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Captian William Kidd, Pirate, 1645-1701

Captain William Kidd married Sarah Oort 16 May 1691 in New York. Sarah was born Sarah Bradley in England circa 1645. She was married four times. Her first husband was William Cox, her second was John Oort, her third Captain Kidd and her fourth and last was Christopher Rouseby.

Sarah married William Cox in 1685, the marriage license bearing date of April 17th of that year. Four years later William Cox drowned in August 1689. John Oort was dead by May 1691 when Sarah married Captain Kidd. In 1701 Captain Kidd was sent to Newgate Prison in England. On 23 May 1701 he was hung for murder. On 4 Nov. 1703 Sarah married Christopher Rouseby. She died in New York City 12 September 1744.

[Source for the following records is New York City Wills, 1665-1707]

Page 99.--SAMUEL BRADLEY. "In the name of the Lord, Amen. This 5 day of July in ye year of our Lord 1693, I, Samuel Bradley, of the city of New York, merchant, being at present in good health and being now bound on a voyage beyond the sea." "Whereas my loving brother in law, Captain William Kidd, hath been very careful of me, and hath likewise for my encouragement, now in my minority, at my desire and request, advanced and paid unto me ye sum of €140, current money of New York, which I now employ in trade and merchandize. For and in consideration of his so great love unto me, as well as in recompense and in full satisfaction of ye said sum of money, advanced as aforesaid, I do give and bequeath unto my said loving brother in law Captain William Kidd, his heirs and assigns for ever, All that my one half of one certain toft or lot of Ground numbered with the number 6. Situate, lying, and being within ye city of New York, in ye street commonly called and known by ye name of ye Dock street. And likewise all that my one half of a certain messuage or dwelling house and lot lying and being in ye street commonly called by ye name of ye Wall street. And also that my lot or Toft of ground in ye new street, without ye gate of ye said city, called King street. I will that all my goods and chattels be equally divided into three parts, amongst my loving father, Samuel Bradley, my brother in law, William Kidd, and my loving brother, Henry Bradley. And lastly I constitute and appoint my said brother in law, Captain William Kidd, to be executor.

Witnesses, Richard Jones, William Morris, Jacob Mayle, James Graham. Edward, Viscount Cornbury, Captain-General and Governor, etc.

Whereas SAMUEL BRADLEY, New York, merchant, lately died, leaving behind him his last will, therein declaring his brother in law, William Kidd, sole executor, who died without having proved the said will. And whereas Sarah Kidd, widow and relict of William Kidd, and sister to ye said Samuel Bradley, hath prayed for the administration, The same is granted, April 13, 1703, and the said Sarah Kidd is sworn as executrix.

Page 109.--WM. COX, New York. "In the name of God, Amen. I, William Cox, merchant." I bequeath to my well beloved servant, Jacob Mayle, €100 in money, to see my books and accounts settled, and make him one of my executors. I leave to my loving friend, Richard Jones, €20, and make him executor. I leave to my mother, Alice Cox, alias Bone, €500, to Dorothy Lee, €10. "I give and bequeath to my dear and loving wife Sarah, which house she pleases to have, to her and heirs. I give and bequeath to Samuel Bradley, my brother in law, my other house which I bought of Mr. John Robinson, or that house I now live in, my wife taking her choice."..... The rest of his will is available at New York databases online

[NOTE.--Wm. Cox is said to have been drowned in the bay off Staten Island, in August, 1689. The house he lived in, which was the one chosen by his wife, is now No. 56 Wall Street. The house bought of Mr. John Robinson is No. 129 Pearl Street. His wife Sarah afterward married John Oort, and after his death she married the famous Captain William Kidd.]

Page 195.--A license of marriage granted unto Captain William Kidd of New York, Gent., of the one part, and Sarah Oort, the widow of John Oort, late of New York, merchant, deceased, the 16th day of May, 1691.

Page 329.--Registered for Captain William Kidd and Sarah his wife. Fort William Henry, this 15 day of April, 1692. Whereas the within named Sarah Oort, now Sarah Kidd, and administratrix of the estate of John Oort, deceased, hath since the grant of the within Letters of Administration, been intermarried to Captain William Kidd, by which means she hath neglected to exhibit her Inventory pursuant to the written directions. I being well satisfied in the fidelity of the said William Kidd, have decreed that the said William Kidd shall give bonds in five hundred pounds, along with the said Sarah, for their true administrations, and allow them six months from this day for the exhibition of the Inventory, and one year from this day for their account. As witness my hand the day and yeare above written.

Page 375.--The account of Captain William Kidd and Sarah his wife, administrators of the estate of JOHN OORT, merchant, deceased. They charge themselves with all the goods and chattells, which appear to be €155 14s. The petition for allowance for the funeral charges, €30 1s. 6d. The whole estate appears to be €274, 3s. 6d. ___________________________________William_Kidd_
Quietus granted by Governor Benjamin Fletcher, November 18, 1692.

Page 137.--Marriage license granted to CHRISTOPHER ROUSBY and SARAH KIDD, November 4, 1703. [NOTE.--In the printed volume of marriage licenses the name of Christopher Rousby is wrongly spelled. Sarah Kidd was the widow of Captain William Kidd.]

Find out more about Captain Kidd and his wife Sarah Bradley in New York databases online

Page 262 - In the name of God, Amen. I, SARAH ROUSBY, of New York, widow of Christopher Rousby, late of New Jersey, deceased, being in good health and perfect mind. "The funeralls of my body are to be only such as shall become a Christian." After the payment of all debts and funeral charges, I leave all the rest of my estate to my five children, Christopher Rousby, Henry Rousby, Sarah, widow of Joseph Latham, William Rousby, and Elizabeth wife of John Troup, Jr. My eldest son Christopher shall have my wedding ring. I make my eldest son Christopher, and my son-in-law John Troup, executors. My houses and lands are to be sold by my executors.

Dated November 1, 1732. Witnesses, Abraham Van Wyck, Benjamin Hildreth, Christopher Roberts.

Codicil, August 26, 1743. My daughter Sarah Latham having died, her share is to go to her children.

Witnesses, Mansfield Tucker, James Johnson. Proved, September 12, 1744. The oldest son Christopher was then dead.

Captain Kidd's Children

Captain Kidd and his wife Sarah had at least two daughters - Elizabeth and Sarah. Sarah and her last husband Christopher Rouseby had 3 sons - Henry, William and Christopher. Although she also had two daughters by William Cox, they are not named in her will of 1732.

Elizabeth Kidd married John Troup Jr

Sarah Kidd married Joseph Latham. Joseph died between Jan and May 1732. Sarah Latham Kidd died between 1 Nov. 1732 and 26 Aug. 1743.

[Source: New York City Wills, 1730-44} Page 298.--In the name of God, Amen. I, JOSEPH LATHAM, of New York, ship wright, being of sound mind, though low and weak in body. After payments of debts and funeral charges, I leave all estate to my wife, and I make her executor.

Dated January 31, 1731/2. Witnesses, John Hutton, Henry Rousby, John Troup, Jr. Proved, May 19, 1732. The widow Sarah, having renounced the executorship, Letters of Administration are granted to John Crane, of Elizabethtown, New Jersey, Principal creditor.

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