchester, Lancashire
John Jeffery 1859 Poplar, London
Frederick Johnson 1879 Tiverton, Devon
John Jones 1859 Glan Coaway, Caernarvonshire, Wales
John Jones 1876 Peckham, London
John Jones 1879 Liverpool, London
Thomas Jones 1871 Lambeth, London
Walter Jones 1853 Todmorden, London
Henry William Kew 1877 London
George King 1860 Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire
George King 1878 Islington, London
Henry King 1870 South Witham, London
Thomas King 1855 Thurston, Suffolk
Thomas Lane 1858 Stafford, Staffordshire
Robert Large 1867 Great Witchingham, Norfolk
George Lawrence 1880 London
Thomas Lilley 1876 Islington, London
Charles Lister 1881 Malton, Yorkshire

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Canterbury Prison extracted from 1901 census Rochester (St Margaret) Township, Kent County England
William Marlow 1851 Kensington, London
George Martin 1870 Poplar, London
William Martin 1867 Brierley Hill, Staffordshire
William Henry Martin 1851 Brighton, Sussex
John Mason 1876 Jarrow, Durham
James McAlister 1876 Tottenham, London
George McGrath 1860 Chelsea, London
George McGregor Watts 1849 Scotland
Henry Middleton 1870 Windsor, Berkshire
Frederick Miles 1873 Leeds, Yorkshire
George Mills 1863 Islington, Kent
Frederick Mitchell 1872 Hull, Yorkshire
James Montrose 1856 Islington, London
James Moore 1871 Islington, London
William Morris 1876 Northam, Hampshire
William Morris 1878 London
Bernard Mortel 1869 Switzerland
Adron Murgatroyd 1871 Bradford, Yorkshire
Isaac Musgrove 1878 Dulwich, Surrey
Henry Nelson 1874 London
Joseph Occulston 1874 Stratford, Essex
Thomas Ogden 1848 Preston, Lancashire
William Ogilvie 1857 Scotland
John William Palmer 1877 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Henry Parker 1872 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Joseph Petts 1858 Tottenham, Middlesex
James Plumpton 1864 Kensington, London
Joseph Poole 1843 Desford, Leicestershire
Thomas Preston 1875 (Isle of Wight), Newport, Hampshire
John Prime 1872 Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
Arthur Pritchard 1870 Stepney, London
Charles Pye 1874 Liverpool, Lancashire
Augustus Quaife 1865 Islington, London
Albert Record 1880 Haggerston, London
George Henry Richards 1844 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
John Ricketts 1877 Cardiff, London
James Rigby 1877 Chorley, Lancashire
Henry Riley 1878 United States
John Roberts 1873 Liverpool, London,
James Edward Rushton 1876 Burnley, Lancashire
Francis Sage 1864 Marylebone, London
James Salter 1871 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Henri Schadt 1862 Germany
Jack Scott 1873 Ash, Hampshire
John Scott 1858 Chelsea, London
James Sharman 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire
Charles Silvester 1877 Paris, France
Thomas Simmonds 1862 Scotland
Albert Smith 1876 St Giles, London
George Smith 1845 Lancaster, London
George John Smith 1866 Bethnal Green, London
James Smith 1872 Bradford, London
John Smith 1870 Shoreditch, London
Thomas Smith 1876 Shoreditch, London
William Smith 1867 St Luke, London
William Smith 1869 South Witham, Lincolnshire
William George Smith 1864 Guernsey, Channel Islands
Thomas William Speight 1862 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
John Spencer 1880 Stepney, London
Christopher Stabler 1876 Tofthill, Durham
George Stone 1869 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Frederick Stoodley 1867 Crewkerne, Somerset
James Strange 1865 Chester, Cheshire
Percival Stuttaford 1876 Plymouth, Devon
George Sweeney 1874 Ireland
John Taylor 1859 Middleton, Norfolk
Robert Thistlethwaite 1877 Ingleton, Yorkshire
Thomas Tompkins 1874 Marylebone, London
George Turner 1859 Stepney, London
Thomas Turner 1872 Stowmarket, Suffolk
George Waddington 1847 Manchester, Lancashire
Arthur Wallis 1874 Leeds, London
Alfred Ward 1879 Cookley, Worcestershire
William Watson 1844 Islington, London
Frederick Alfred Wheaton 1876 Cardiff, Gloucestershire
Frederick White 1846 Hastings, Sussex
Hezekiah White 1868 Rushden, Northamptonshire
Walter John White 1872 Exeter, Devon
Frederick William 1868 London
Amos Williams 1876 Rotherham, Yorkshire
Charles Williams 1877 Nunney, Somerset
Henry Williams 1850 Finsbury, London
Thomas Williams 1861 Whitechapel, London
Thomas Williams 1865 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Willis 1867 St Luke, London
John James Wilson 1862 Wrightington, Lancashire
Alfred Yates 1853 Little Hulton, Lancashire
Arthur Yaxley 1821 Norwich, Norfolk
Edward Young 1863 Aston, London

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