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Brixton Convict Prison, 1871 Index of Prisoners, Surnames A - K

NOTE: This set of records for Brixton Convict Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

George Abbott 1838 Norwich, Norfolk,
H Abbott 1834 Isle of Wight, West Cowes
Hy Allen 1845 North America
John Allen 1853 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Jas Anderson 1846 Manchester, Lancashire,
Jas Anderson 1851 Preston, Lancashire,
Chas Andrews 1843 Northampton, Northamptonshire,
Robt D Anray 1839 West Indies
John Apps 1828 Bow, Essex,
Jas Ashcroft 1846 Bewdley, Worcestershire,
Jas Ashton 1819 London, Middlesex,
Jas Ashton 1844 Manchester, Lancashire,
Jas Atkins 1844 Dartford, Kent,
Robb Atkinson 1840 Hereford, Herefordshire,
John Austin 1850 Somerstourn, Middlesex,
Peter Aves 1850 Spitalfields, Middlesex,
Aaron Backa 1848 Wednesbury, Staffordshire,
Alfd Baker 1843 Marylebone, Middlesex,
Jas Baker 1840 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,
Rd Baker 1850 St Martins, Middlesex,
Wm Baker 1848 Melford, Suffolk,
Walter Ball 1839 Pemlico, Middlesex,
Chas Banon 1849 Islington, Middlesex,
Thos Barnes 1825 Heaton, Lancashire,
Jas Barnet 1852 Scotland
Thos Barry 1845 Manchester, Lancashire,
Wm Batchelor 1831 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
John Bates 1820 Chorley, Lancashire,
George Beaman 1811 Collwell, Hertfordshire,
John Bee 1838 Salford, Lancashire,
John Beeton 1827 Hartest, Suffolk,
Thos Bell 1842 Durham,
Willm Bell 1842 Huddersfield, Yorkshire,
Fisher Bellamy 1843 Ross, Herefordshire,
Wm Bendall 1842 Underedge, Gloucestershire,
Wm Benstead 1855 Chelsea, Middlesex,
Jas Bevis 1850 N
Geo Binns 1845 Bolton, Lancashire,
William Bird 1844 Ireland
Wm Blair 1830 Scotland
Wm Boffee 1834 Walthamstow, Essex,
Wm Boult 1851 Dorking, Surrey,
Thomas Boulton 1852 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Wm Boulton 1849 Manchester, Lancashire,
Thomas Boyce 1831 Manchester, Lancashire,
Robt Bradley 1847 Goole, Yorkshire,
Wm Bradshaw 1848 Islington, Middlesex,
Chas Brandon 1844 Knutsford, Cheshire,
Wm Brearley 1824 Bradford, Yorkshire,
Jas Broadbridge 1847 Canterbury, Kent,
Thos Broadhurst 1837 Walsall, Staffordshire,
Fredk Brock 1836 Shepton Mallet, Somerset,
David Brown 1813 Scotland
Fredk Brown 1845 Uxbridge, Middlesex,
Geo Brown 1842 Southwark, Surrey,
Hy Brown 1837 Ireland
Hy Brown 1842 Patney, Surrey,
Path Brown 1853 Kensington, Middlesex,
Thos Brown 1829 Oxford, Oxfordshire,
Wm Brown 1841 Ireland
John Browne 1819 Stratford, Norfolk,
Jas Bryant 1815 Poole, Dorset,
Jas Buck 1851 Spitalfields, Middlesex,
John Bulmer 1847 Unslet, Yorkshire,
Chas Bun 1837 Lamberhurst, Kent,
John Burley 1837 Holborn, Middlesex,
Hugh Burnside 1847 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,
Jas Byram 1844 Ashton Under Lyme, Lancashire,
Wm Cains 1837 Tiverton, Devon,
John Cameron 1836 Scotland
John Carey 1840 Whitechapel, Middlesex,
Saml Carter 1844 Northampton, Northamptonshire,
Chas Cartwright 1851 London,
Robt Cashmore 1818 Nuneaton, Warwickshire,
Wm Catt 1848 Battle, Sussex,
Henry Chambers 1848 Derby, Derbyshire,
Wm Clark 1834 Burwell, Cambridgeshire,
Edwd Clarke 1843 London,
Hy Clarke 1828 Huddersfield, Yorkshire,
John Clarke 1831 Woolich, Kent,
Thos Clarke 1846 Manchester, Lancashire,
Wm Clarke 1843 St Luke, Middlesex,
Geo Clewlow 1831 Shelton, Staffordshire,
John Coates 1839 Caverley, Yorkshire,
David Coleman 1839 St Alphage, Middlesex,
Wm Coney 1844 St Luke, Middlesex,
Thos Cook 1834 Norwich, Norfolk,
Chas Cooling 1842 Hull, Yorkshire,
Wm Coomber 1831 Bridgwaker, Somerset,
Chas Cooper 1830 Wimborne, Dorset,
Geo Cooper 1848 Marylebone, Middlesex,
Jas Cooper 1834 Apperley, Yorkshire,
Wm Cooper 1826 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Edwd Cootes 1850 Hoxton, Middlesex,
Chas Cornick 1850 South Petherton, Somerset,
Geo Costin 1852 Greenwich, Kent,
Hy Cother 1825 Oxford, Oxfordshire,
Jos Courtney 1841 Manchester, Lancashire,
Jerh Cowan 1847 Preston, Lancashire,
Afd Cox 1851 Reading, Berkshire,
Henry Cox 1848 Bristol, Somerset,
John Cox 1816 Scotland
William Crump 1838 Hamersham, Buckinghamshire,
John Curd 1818 Hawling, Kent,
Henry Currey 1849 London,
Jas Currie 1837 St Pancras, Middlesex,
Geo Curtis 1832 Yoxford, Suffolk,
Thos Curtis 1849 St. Johns, Worcestershire,
Hy Cutmore 1851 St Pancras, Middlesex,
John Dace 1844 Holborn, Middlesex,
Geo Darley 1846 Barnsley, Yorkshire,
Chas Davies 1835 Peckham, Surrey,
John Davies 1829 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Davies 1848 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Wm Davis 1825 Bowden, Cheshire,
Wm Daws 1850 Marylebone, Middlesex,
Hy Dawson 1828 London City, Middlesex,
Arthur De Assysy 1835 France
John Delamere 1836 Liverpool, Lancashire,
David Dent 1818 Northampton, Norway
John Dewey 1845 St Luke, Middlesex,
Wm Dickenson 1816 Bellingham, Northumberland,
Wm Dodd 1850 Wellington, Shropshire,
Jas Donnelly 1836 Manchester, Lancashire,
Saml Downton 1837 Aldbury, Worcestershire,
Danl Duggin 1850 Whitechapel, Middlesex,
Wm Duncan 1840 Boro London, Surrey,
John Dunk 1844 London City, Middlesex,
Chas Dyer 1833 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Peter Eals 1841 Woking, Surrey,
E East 1836 Chesham, Buckinghamshire,
Thos Eccles 1839 Fomly, Lancashire,
Wm Edwards 1834 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
Robt Eldridge 1839 Chertsey, Surrey,
Thos Elliott 1843 Wapping, Middlesex,
George Ellis 1824 Leamington, Warwickshire,
Geo Evans 1834 St George in the East, Middlesex,
Geo Evans 1849 Marylebone, Middlesex,
John Evans 1836 Wellington, Shropshire,
Wm Evans 1834 Cardigan, Cardiganshire, Wales
Wm Evans 1841 St Pancras, Middlesex,
Geo Faller 1853 Lambeth, Surrey,
John Farrington 1843 London,
Wm Farrow 1840 Scotland
Wm Fell 1803 Islington, Middlesex,
Jas Fergason 1835 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Jas Fergerson 1852 Scotland
Alfd Ferguson 1846 St George in the East, Middlesex,
Thos Field 1850 Wandsworth, Surrey,
William Finnemore 1847 Wednesbury, Staffordshire,

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Brixton Convict Prison extracted from 1871 census Lambeth Township, London County England
John Flannigan 1843 Romsey, Hampshire,
Hy Fletcher 1853 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk,
Jas Ford 1830 St Georges, Middlesex,
Chas Forman 1848 St Martin, Middlesex,
Jas Fowler 1841 Harlington, Bedfordshire,
Chas Francis 1834 Boro London, Surrey,
John Francis 1846 Stepney, Middlesex,
Danl Fraser 1839 Scotland
Geo Fraze 1840 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
Las French 1843 London,
Thos Frisby 1848 Hihchley, Leicestershire,
Wm Frith 1818 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire,
Saml Gardener 1825 Cole Abbey, Middlesex,
Jas Garrett 1829 Hitcham, Buckinghamshire,
Jas Gashion 1852 Whitechapel, Middlesex,
John Gavin 1847 St James, Middlesex,
Edwd George 1843 Isle of Wight, Unknown
Hy Gibbs 1851 Spitalfields, Middlesex,
Humphrey Gilbert 1852 Ringwood, Hampshire,
Nathl Gilbert 1847 Scotland
Wm Giles 1845 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Saml Gittins 1841 Oswestry, Shropshire,
Geo Gledhill 1827 Halifax, Yorkshire,
Jos Glenister 1846 Chessan, Buckinghamshire,
John Glover 1850 Brierly Hill, Staffordshire,
Saml Gobell 1847 Brighton, Sussex,
Wm Golby 1840 Stoneleigh, Warwickshire,
Geo Goode 1838 Stoke, Warwickshire,
Geo Gould 1808 N
James Grace 1845 Marlow, Buckinghamshire,
John Grantham 1818 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire,
John Gray 1851 Scotland
Edwd Greatley 1823 Farlow, Shropshire,
John Green 1845 St Luke, Middlesex,
Wm Green 1809 Barking, Essex,
Hy Greenwood 1855 Marylebone, Middlesex,
Chas Grey 1842 Hull, Yorkshire,
Wm Griffith 1851 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Wm Griffiths 1822 Mold, Flintshire, Wales
Edwin Groma 1849 Stratford St Mary, Suffolk,
Geo Guest 1839 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Thos Gullever 1852 Darlington, Durham,
Jas Haddock 1827 Leeds, Yorkshire,
George Hall 1834 Rotherhithe, Surrey,
Saml Hall 1854 Devonport, Devon,
Thos Hall 1829 Diss, Norfolk,
Wm Hall 1841 Gateshead, Durham,
Wm Hall 1855 Hastings, Sussex,
John Halls 1845 Wickham Market, Suffolk,
Wm Ham 1842 Soho, Middlesex,
Jos Hamilton 1818 Somerset,
Wm Hammond 1839 Newark, Nottinghamshire,
Ralph Hammonds 1852 Hanley, Staffordshire,
Aben Hampshire 1848 Saddleworth, Yorkshire,
Edwin Hancock 1845 Almondbury, Gloucestershire,
George Harbidge 1824 Upper, Canada
Edwd Harding 1849 Wortley, Yorkshire,
Jas Hargraves 1841 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Wm Harmer 1831 Norwich, Norfolk,
Wm Harris 1846 Pimlico, Middlesex,
Robt Harrison 1851 Westminster, Middlesex,
Edwd Hart 1844 Lambeth, Surrey,
Jas Hart 1821 Brompton, Kent,
Edwd Hartley 1845 Ireland
Saml Harwood 1849 Norwich, Norfolk,
Johannes Hase 1839 Holland
Robt Hatfield 1850 Hackney, Middlesex,
Henry S Hawgood 1844 St Luke, London,
Jos Hawood 1841 Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire,
Rd Heath 1845 Mile End, Middlesex,
Thos Heath 1828 Knowle, Warwickshire,
John Heatley 1819 Ireland
Chas Heaton 1841 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Chas Hemming 1842 Stevenage, Hertfordshire,
Chas Hemming 1846 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
John Hendewck 1802 St Botolph, Middlesex,
Fredk Herbert 1838 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,
John Hern 1844 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
John Herseshoe 1846 Northampton, Northamptonshire,
Giles Hick 1841 Wincanton, Somerset,
David Hill 1844 Newcastle, Northamptonshire,
John Hill 1833 Liverton, Devon,
Benjn Hipgrave 1817 Colney Heath, Hertfordshire,
John Hobbs 1843 St Georges, Gloucestershire,
Robert Hodson 1849 Driffield, Yorkshire,
Alfd Holland 1841 Brighton, Sussex,
John Holmes 1826 Westminster, Middlesex,
John Holmes 1830 London,
Wm Holmes 1851 Hoxton, Middlesex,
Saml Holmesworth 1850 Hull, Surrey,
Wm Holt 1849 Scotland
Hy Hounsell 1843 Spitalfields, Middlesex,
Alfred Howard 1834 London,
Edward Howard 1841 Stepney, London,
John Howarth 1812 Deane, Lancashire,
Benjie Howie 1846 Scotland
Chas Hudson 1841 Faversham, Kent,
Alfd Hughes 1848 Mile End, Middlesex,
Edwd Hughes 1847 Halstead, Essex,
Elizah Hughes 1813 Burslem, Staffordshire,
Wm Hunt 1843 Burston, Norfolk,
Thos Hunter 1848 Ireland
Wm Huntley 1837 Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales
Alfd Hurst 1843 Ireland
Jas Hyatt 1821 Bristol, Somerset,
George Hyde 1843 London,
Wm Ingham 1837 Leeds, Yorkshire,
John Ingronille 1832 Guernsey, Channel Islands
Geo Ireland 1824 Scotland
John Irving 1840 Cuppligate, Middlesex,
Hy Isaacs 1852 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
Hy Ivey 1807 Halston, Cornwall,
Chas Jackson 1856 Hoxton, Middlesex,
John Jackson 1850 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Wm Jackson 1851 Eardington, Leicestershire,
Hy Jaer 1853 Newington, Middlesex,
Danl James 1836 Pitcombe, Somerset,
Fredk James 1841 Bermondsey, Surrey,
Wm James 1851 Marylebone, Middlesex,
John Janett 1851 Chelsea, Middlesex,
Wm Jenkins 1828 Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Arthurn Johnson 1830 Lee, Hertfordshire,
Chas Johnson 1849 London City, Middlesex,
Wm Johnson 1847 N
Wm Johnson 1849 London,
Alfred Jones 1840 Ireland
David Jones 1845 Lampeter, Pembrokeshire, Wales
David Jones 1851 London,
David Jones 1852 Oswestry, Shropshire,
Geo Jones 1834 Pembroke; Haverfordwest
Geo Jones 1853 St George in the East, Middlesex,
John Jones 1843 Portmadoc, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Thos Jones 1852 London,
William Jones 1809 Shoreditch, London,
Wm Jones 1847 Holywell, Flintshire, Wales
Wm Jones 1852 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Robt Jordan 1828 Boro of London, Surrey,
Hy Judd 1839 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Wm Judd 1839 Boston, Lincolnshire,
Wm Keaser 1832 Uxbridge, Middlesex,
John Keeling 1821 Derby, Derbyshire,
Jas Kennedy 1841 St Luke, Middlesex,
John Kennedy 1866 Kensington, Middlesex,
Wm Kenworthy 1806 Holmfirth, Yorkshire,
John Kiddie 1818 Scotland
Thos King 1820 N
Hy Knapton 1849 York, Yorkshire,
Geo Knight 1843 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Jas Knight 1851 Odiham, Hampshire,

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